The negative difference between the assets and liabilities of the Bank "Ugra" ("hole" in the capital) increased to 164 billion rubles. Such data follows from the report of the interim administration. The assets of the Bank "Ugra" on the date of its bankruptcy — September 25, 2018 — amounted to 34,007 billion rubles, and liabilities reach almost 198,2 billion According to the materials that are available, it was found that the money was withdrawn by issuing loans in foreign currency to firms associated with the ex-owner of "Ugra" Alexei Khotin. However, the past two years, the RF Central Bank can not achieve the commencement of the case against the businessman. We have restored the chronology of the unsuccessful struggle of the Bank of Russia for the "landing" of Khotin. And it was unsuccessful because Khotin hid all his assets in the" Rosselkhozbank", which is controlled by his friend Dmitry Patrushev. 

On November 11, 2017, the Bank of Russia sent an application to the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia and the TFR to initiate criminal proceedings against the owners and top managers of Yugra under articles 159 of the criminal code (theft by fraud), 160 (embezzlement), 201 (abuse of power) and 196 (intentional bankruptcy). This statement was about the theft of funds by providing credit to a legal entity associated with Khotin. The statement was "dropped" in the Webipk GU MVD of Russia in Moscow, which repeatedly (December 11, 2017, March 13, April 17, may 10, 2018) issued a decision to refuse to initiate criminal proceedings. Subsequently, these resolutions were cancelled. June 6, 2018 SU ATC CAO GU MVD of Russia in Moscow also issued a decision to refuse to Institute criminal proceedings. Investigations into the facts of theft revealed by the CBR have not been started.

According to, March 16, 2018 the Bank of Russia in the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia and the TFR sent a new application to initiate proceedings on the facts of theft of property "Ugra" under the guise of issuing loans to legal entities (all associated with Khotin), the conclusion of agreements on the transfer of loan debt to insolvent legal entities, the conclusion of forward contracts for the purchase and sale of foreign currency for rubles, as well as the possible deliberate bankruptcy of the Bank. The case is still not initiated, and a year has passed.

On July 18, 2018, the Bank of Russia sent a new application to the Ministry of internal Affairs on the facts of theft of the Bank's property under the guise of issuing loans to legal entities. The investigation never started.

In addition, the interim administration on September 11 and October 24, 2017, February 22 and may 22, 2018 sent applications to the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia on the facts of theft of the Bank's property. The result, as in all previous cases.

Sources it is believed that this reluctance of the security forces to start an investigation against Alexei Khotin is due to his friendship with Dmitry Patrushev. The latter is now the Minister of agriculture, and previously headed the agricultural Bank. And in the new post, he retained influence on the agricultural Bank. And the Russian agricultural Bank is the main custodian of assets.

When it became clear that the businessman's Affairs were very bad and his assets would soon be "hunted" by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, as well as unfriendly creditors, Khotin issued his most liquid assets (primarily real estate) as additional security for loans received in the agricultural Bank. According to sources, now the value of the assets of Khotin, pledged in the agricultural Bank, at least five times exceeds the amount of loans received in this Bank. Thus, the most" delicious " assets of Khotin for other creditors are not available, and the Rosselkhozbank businessman regularly pay interest on loans. 

That, in any of the company funds were withdrawn "Ugra" and evidence that they are related to Hominem, will publish in the near future.

To be continued

Arseny Drones