At the very end of the year that has just passed away, a meager event took place in the Kuban, which in the year that has come in terms of its consequences threatens to become the largest shift in the glorious corruption history of this southern region. Under the cries and groans of the petty municipal power elite, a new head of the Tuapse district, Sergei Boyko, was appointed in the form of elections.

Authoritative public leaders and bloggers saw in the event quite a biblical story. Drawing an analogy between this case and the plot with Moses. Moses, as you know, led the chosen people who escaped from Egyptian slavery through the desert for 40 years. So that, due to natural causes, those who were well aware of slavery would not become. So the new Tuapse appointee, Veniamin Kondratiev, became almost the first municipal head in the region, who seems to have nothing to do with the Kuban corrupt elites. It turns out that for almost eight years of his reign, Veniamin Kondratiev “led” the Krasnodar Territory through the southern land “burnt” by bribes, until, finally, a young unique person was discovered and put at the head of the iconic area, not stained with bribes.

Indeed, Sergei Boyko, a young guy who has not yet dried the water of a chlorinated pool on his lips, where he swam as a water polo player, has nothing to do with all the regional officials and deputies. Boyko has recently led the entire southern water polo army. And it is clear that the exposed Tuapse orthodox bribe-takers were very tense when the regional governor dragged his protege, unknown to them, into the main municipal chair.

What is the scale of the consequences? If the beginning of a new corruption-free power era, which Kondratyev outlined, is not his next empty declaration (there are countless), but a new approach, then go to jail for ten years ... a recent order bearer, former first vice-governor of the region, former mayor of Krasnodar, already a former Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kharkiv region, Andrey Alekseenko. Details at


Well, why not give an order. Did the brave Andrey Anatolyevich take everyone out, according to this fabulous legend, posted on the tablets of the local tab "Komsomolskaya Pravda"?

Moreover, according to his stories, “taking out everyone”, Alekseenko’s car was fired upon so that all the wheels were lowered, and then the export of “everyone” who wanted to leave was carried out, apparently, on rims. Well, quite unparalleled personal heroism was described by Andrey Anatolyevich, just below. It turns out that the tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired direct fire at him! Not alone! Tanks!!! Direct fire (and anyone who has ever visited a tank director during firing practice will say that a direct fire shot is an almost guaranteed hit. And that one was fired more than once, and even more than from one barrel ... Yes, this miracle deserved orders.


In general, now Alekseenko has been appointed responsible for the Kherson region.

These last places of his work - Kharkiv and Kherson regions, were organized approximately according to the same principle as the recruitment of PMC "Wagner" of new fighters in the zones. Many inmates agreed to wash away their criminal sins by participating in battles. So Alekseenko was apparently offered that his multi-volume criminal book would be forgotten in exchange for "effective service."

But these deferred corruption volumes of the criminal case mainly cover the period of Alekseenko's vice-governorship. When he was able to organize a crystal-perfect scheme of bribes from developers. Contributing to the resolution of the problems of those who rolled back (on the designated intermediaries fat plots of land, floors of new buildings, or at least the expensive Italian Perazzi hunting rifle (for which he almost got tied up a year ago). As a result, the only real victim here turned out to be friend and already former deputy mayor of Krasnodar, Mavridi, whom the security forces caught on one of the bribes, and now his case, to the beat of prosecutorial PR drums telling about the glorious victories, has been submitted to court. But Mavridi in most cases was only an intermediary. But in this direction, the investigation Having dropped a bayonet on the floor, they would have come out on Alekseenko, who had been untouchable for some time. Therefore, they scraped the surface with an investigative shovel, an abscess of something small for five years in prison.

For those developers who “did not understand” the need to give a bribe or roll back a floor, considerable problems were created. Credit lines were blocked, the possibility of connecting almost finished residential complexes to engineering networks was excluded. Well, in general, everything was done so that in a year, outraged buyers of square meters would be included in the lists of thousands of "deceived Kuban equity holders." After the rallies of the deceived and their letters to Putin, a criminal case was opened against the obstinate developer, ending with an exemplary landing for five or six years. Other stubborn developers became much more accommodating.

When Alekseenko frequented Moscow in the summer of 2022, there was no need to be a full-time employee of the the regional administration responsible for clairvoyance and Tarot cards (and there are such salaries in the administration staff) in order to understand that there is a bargain. Which is basically what happened. Alekseenko agreed to Kharkiv in exchange for the fact that the only fact of corruption leaked to the press - that same hunting rifle for one and a half million, was not issued as a bribe in a particularly large amount, but as a nice birthday present, or there for another personal reason . The rest of the bribes, the total amount of which, even according to the most conservative estimates, is much more than a billion, obviously, was promised not to be remembered at all. In exchange for devotional service in the new Russian territories.

In general, a strange inexplicable paradox has been noticed in the Kuban in recent years. The Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Investigative Committee and the prosecutor's office are spreading their law enforcement networks more and more widely. But for some reason, they do not come across corruption krupnyak at all. Apparently, the cell of these networks is kilometer by kilometer. Floats through the network set up for the appearance of a merciless struggle, regional corruption, with its villas, bags of bribes and kickbacks, is completely unhindered. From this ocean filled with black cash, law enforcement officers are revealingly catching some completely unrequited corruption trifle with a modest gauze net for catching moths (although this unpretentious procedure allows the Krasnodar Territory to maintain unconditional leadership in terms of the average size of a bribe in the Russian Federation).

When, a year ago, the “bribery whale” Alekseenko was almost caught, his close friend, Governor Kondratyev, used all his not quite traditional, that is, comradely, connections to divert his responsibility to release Andrei’s friend from a more than well-deserved pre-trial detention center. And it worked out. And it seems that all the further development of events indicated that further in the biography of Alekseenko only various heroisms and honors were coming. But…

But, oddly enough, it is the appointment of the unsullied Sergei Boyko to the post of head of the Tuapse district that again threatens Alekseenko, Part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - "Fraud". In a particularly large

The vice-governor's sins of Alekseenko, it seems, have already been written off by his Kharkov desertion filed as heroism. But, now more ancient sins are emerging. Those former times, when Andrey Anatolyevich still served for his personal corrupt benefit in the position of deputy head of the Tuapse district.

This new vaudeville village began in the summer of 2022. In July, the governor of the region, Veniamin Kondratiev, once again visited the Tuapse region with a working swoop.



In general, the governor, one might say, offended this territory like a fly in an object of interest to her. The number of visits to Tuapse over the years of government is in the tens. But somehow, until the summer of 22, nothing glaring was noticed. Not during helicopter overflights, not during road trips or on foot. And this, despite the fact that the sawing of the lands of the forest fund, agricultural lands in the region was at an unlimited level. Social activists counted more than 6.5 thousand such criminal land plots. And all this happened at the initiative of fellow soldier Alekseenko, already the former head of the district, Vitaly Mazninov.

Tuapse corruption in this matter is just a standard for building "schemes". Each facet of this sparkling corrupt diamond was responsible for the assigned criminal area. Some found plots suitable for cutting, others surveyed it and put it on the cadastre, others, if necessary, resolved issues through fraternal courts, their BTI prepared all the necessary documents, authorized realtors were engaged in the sale of land “leftists”. And it's hard to imagine that all this joy was accomplished without the participation of the curator of the district - Andrey Alekseenko. Andrei Anatolyevich had experience in this Tuapse land sawing issue like no one else. For years he kept the situation under personal control.

But last summer, Kondratyev visited the area. This was his first visit in conditions when Alekseenko no longer ruled anything in the region. And, therefore, I did not have the opportunity to “consult” the governor over a sincere friendly tea about what issues can be painlessly raised, and what criminal jungle it is better not to get into ...

  On July 22, Kondratiev was collected and strict during the Tuapse promenade. Climbing up the spurs of the great Caucasian ridge where they fall to the sea, he finally saw, in the eighth year of his reign, that there was disorder in this part of the region entrusted to him. On the territory of the Olginka trade union boarding house, he did not find signs of the Olginka boarding house. Because the territory of the former boarding house was sawn up and sold to powerful stakeholders. However, Kondaratiev was not at all alarmed by the fact that Shmakov's leaders in terms of improving the health of trade union members (represented by the director of the boarding house Elena Kustova) in principle did not have the slightest legal reason to do anything with this land, because the lands under trade union health resorts are not property of trade unions, but are owned by them (which are completely different things. Land owned cannot be sold or presented as ve pledge).

Kondratiev was interested in pines, ecology and passage. Among the pines, he saw a fence, which, in his opinion, prompted by the escorts, prevented the approach of vacationers to the sea. In principle, the message was absolutely correct. Even despite the fact that ideally only a couple of dozen people could use this passage (well, there are no powerful hotels in that area, but there are only about a dozen houses of former boarding house employees who sometimes rent out rooms to vacationers). BUT, after all, on the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory, something needs to be done with the access of vacationing citizens to the sea. And then every summer, bloggers sneer at the original Kuban hospitality, posting on the Internet footage of exciting fights between beach guards and guys in shorts trying to overcome barriers and even mothers with children in strollers. The governor fumed and issued denunciations of "local kings" on a dowry camera. The result of the loud stamping of feet was the demand to put things in order. And fire all local officials.

After a thunderous visit, the governor's commission was set up to restore order in land use, which was supposed to report on the victory over the evil of corruption in August. A joyful report did not happen either in August or in September ... It has not happened to this day. Although the commission works. And why not work ... The facts are obvious. Sources of obtaining information sea. And this is not only an official documentary "leftist" stored in the archives, but also dozens, hundreds of announcements about the "urgent sale" of land "in an attractive place on the Black Sea coast" on Avito, Tsian and Domklik. Frightened by Kondratieff's promises, the land corruption squad, through their authorized realtors, rushed to hastily drain "acquired by excessive corrupt labor." At bargain prices.

The fact that Kondratyev, probably, in fact, after years of lawlessness allowed by him, is ready to do at least something according to the mind and the law, was also indicated by the fact that suddenly, completely unexpectedly for the local elites, the first deputy head of the administration of the Tuapse district was suddenly appointed water polo player Boyko. A person who has nothing to do with the local close-knit bureaucratic brotherhood. It was difficult to imagine a greater threat to the Tuapse land schemers. And this seaside brotherhood decided to rebel. Morse code "SOS" was tapped by Alekseenko. He arrived in the region between Kharkov and Kherson and held the last supper about the prospects. The bureaucratic Tuapse people cheered up, feeling that the tacit curatorship would continue.

A deputy delegation led by the chairman of the district council M. Yermolin advanced to the regional administration, to the department of internal policy in charge of personnel. The deputation held negotiations, emphasizing that Boyko, a man who does not have the slightest idea about the work of power, and without this experience in a landmark region for the Kuban, will surely screw up. The deputies were listened to, but still not heard. Hinting that the absence of Tuapse corruption experience is a plus, and not a minus.

Then it was decided to use God's providence. In general, in the Kuban, there is a rather strange custom: petitions and denunciations are often handed over to the leadership not in their offices or during rare "receptions of citizens." And in places where this boss is relaxed and inspired. In particular, such petitions are submitted to Kondratiev in his native village of Dinskaya. The governor regularly comes to the local temple to atone for the considerable sins that have accumulated over the week. And there, in the churchyard or even on the steps of the temple, the ceremony of handing over the papers with the "people's aspirations" by the petitioners is performed. Before the beginning of the signing of the cross and sincere prayers, the governor is especially susceptible to people's grief and concern. In short, it's a sin not to use it. What the Tuapse authorities tried to pull off. But, since the plenipotentiaries of the bureaucracy in the department of internal policy had already been exponentially dismissed, it was decided that the time had come to involve the common people in resolving the issue. The people were portrayed by the head of public self-government, the head of one of the TOSs, holding her hand on the people's pulse 24/7, having received instructions from the district curator right in the courtyard of the temple, with what kind of tears of despair to roll up to the governor. A cheat sheet was also handed with the text of lamentations about the sad municipal fate, in the event of the election of a novice who does not understand anything ... Aunt tried ... But nothing came of this attempt.


As a result, the deputies of the district council, who were supposed to vote for the new head, faced a difficult choice. Vote against the governor Boyko? Hiding behind talk about freedom of choice and democracy? This entailed the need to run to the pharmacy for brilliant green, because the governor would begin to drive the needle under their deputy nails mercilessly. And these are (if not speaking in allegories) almost inevitable criminal cases for almost all obstinate people's deputies. Corruption sins for many - h then the peacock has feathers. But voting for Boyko also sharply reduced the possibility of corruption prospects. What if the governor was sincere in his declaration about restoring order and dismissing all the indecent, and Boyko will actually implement the voiced commandment? The same "death" of the current elite as officials, but a little easier

Employees of the regional administration, who arrived in the district “to convince” the deputies of what kind of free elections they need to make, were not particularly shy about the methods of persuasion. They drew pictures of the possible consequences of self-will convexly and clearly. Like the immortal Dante. The result was, as always, predictable. During the procedure of free voting, which took place at the December extraordinary session of the district council, pain and sadness reigned in the corrupt souls of the Tuapse mandate holders. But outwardly, they expressed a complete understanding of the need for change and admiration for the governor's wisdom in this personnel issue.

And this is where the first trick happened. With the assistance of the governor's commission, called upon to restore order in land use, the epicenter of the Tuapse cut was discovered. Which, in theory, should now be raked by Boyko. But which, threatens the inevitable landing of the order bearer of Kherson Andrey Alekseenko.

This, according to, is about the personally organized Alekseenko, then the deputy head of the district, an absolutely criminal sawing of the lands of another trade union boarding house "Shepsi". Where the same Elena Kustova (who sawed up the entrusted Olginka boarding house) still works as a director to this day.

Although, we must pay tribute, the Shepsin scheme was organized outwardly very even in the "interests of the people." At the beginning, as always, a stream of popular aspirations was organized. The aspirations concerned such an important social problem as the lack of kindergartens in the village of Shepsi. And the first documents signed by Alekseenko here, it seems, did not cause doubts. Kusman of land measuring 47 hectares left the boarding house, “for the construction of a kindergarten and the Shepsi boarding house,” as was indicated in the initially very socially oriented document. Although even then it seemed to be alarming that fifty hectares of seaside land seemed to be a bit too much for a small garden.


The answer to this question was given by the second series of land documents, which were built and signed by the same Alekseenko Andrey Anatolyevich. A single plot was almost immediately split into several dozen smaller plots (as a result, there were more than 80 of them). And even the fact that the intended purpose of all the plots remained “the construction of a kindergarten or new buildings of the Shepsy boarding house” did not prevent the realization of the ultimate goal of the scam.


All acres were put up for sale. And although formally the land was offered to those who wished to rent for 49 years, in fact, it was about the sale. Heavily corrupt. Those who wanted to acquire land were forced to fulfill a "simple" condition. For the sake of formality, a couple of hundred thousand rubles were proposed to be deposited at the cash desk of the boarding house. With the issuance of payment documents confirming the very fact of the lease. And the difference between the declared and actual price of land a hundred meters from the sea had to be paid to the “black cashiers”. And although today, during heartfelt conversations with district prosecutors, Kustova indignantly says that she had nothing to do with this bribery case, and if anyone bothered, it was her deputies (is she ready to confirm what was said on the polygraph?), those whom she forced to deposit money have a different opinion. It is clear that if the buyers of the land "brought in" money in the form of bribes, they would, with a much lighter heart, bring the same money into the official cashier. The amount is the same. And if there is no difference, then without violating the law, it is better. But they were simply left with no choice. Either you pay what you were told - or you are free, and you will not have any resort business in Shepsi. And willing buyers will still be there.

In total, these left offerings are estimated by buyers at least 200 million rubles. How much of this amount stuck to the hands of Andrey Alekseenko, the chief “manager” of the scheme, is a question that could also be of interest to investigators of the Investigative Committee.

The funny thing is that those officials of the district administration who helped to implement this scheme, the same figures who took millions of bribes from individual owners of Shepsin plots, for legalizing hotels and cafes built instead of dozens of "kindergartens", say today that "they are for the people ". Level 100 empathy appears. Promises of all-round assistance are abundantly heard. Which, almost guaranteed, will not be provided. Because all these reassuring words are intended to avoid very likely testimonies against bribe-taking officials. But if you sympathize abundantly, well, who will testify against the official - "friend of the people"?

But even if we do not take the rather difficult to prove (if Kustova, her accomplices, the officials involved in the scheme and Alekseenko himself refuse the polygraph) “shadow th ”part of this scam, its “bright” part - that is, the one that is confirmed by official documents, threatens with considerable difficulties, and even the very likely ruin of the budget of the Tuapse region.

Let's talk about Kondratiev's main message, which he always voices at rare meetings with selected deceived equity holders, they say, it's your own fault for contacting rogue developers and giving them your money. Now, after we demolished the squatter, you can demand through the court from the developer the return of all the funds you spent. The advice, of course, is Jesuit, because such developers, either because of non-fulfillment of the requirements for kickbacks by Alekseenko, are in prison, or, if we are talking about real rogue developers, they spend their lives somewhere in the Maldives or other exotic islands. And, therefore, the Kuban deceived real estate investors can, of course, go to court. But no one will return anything to anyone.

However, with the advent of funds, where budget money flows like a river, some people in the region can return the invested funds. There just happened to be a gallant record of achievement in that area. More than 10 billion rubles of compensation has been paid to less than three thousand deceived equity holders since 2019. It seems to sound cool. And when you divide one number by another, you get some very vile result. Returned, it turns out, an average of 3.5 million. You can't even buy a one-room apartment in Krasnodar with this money. And in Sochi, even for a summer cottage, barn-type, a hut in the mountains is not enough. However, about these "achievements" - this is a separate issue.

In the case of dozens of “kindergarten” plots bought out under the Alekseyenkov scheme in Shepsi, the situation is simply shvakhovy. If we take “the truth of Kondratiev” as a basis (this is about the fact that it is necessary to sue unscrupulous people), then in this case it is precisely those eighty tenants of the land who will turn out to be “deceived equity holders”. And the “swindler” who needs to be dragged to court is the district administration. Specifically, the then deputy head Alekseenko A.A. Which should be in the dock.

According to the logic now adopted by the authorities of the Krasnodar Territory, after submitting applications to the court for the return of the money spent, the courts will simply be obliged, in accordance with the firm governor's position, to pass sentences in favor of the people. And this means that if the entire Alekseenkov scheme is declared illegal, then everything will need to be returned to its original position. That is, if the land was illegally owned by tenants for eight years, then it will be necessary to return all the money paid for the rent. And this is more than 200 million rubles. Otherwise, these are articles of the Criminal Code, where illegal receipt of income is prescribed? What right has the budget to use illegally obtained? In addition, since people have built expensive real estate on the land (which, as it turns out now, is not theirs), this must also be compensated. After all, they were building on plots for which documents were issued by the current order bearer Alekseenko, and at that moment everything was legal. And now it turns out - no. In general, the total volume of what, according to the law, should be returned after the establishment of the order required by Kondratyev, the budget of the Tuapse district exceeds a billion.

Damn wedge. We can assume that Veniamin Ivanovich Kondratiev said his demand to restore order without thinking, but rather, as always, blurted out "for PR." He must always look demanding and decisive on camera. And the commission that dug up the "mess" with the lands in Shepsi also probably did not get to the original documents signed by Alekseenko on this scam. Otherwise they wouldn't bite.

As a result, the chosen Boyko is placed in a situation of a difficult choice. If he nevertheless rushes to fulfill the demand of his boss Kondratiev to restore order in Shepsi, then everything will end with high-profile criminal cases against Alekseenko, Kustova, and a dozen officials of the district and Shepsinskaya settlement administration involved in this scheme. But, frankly, such an option is unlikely to be realized. Firstly, because Alekseenko is still Kondratiev's friend and comrade. And secondly, is the order for “manifested courage” just presented to Kirilenko Alekseenko, is it like an indulgence for all past sins? If he was forgiven the billions of shadow incomes from his kickback activities in terms of supervising the Kuban construction business, then somehow such a “trifle” as cutting fifty hectares of a trade union boarding house will be even more forgiven.

And here, for all those figures of the Tuapse corruption front, the golden, stable bribery time will come again. Boyko, who, of course, will not fight for "putting things in order" in this Alekseyenko's case, will become for them the same "own". Those who cover cuts and do not pay attention to kickbacks. "Steadyly unbiased" courts in Kuban are making decisions on the seizure of land from eight dozen current tenants. There will be no refunds, even officially paid to the budget, funds will not be. Nobody will be jailed. And even more so, no one will be fired. The seized fifty g hectares of seaside land will now be returned to municipal ownership. And these tidbits, with the special purpose "for the construction of a kindergarten" will once again be "sold" for rent. This is such a resource for replenishing the budget was formed thanks to the governor's wisdom! It is a sin not to turn such a land again.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued