The jury of the Moscow Regional Court announced their verdict in the case of the kidnapping of a prominent businessman, US citizen Boris Minakha and his bodyguard. As the first telegram-kana of the Cheka-OGPU reported, two interesting characters were found to be completely guilty and not entitled to leniency. The first is Batyr Bekmuradov, the head of the security service of the thief in law Zakhar Kalashov, nicknamed Young Shakro. Batyr, along with his boss, was convicted of extortion, but now a new sentence has been passed on him - for kidnapping.

Батыр Бекмурадов (справа)

The second defendant in the case is David Mirzoev, a relative, former partner, and "right hand" of billionaire David Yakobashvili. Mirzoyev was arrested right in the courtroom.

Around this case, the "fight" was no less acute than around the case against the former investigator of the TFR Ruslan Miniakhmetov, and the heroes in both stories are the same. Mirzoyev, first through the fixer Andrei Matus, and then directly closely communicated with the Directorate of the FSB of the Russian Federation, which, to put it mildly, was not interested in the investigation reaching the final and a guilty verdict. In turn, the investigation itself was conducted by the Investigative Directorate of the FSB of the Russian Federation, and it was within its framework that most of the materials about the receipt of bribes by the Miniakhmetovs were collected.

Давид Мирзоев

          The essence of the story is as follows. Yakobashvili had a longtime friend and partner, Boris Minakhi, with whom they quarreled to the ground over a large grain elevator and a number of other assets. Yakobashvili was ill then and most of his affairs were dealt with by David Mirzoev. The latter had an assistant for criminal affairs, Batyr Bekmuradov, whom he sent as the head of the security service to his senior comrade "thief in law" Zakhar Kalashov. It was Bekmuradov's militants, on the go-ahead of Mirzoyev, who kidnapped a businessman, US citizen Boris Minakha and his driver on Rublevskoye Highway, and took them to one of the construction sites. Mirzoyev and Bekmuradov arrived there with false mustaches, beards and wigs (so that they would not be identified). They began to demand from Minakhi to rewrite the shares of a large grain elevator. Minakhi promised to do everything, he was released.

According to the Cheka-OGPU and, the investigative department of the FSB of the Russian Federation during the investigation of the kidnapping of Boris Minakha came across an interesting fact. The crime was committed in the area of ​​Rublevskoye Highway and near Gorki (where, among others, Dmitry Medvedev lives), but the criminals managed to agree that at the time of the abduction, all surveillance cameras (including those on the government highway) were turned off at the time of the abduction. How this was done became the subject of a separate work by the FSB of the Russian Federation. However, it was not possible to establish who organized the "dark section". The accused - businessman David Mirzoev and Batyr Bekmuradov (security guard of thief in law Zakhar Kalashov) - refuse to testify on this matter. And the work of the FSB officers is complicated by the fact that the materials about the abduction came to them only two years after the abduction. All this time, Mirzoev, through Orlov, an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Moscow, managed to agree that, according to Minakha's statements, waivers were issued.

 It was within the framework of the investigation into the abduction of Minakha that materials were collected on the receipt of bribes by the investigator of the TFR Ruslan Miniakhmetov and the employee of the 6th Internal Security Service of the FSB of the Russian Federation Dmitry Ulyanov. The money was given to them by the fixer Andrey Matus, who also solved problems for Mirzoev. And he paid him gigantic sums from himself and from David Yakobashvili.

 On the audio recording published by, Mirzoev is interested in how the solution of the problems for which hundreds of millions of rubles have been transferred is progressing. And at the same time he talks about the state of Yakobashvili, who was ill then.

At that moment, Matus was simultaneously solving various criminal cases and topics for which the security officials were owed more than 700 million rubles.


 End the criminal prosecution of Matus' partner Valery Semenduev - 5 million euros (the case was investigated by Miniakhmetov).

Шалва Гибрадзе

 Initiate a case and send to the pre-trial detention center all the entourage of businessman Boris Minakha, who was in conflict with Yakobashvili. For this, the oligarch David Yakobashvili and his "right hand" David Mirzoev promised a total of 200 million rubles (100 million rubles in advance).


Stop a large, billion-dollar business that harmed the interests of the oligarch Shalva Gibradze. For this, an amount of 200 million rubles was also designated.


It was also necessary to help in solving the problems of Yakobashvili and Mirzoev on smaller stories - $ 1 million.


Since all these topics were "moving" at the same time, the parties agreed that they would not share bribes on business. There is a total amount in the region of over 700 million rubles and it must be repaid in installments. As money arrives, the work will be carried out in stages. For example, the prosecution of Semenduev will end when a total of € 5 million comes in. On most of the costly issues, Miniakhmetov and his friend Dmitry Ulyanov acted as intermediaries, claiming that they would share the money with the "fathers-generals." It should be noted that a significant part of what was promised by the investigator and operatives was fulfilled.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin