Last Friday, a visiting session of the Federation Council Committee was held in North Ossetia. It is interesting that the main topic of the visiting session was the war between Rosalkogolregulirovanie and local distilleries. CouncilFed members tried to understand the situation and, as a result, sided with the local owners of distilleries.

Distilleries in North Ossetia are mostly owned by the local elite. Against which, in fact, are Rosalkogolregulirovanie. Sources of report that the head of the region, Vyacheslav Bitarov, had previously concluded an agreement with RAR, who received the right to monopoly production of alcohol in North Ossetia by cutting off the "oxygen" to representatives of the elites. The war is serious.

According to our information, the organizer of the visiting session was the Senator from North Ossetia Arsen Fadzayev, who gave his colleagues “instructions” and guided them in the topic. Thus, Arsen Fadzaev sided with the local elites and entered into an open contract with Vyacheslav Bitarov.

According to the source, it is Arsen Fadzaev who is the organizer of the information attack against Bitarov. Telling the whole country about Bitarov's mistakes, making him incapable of establishing relations with the elites, telling about the dislike of the population for Bitarov, talking openly about the tension in society is a serious blow to the positions of the head of the region. Plus, there are still corruption scandals in the region and the landing of members of the Bitar team.

Fadzaev's ambitions to take the place of the head of the region have long been known. Arsen Fadzaev is known in North Ossetia as a person capable of a lot to achieve his goals. There is information on the network that Fadzaev was associated with the largest criminal elements of Uzbekistan, including drug trafficking holders.

It is for this reason that in 2011 he was denied support in the elections to the State Duma in 2011, when he was struck off the list of "United Russia". In the federal center, Fadzaev is treated with caution.

The question arises, where did Fadzaev get such opportunities and support in organizing a rather serious campaign against the head of North Ossetia?


According to the source, the very "insurer" behind Fadzaev is Marat Kambolov, the ex-Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation, who has a train of criminal cases behind his back. Yes, this is exactly the Kambolov who, having managed to work with both Fursenko and Livanov. And in both cases, he cut off the most "money issues":

- management of federal property of subordinate organizations,

- investment planning,

- appointment of leaders to institutes and other organizations of the ministry,

- business management and organization of work of the central office of the Ministry of Education and Science.


Kambolov was repeatedly interrogated by the investigating authorities, but with the help of "very serious connections" he brought to naught all encroachments on his civil and free life. And the attacks were detailed, up to searches, both at home and at the workplace in the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. Suspicions of criminal fraud began with the testimony of the rector of the State University of Management. He testified against Kambolov, informing the investigation about corruption schemes to seize the latter's property. Moreover, they were doing push-ups all over the country.

Two comrades - Fadzaev and Kambolov - have a lot in common. They come from the same region of the republic, both are Muslims, and, as my friends themselves say, "the most real and correct." As an example, the mosque built by Kambolov in the village of Khaznidon, which was solemnly opened by Arsen Fadzaev. However, later it turned out that it was this mosque that became a den for the Wahhabis, who preach radical Islam in North Ossetia. The natives of this mosque (the brother of the imam of the mosque in Khaznidon with his two classmates) were killed in Syria in 2018. They fought on the side of the international terrorist organization IS, which is banned on the territory of the Russian Federation. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The people closest to Kambolov often noticed his radical attitude.

Fadzaev and Kambolov have another good mutual friend who is completing the triumvirate.

By the way, it was this common friend, Vladimir Tuganov, who was one of the organizers of the April rally in Vladikavkaz. It is significant that during the rally, Fadzaev behaved in a rather partisan manner, and did not speak out (he usually comments on all events taking place in the republic) on this topic. Also, one of the common and very "important friends" is Taimuraz Bolloev. Bolloev and Fadzaev have neighboring dachas in one of the gorges of North Ossetia.

Kambolov was one of the contenders for the post of head of North Ossetia-Alania in 2015. But then he was struck off the list by Volodin himself. Over the past 5 years, the position of the federal center regarding Kambolov has not changed. Kambolov's high-ranking friends could not change this either. But Marat Kambolov found a way out and made a bet on Arsen Fadzaev.

Kambolov and Fadzaev are also co-owners of agricultural land in their home area. Their companion and concurrently Prime Minister Vyacheslav Bitarova Taimuraz Tuskaev is also a partner in this business. Tuskaev and Kambolov also own a grain storage facility in their home area, built with federal subsidies, as an object of republican significance, however, in fact, owned by private individuals - Kambolov and Tuskaev. It was on the territory of this granary that criminal showdowns took place twice with shooting from military weapons and wounded between representatives of the youth of the native district of Kambolov and Tuskaev. According to the source, among the shooters were Taimuraz Tuskaev's nephews. Perhaps it was Tuskaev's official authority that influenced the decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs officers, who did not open a criminal case on the fact of causing gunshot wounds.

According to the projection of Marat Kambolov, the other day Arsen Fadzaev was awarded the "Order of Alexander Nevsky", which is a weighty argument in the portfolio of the future chapter. Arsen Fadzaev himself tells his "close" friends that the issue of his position was resolved by Marat Arkadyevich and Bitarov had only a few days left in the chair of the head.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov