The editors of continue to publish the most interesting materials of the criminal case about the shootout on Rochdelskaya Street. The testimony given in the Presnensky court by Cherchintsev, a friend of the lawyer of the fixer Eduard Budantsev, sheds light on the role of employees of the Department M of the FSB of the Russian Federation. In his testimony, Cherchintsev claimed that on the night after the events in the Presnensky police department, employees of the Ministry of the FSB of the Russian Federation arrived to help Budantsev and his team. To the question of Judge Vasyuchenko, Cherchintseva: How, as a result of which, on December 17, 2015, did you end up in the Department of M of the FSB of the Russian Federation together with Kostrichenko?

Эдуард Буданцев

Cherchintsev replied: Yes, Your Honor, it was. At that time, Budantsev was a close friend of mine, and I was ready to go anywhere and testify of any type to help Budantsev. The article is heavy, two corpses, one disabled person. Yes, we were told there (in Department M) to testify against the police officers. Everything was aimed at easing the fate of Budantsev and finding others to blame.

To the question of the prosecutor Cherchintsev about the employees of the FSB of the Russian Federation, the latter replied: I know all these people, I worked with them for 13 years.

Name the names asked by the prosecutor.

 One of them was Alexey Petukhov, who arrived in Presnya that evening.

To the question of Judge Vasyuchenko, Cherchintseva: Do you know why Alexey Petukhov, an FSB officer, came there (to the Presnesky police department)?

Cherchintsev replied: Budantsev called in front of me and the FSB called without me. Petukhov repeatedly came to our office where Budantsev worked.

To the questions of the prosecutor, Cherchintsev stated: I will return to those moments, all this was built by a single defense by the Dictatorship of Law. Budantsev was a close friend. Service M appeared clearly why there. They needed to make extreme police officers, to plant. Petukhov told me this. That they can't without our testimony. We even have identical readings. We testified together with Kostrichenko. …. There was only one way out - to find the extreme ones in the person of the police officers. .... with me was lawyer Rykov, who let me down with clever words in order to turn the situation in a different direction.


Dear court, according to Budantsev, the entire line of defense was lined up in the dictatorship of the law, before going anywhere, everything was discussed, who should say what, confirm. Somewhere inside, I understood in my soul, I understood that I would have to answer for this, I understood that the situation was gaining momentum. Budantsev, sitting at home, having a computer, he typed, conducted his investigation, through the Dictatorship of Law, letters went directly to the Lubyanka in closed envelopes. In addition to the fact that there was an investigation, he conducted his own investigation. Maybe he did not have confidence, he sent the envelopes himself, in whose name I do not know.


The source of the editorial office said that the FSB officer Petukhov appeared on Rochdelskaya Street after a call from Budantsev. Detained for the murder of Budantsev, he was inside the building of the Trekhgornaya Manufactory, where they were preparing to deliver him to the police department under escort of police officers, when a man in civilian clothes approached the police officers and civilians who were nearby, presented an identity card of an employee of the FSB of the Russian Federation, and publicly stated that Budantsev is his agent and must be released. Lazutin, the deputy head of the CID of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Central Administrative District, who was at the scene, told Petukhov that Budantsev had been detained on suspicion of committing a gang murder and would be taken to the Presnensky police department. Petukhov tried to object, but after an altercation with Lazutin, at the latter's command, Presnensky was detained and taken to the police department together with Budantsev.

Our source from the FSB claims that Budantsev's interaction with the FSB officers is carried out according to the following scheme. Budantsev prepares a certificate on topics of interest to him (mainly commercial interest), in which he indicates the essence of the issue and traditionally introduces fiction into the certificate regarding persons (businessmen, government officials, law enforcement officers, judges, etc.) who are counteracting him, about allegedly their involvement in organized crime and other defamatory information. Accordingly, no one checks the accuracy of this information, after which certificates are born already signed by the employees of the FSB of the Russian Federation, which in modern Russian reality are a sentence. Thus, Budantsev took possession of a whole number of enterprises, dismissed or sent to jail on a fictitious pretext a number of law enforcement officers who counteracted him.

To be continued

Alexey Ermakov