Top officials, security officials and heads of state-owned companies are blotting out their names from Rosreestr's statements on expensive real estate. Rather, they do not blot out themselves, but give the appropriate order. But businessmen wishing to receive such a service need to pay amounts, and not small ones. Who built a system for replacing specific people with the "Russian Federation"? Sources says that the creator of these schemes is the current Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko. This topic was started by the telegram channel "Kremlin Bezbashennik", and we (B) today publish the full version of the interview with a source (O) who knows the entire "kitchen" of Rosreestr. ...

Q: Briefly, what is the USRR and its objectives and principles?

A: Unified State Register of Real Estate. The task is accounting, registration of rights, confirmation of rights and taxation of real estate owners. Principle - there are four principles. Completeness, integrity, verifiability, openness.

Q: Does the USRR correspond to the stated principles?

Oh no

Q: Why? Which part?

A: None.

Completeness - more than 25 percent of the country's territory has not been measured by cadastral engineers at all, more than 30 percent of citizens and legal entities have never registered the rights to their property and are not collected.

Integrity - a single Rosreestr base has not yet been created, and what they are trying to mold from more than ten bases is a Golem that will not work. This is clear to all specialists.

Verifiability and openness are exactly what we are talking about now.

Q: That is, the suspicions expressed in the press about the "classification" of the property of officials are justified?

Oh yeah

Q: There are rumors that this can be done ... let's say ... on a commercial basis.

A: Yes, you can. No problem.

Q: Can you tell us how this happens?

A: Procedurally and technically? Yes, I'll tell you briefly, in general terms. But only on the part of Rosreestr.

Q: Let's talk about the officials first.

A: Ok. Let's first talk about those where the FSO, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the courts and so on are the initiators of the concealment of data. There is a regulatory and legal framework, Federal Law No. 218 "On State Registration of Real Estate", Federal Law No. 152 "On Personal Data" and others and others, plus internal regulatory documents that determine the persons and the procedure for these persons to disclose information.

Usually, an internal commission created in the body for such cases decides to "legend" the subject or a member of his family. At the same time, the commission itself is usually not aware of objects belonging to a person and his household.

The commission prepares an opinion and a draft appeal to the Central Office of Rosreestr on "legend" of the subject. Then, usually signed by the deputy head (no head will sign such a paper) or the head of the department / department for the protection of state secrets, the appeal is sent to the Central Office of Rosreestr, where it is accepted for mandatory execution.

Q: What about employees of government corporations and their family members?

A: They are submitted by the commissions of the supervising ministries on the presentation of the departments for the protection of state secrets of the corporations themselves.

Q: And what about the children and other relatives of officials?

A: On a personal matter, they go through like family members. Here is your foundation.

Q: How does this happen technically? It's complicated?

Oh no. Technically, this is a common registry data error fix. In fact, the following happens.

The head of the department for the protection of state secrets comes to the head of the IT department of the central office or territorial administration and brings in a folder a sheet of paper with a list of names, dates of birth and SNILS. Then either the head of the department himself or his most trusted person opens an impersonal session in the CN and the USRR and enters the entry "Russian Federation" into the column "copyright holder". Saves changes and from that moment on, you can not report on real estate, not include it in the declaration, not pay taxes.

Q: Is it possible to detect it somehow?

Oh yes of course. In the "History of the object" tab, the surname of the real owner will be, but an ordinary employee of Rosreestr does not have access to this level of information about the object, and there is nothing to say about citizens.

Q: Ok. And commercial ... so to speak ...

A: It's a little more interesting here, because law enforcement agencies usually have nothing to do with this scheme. This is a purely Rosreestrovsky way of generating cash ... so to speak. The inventor of this scheme, the current Deputy Prime Minister Viktoria Valerievna Abramchenko, is a very wealthy girl.

Q: How much does it cost? Are there any rates for this service?

A: Of course not. Everything is determined by the cadastral / commercial value of the hidden object, the personality of the applicant himself. But usually this is either a one-time payment of 5 to 10 percent of the cadastral value of the object, or periodic payments for the period of service.

Q: Does it make sense for an ordinary merchant to close data on his property?

A: There are not only businessmen there. There are athletes there. And the bankers. In general, a little bit of all.

Declaration and taxes, stealing from partners. To some extent, protection from raiding by criminal structures and seizure of property by law enforcement agencies. It is difficult to take away what is officially not there.

Q: And government officials who are not entitled to legal protection of this information? In order not to declare?

A: Personally, my opinion is secondary. For the most part, this is fear of the leadership and the population.

Q: So you have seen all this base?

A: No, I haven't seen her. I bought it from the assistant to the head of Rosreestr of the Moscow region. And not all, but only the Moscow region. I have no financial interests in other regions.


Q: What does she look like? If it `s not a secret?

О: The usual Excel table. Cadastral number, full name, snils, date of birth, and what has been corrected - RF or some full name

Interviewed by Arseny Dronov