The Supreme court decided that the Moscow city court will consider the case against Valentin Gonastarev – a close friend and companion of the former head of the FSB Viktor Voronin, former head of the banking Department of the Department To Dmitry Frolov and a number of other influential people. And after all still recently business had to go for consideration to the Samara region. There is TOAZ, who attacked Gontarev, so recently threatened, well, a very considerable period. As reported by telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU in the detention center to the "information store" Gontareva cleared operatives for conversations heart to heart. And so it remains in Moscow, and Gontareva faces a perfectly acceptable punishment. And he can tell a lot of things. Gontareva through the roof in the Management did To Elena Skrynnik, Alexei Khotin, the main sponsor of the Bolshoi theatre Alexander Klyachin. By the way, the last Gontarev helped to attack IKEA. The methods were similar to those used for TOAZ.

The history of the "war" Alexander Klyachin and Swedish IKEA lasts for a long time. Klyachin, who in the 90s - early 2000s, according to experts, was one of the leaders of the raider market, chose to attack IKEA. In 2012, the collective agricultural enterprise (KSHP) Khimki filed a lawsuit demanding to cancel the transaction with the land under the IKEA business Park.  At the same time, it is worth noting that the main owner of Khimki IS Alexander Klyachin, founder of Gleden Invest Group (it includes the Azimut Hotels hotel chain, the development company KR Properties, etc.).

In the winter of 2014, Klyachin manages to impose interim measures on the property of IKEA khanim in court. Restrictions were imposed on the plot of sixteen acres and two located on it the building of the office complex "Khimki business Park" (40 000 sqm).

In July 2015, the Tenth arbitration court of appeal overturned interim measures against the property of IKEA hanima. According to sources, angry nag went to his "roof" in the face of Gonastarev and other security forces. Method of operation Gontareva is to organize provocations against the "enemy" objects, and then create on the basis of these events, the so-called online help. Say, companies contribute to the thugs, harm the Russian population, pulling money out of the country, etc. TOAZ was to blame in promoting the militants. For this Gontarev now sits. He recommended that in 2015 Klecina, something to create in relation to IKEA to various agencies it was possible to move the topic with the closing of several stores of the Swedish chain and criminal cases.

This article only talks about one such provocations. Soon we will describe in detail the others, as well as the participation in the cases of Klyachin one lawyer with a space name.

In the autumn of 2015, Alexander Klyachin personally approved a plan to strike at IKEA. To do this, we found a group of residents of Zelenograd, which for a couple of hundred dollars are ready for much. They were fed stochsim products and lucky in "Khimki IKEA". The same, with which and "fought" nag. There are "actors" was launched in a café, they ordered a signature Swedish meatballs. After that, the inhabitants of Zelenograd got sick and they began to call an Ambulance directly to IKEA. The victims were hospitalized. And on the go-ahead Klyachin in the media began to massively place materials about the "mass poisoning" in IKEA. Bought by Alexander Klyachin social activists demanded to close the "IKEA-Khimki", etc.. And this is only "flowers" in a series of provocations organized by the go-ahead of the sponsor of the Bolshoi theater.

Now Gontarev began to cooperate with investigators, however, yet to officially. So do not be surprised that soon the "customers" provocations from the security forces will have questions. 

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov