For more than 20 years, the Ensign gang has been conducting its criminal activities in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region; it used to be called “Gangster Special Forces”, since the detachment of hired killers and extortionists consisted of military personnel.

Despite the fact that the gang was almost done with high-profile murders, they never managed to move into legal business; now the state budget and property have become victims of the organized crime group.

As found out, only in the last 10 years, Vladimir Borisov is the Ensign, Vitaly Kuzmin is the “right hand” of the Ensign, Konstantin Borisov is the son of the Ensign, and Dmitry Kuzmin is the son of Vitaly Kuzmin with the participation of employees of State Institutions, notaries, “blacks” bankruptcy trustees and other members of the group committed raider seizures of state property:

- Federal State Unitary Enterprise "St. Petersburg Research Institute of Public Utilities" - St. Petersburg Khrustalnaya st. 18

JSC "Institute of Architectural and Construction Design" - St. Petersburg, Avtovskaya, 16

FGUIPP "ART OF RUSSIA" - St. Petersburg ST. Promyshlennaya 38

FSUE "Interior" - St. Petersburg, Lisiy Nos Village, Delovaya Street, 17/18

FSUE State Research Institute "TEST" - St. Petersburg, Ligovsky Prospekt, 56

OJSC "NII Elektromash" - St. Petersburg, Lesnoy pr., 65

They also stole most of the allocated budget for the construction and repair of such institutions as:

  "Children's Clinical Hospital" of Kirishi - more than 350 million rubles were stolen

GOU LO "Mginsk Special (Correctional) Boarding School" - more than 20 million rubles were stolen

GOU LO "Efimovskaya special (correctional) boarding school" - more than 35 million rubles were stolen

St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution of Health "Children's City Multidisciplinary Clinical Center for High Medical Technologies named after K.A. RAUCHFUSS" - more than 65 million rubles were stolen

And many other socially important objects in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

For a long time, Ensign's organized crime groups remained unpunished, thanks to the support of retired and current employees of the prosecutor's office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as thanks to some representatives of district, city and federal administrations.

But as you know, there is a limit to everything, especially when the “Fathers and Sons” problem arises, as happened in the Ensign’s organized crime group.

According to the hierarchy of the group, the best places were often given to Konstantin Borisov, such as the position of head of the Kupchino Municipality, from where Konstantin Vladimirovich, having stolen, went to New Crosses under Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

But Dmitry Kuzmin also applied for this place. Dmitry, who convinced the “Batkov” - as the elders Borisov and Kuzmin are called in the organized crime group - of his financial literacy, has repeatedly proven the opposite.

Conflict is Dmitry's middle name, he is at odds with most suppliers - but this is understandable, because Kuzmin's brilliant scheme is to hire a subcontract to create the appearance of work for the State. Orders and without signing acts, do not pay them. This is evidenced not only by numerous reviews of abandoned subcontractors, but also by a number of Arbitration cases against Vector LLC (TIN 7811576119) and StroyAvtoGrupp LLC (TIN 7805622889) owned by D.V. Kuzmin.

Traditionally, Dmitry Vitalievich blames all his mistakes on others. For example, Dmitry Kuzmin blamed the failure to resolve the issue in the case of the seizure of the Institute of Architectural and Construction Design at 16 Avtovskaya on the former prosecutor, and now the lawyer of the organized crime group, Vadim Nikolaevich Pozdnyak, trying to leak the latter to the FSB officers.

But he did not mention that many St. Petersburg law enforcement officers received a request from Dmitry to resolve this issue, but since this “request” was multi-faceted, dealing with it meant admitting to receiving a bribe.

Due to his waste of public money, Kuzmin D.V. was repeatedly forced to change teams of cashers, whom he accused of theft, thus justifying himself to the “Batki”.

Every employee of the structures who was stupid to do with Kuzmin D.V. some “cases” were leaked to third parties at the first failures, and much more.

It’s interesting that the Kuzmins “write” all their interlocutors, apparently a classic of the genre – they collect incriminating evidence.

Well, now is the most important moment, when Vladimir Borisov and Vitaly Kuzmin are in a pre-trial detention center for raiding, Konstantin Borisov is in a pre-trial detention center for embezzlement, Dmitry has a great responsibility on his shoulders to other members of the group.

And also, before the lawyers who nevertheless convinced the defendants Kuzmin V.G., Bolbina E.V. and Chaina S.N. file an appeal to the City Court of St. Petersburg.

According to a source from, the lawyers’ plan is simple – April 14, 2024, the day when the possibility of criminal prosecution of these defendants will end due to the expiration of the statute of limitations.

Then everyone gets freedom, and also saves as much as 300 million rubles, which the Leninsky District Court of St. Petersburg assessed the building on Avtovskaya 16 and imposed an appropriate fine.

This method is constantly used by the defenders of the St. Petersburg gang. But we need to wait until then.

And according to Dmitry Kuzmin - of course, he did not expect to be heard - two of the lawyers received 30 million (10% of the fine) from the families of the defendants, rubles guaranteeing success in the name of the Chairman of the St. Petersburg City Court, Alexey Vadimovich Lakov, and the judge leading the case, Evgeniy Vladimirovich Shumakov.

Kuzmin D.V. himself, it seems, is no longer happy that his father wants to be released - it costs a lot.

Moreover, it has become more difficult to steal while under close control. You even have to save on parking - the lessee is Vector LLC MERCEDES-BENZ GLS-Class 2021, state number N045TM198. Leasing agreement: OV/F-292550-01-01 dated 05/05/2023

The “fathers” from Kresty are trying to calm down the restless acting “Leader” Dmitry and tell him not to “order” anyone and generally behave more civilly.

By the way, here I would like to ask a question to Colonel of the Internal Service Alexey Gennadievich Tkachenko, head of New Crosses - where did the arrested repeat offenders Borisov and Kuzmin have such an established connection? – and the point here is not the frequent visits of lawyers.

Dmitry turned out to be a disobedient accomplice and still periodically raises the topic of eliminating one of the witnesses against the organized crime group, with whom he seems to have personal scores.

In remarks and comments by Kuzmin D.V. We began to increasingly hear the name of one of the United Russia deputies, directly connected with LLC "UK "GARANT-TM" (TIN 7810073828), which is actively operating despite the fact that its leader Anton Vladimirovich Medvedev is wanted, according to the same raider cases, as Borisov V.E., Kuzmin V.G., Bolbina E.V. and Chain S.N.

But Dmitry Kuzmin refers to the poor patronage of this particular official when he expresses dissatisfaction with the conditions that must be met when stealing budget funds allocated for the renovation of School No. 481 of the Kirovsky district of St. Petersburg, which is now being developed by the gang.

Joseph Trostinsky

To be continued