The European Union is discussing the possibility of imposing sanctions on some of the richest Russians and heads of Russian companies in connection with the military operation in Ukraine. It is reported by Bloomberg.

The list has not yet been approved and is subject to change. So far, according to Bloomberg, it includes Alisher Usmanov, Mikhail Fridman, chairman of the board of directors of Alfa-Bank Petr Aven, and the main owner of Severstal Alexei Mordashov.

Earlier, the VChK-OGPU telegram channel reported that sanctions would be imposed on Usmanov. “Recently, he lived in a castle near Munich. The source says that the oligarch plans to fly to Tashkent,” the channel noted.

Despite the fact that “on the radar” Usmanov’s Burkhan liner is parked in Munich, according to, the oligarch may already be in his luxurious palace in Uzbekistan.

Today we will return to the story that we have already talked about - about the book of the founding father, the former director of the Lebedinsky GOK, Anatoly Timofeevich Kalashnikov, "Career at the quarry." It was under him that this plant became worth $4 billion, and the residents of Gubin felt like they were in Switzerland. The huge profit of the enterprise went to the construction of hospitals with the most modern equipment, churches, schools. Kalashnikov in the book spoke in detail about how Governor Savchenko, together with Bidzina Ivanishvili (later who became the Prime Minister of Georgia), seized this enterprise by force, and then it ended up with Alisher Usmanov. After that, one of the most profitable enterprises in Russia was deliberately borrowed, products for sale began to be launched through offshore pads, and its official profit almost disappeared. As well as deductions to the budget. And all this through the eyes of a direct participant in the events. A real thriller.

It is clear that representatives of Usmanov's Metalloinvest bought up the entire circulation in an instant. And then, neutralized, and Kalashnikov. Unexpectedly, on the same day, MK, Sobesednik and a bunch of other media published interviews with Kalashnikov, from the “misunderstood me” series, in which he praised Usmanov. And Kalashnikov admitted to one publication from Oskol that the second edition of the book "A Career at a Quarry" would soon be released, but "with minor changes." These changes are, of course, known. Usmanov in the book will turn from a negative hero into the second "founding father" of the plant.

However, no one, of course, will condemn the 81-year-old Kalashnikov. The source of, who is well acquainted with Kalashnikov, retold the last conversation with him. “I called Timofeevich after Usmanov had already called him and invited him to work in the company. I don’t know how I would react if, after 25 years of complete oblivion and exile, they would remember me. Yes, even so. Kalashnikov was sincerely convinced that Usmanov had read his book, shed a tear, and from a pure heart decided to help the 81-year-old Kalashnikov, in whose persecution he himself participated. Unfortunately, children and the elderly are the easiest to deceive.”

When Metalloinvest came to an agreement with Kalashnikov, it burst out with a formidable press release in which it promised to "pursue criminals." So in Metalloinvest they called the deceived ordinary miners, who were forcibly taken away for a pittance their shares in Lebedinsky GOK. Miners through various instances (in particular, submit applications to law enforcement agencies) seek justice, and they were threatened with imprisonment.

The miners responded to a similar press release by sending their detailed response to the editors of and the Cheka-OGPU.

“We, the minority shareholders of OJSC Lebedinsky GOK (we have the right to consider ourselves as such until the full implementation of the Law or return to our original position) responsibly declare to you and your courageous management: until now, we hoped that your management would remember those schemes by which it acquired our people's enterprises - LGOK and OEMK.

Didn't remember! And we also hoped for the reduced remnants of the conscience of the main beneficiaries in the financial bleeding of the region. As you can see - in vain!

Since you and all law enforcement agencies refer our group to the decisions of the Russian courts and the prejudice - they say, all the courts of Russia have long confirmed the legality of the seizure of our property, not noticing the purely criminal aspects of the process, we undertake to prove to you and your employers the presence of part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and Art. 199 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation within 30 days from the date of your press release ...

We will very significantly demand from those persons who are obliged by duty and work to protect our constitutional rights to fulfill their duties, since we have fulfilled our part of the social contract - we have paid taxes, from which their wages are formed.

We will not make "knowingly unreliable accusations about allegedly committed economic crimes and speculate on threats of appeals to foreign law enforcement agencies and courts" on the territory of the Russian Federation! Please understand and forgive! From now on, we undertake to offer only documents and testimonies of former participants (US and EU citizens).

Offer documents and make we undertake all necessary actions to protect our legitimate interests through the prism of FinCEN. We undertake to provide all the received documents to non-corrupt law enforcement agencies within one week, as you wanted!

Please, please tell us who exactly signed your statement/press release on behalf of Lebedinsky GOK. No one working at LebGOK will sign such a desperately cowardly lie against us! Because our countrymen work there, whom your insatiable but effective managers are constantly dismissing under various pretexts, lowering the pay for hard, harmful and dangerous work below all conceivable (for a normal mind) limits. Under Anatoly Timofeevich Kalashnikov, miners in a quarry received a salary equal to 6-7 thousand US dollars. They could afford treatment not only in the oncological dispensary of Belgorod, but also in Germany and Israel.


There is no such person - Lebedinsky GOK! You are lying Anton Troshin, Grigory Levenko and Valera Bitaev, as brazenly as your bosses. And you, personally, will also have to answer for lies and manipulations with a threatening context. And Lebedinsky GOK without a signature, in the form in which you presented it to yourself and to us here, will probably soon enter the social distance, like Alisher Burkhanovich! For two or three months. And then, for sure, real signatures will appear under the pseudonym "Lebedinsky GOK"! We will collect thousands of signatures. We promise you!


Miners and metallurgists

Briefly explain what is at stake.

After the plant ended up with Usmanov, part of the shares remained with ordinary miners, employees of the GOK. Now they indicate that they lost their shares during a forced buyout, which was made by Usmanov's structures at prices far from market ones.

The assessment was carried out by Gorislavtsev & Co. Estimation”, which proceeded from the fact that the official revenue of the Mining and Processing Plant amounted to less than $1 billion. However, according to the applicants, in reality, the proceeds were underestimated by at least three times. For the purpose of tax optimization, products were sold at discounted prices to Usmanov's offshore companies (BGMT and FMC ltd.), and they already sold them at market prices. As a result, GOK's real revenue was at least $3 billion.

The miners' attempt to achieve justice, their appeals to Russian law enforcement agencies, Metalloinvest considered "blackmail and extortion."

Thomas Gordon

To be continued