Interesting connections between billions of rubles for the restoration of museums, aide to the President of Russia Vladimir Medinsky, Rosgvardia, an unsolved accidental murder under the tracks of a tank and Dmitry Rogozin who did not leave news channels - all this helped to reveal the actions of the modest director of the Arkhangelskoye museum near Moscow Vadim Zadorozhny. Details in the investigation by

Vadim Zadorozhny is known for his passionate love for airplanes, tanks, cars. And he has the richest "collection" of land plots. There are so many of them that you cannot count. Zadorozhny successfully manages the state museum-estate "Arkhangelskoye", for which he received more than 4 billion rubles of budget funding during the previous government of Russia, his Museum of Technology named after himself and 15 other companies that he runs. In 2017, descriptions appeared in the media of how Zadorozhny hid behind Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin in order not to return the famous museum Yak-3 with tail number 1712 Ferapont Holovaty to Saratov, leaving it in his collection. This modest director of the state museum in a good year declares 117 million rubles in income, owns dozens of aircraft, cars, tanks. And it is constantly increasing real estate. If in 2017 he had only 1.5 million square meters. real estate, then by 2019, with hard work, while still managing to master 4 billion rubles from the state for the benefit of the Arkhangelskoye museum, he collected a little more real estate. And he has declared the ownership of 3.4 million sq. M. Zadorozhny loves movable and immovable ... In this love, he finds mutual understanding not only with the current head of Roscosmos, the same Dmitry Rogozin, but also with Vladimir Medinsky, aide to the President of Russia, who allocated these 4 billion rubles for the museum. In the Military-Historical Society headed by Vladimir Medinsky, Vadim Zadorozhny is posted on the website among the Honorary Members of the Society - the banker Ananyev and the banker Arsamakov, the Honorary Members, were removed from there when criminal cases were opened against them. According to a source, Zadorozhny loves to show that he is an Honorary Member and he is close to Medinsky, and Medinsky is close to the President ... So do not dare to contradict Zadorozhny - if you object to Zadorozhny, you are almost enemies of the Fatherland and you almost object to the President of Russia. Oddly enough, this affects many ...

Vadim Zadorozhny is very fond of telling that Rogozin and Medinsky fly to him to hunt in his personal hunting farm in the Vladimir region, they like to dine at the restaurant of his Russo-Balt hotel near Arbat ... How good it is in his hotels in Kamchatka ... Especially representatives of the authorities, how says Vadim, they respect his signature dish - a wild boar, whole baked on a spit for a member of the Russian Government. One gets the impression that friendship with the authorities allows Zadorozhny not to notice the laws that exist for ordinary people. Zadorozhny seems to be absolutely sure that the requirements of the law are not for the director of the Arkhangelskoye Museum if he has made friends with the authorities and feeds some of its representatives. Zadorozhny was able, in the midst of a pandemic at the end of May 2020, in the midst of isolation, to deprive the protection status of 320 hectares of land around the Arkhangelskoye estate, having received permission to build cottages there, which was previously opposed by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak ...

In 2018, Vadim Zadorozhny decided to shoot a war film "Ilyinsky Frontier" with Sergei Bezrukov at one of his real estate objects in the Kaluga Region. On October 22, 2018, stuntman Oleg Shilkin died on this set. The tank, under which Oleg threw himself in the script, did not stop, but crushed the actor to death. Obvious negligence leading to the death of a person. A year later, on October 23, the Investigative Committee for the Kaluga Region decided to dismiss the case for the absence of a "crime event." Many do not believe in the version of what happened, which is presented by the film's producer Vadim Zadorozhny. The testimony given by the witnesses changed and, in the opinion of many, only because of the fact that he was driving the tank, in fact, a close friend of Zadorozhny's, the case was closed in October 2019. The father of the deceased said: “Can you imagine when a person does tricks on a height of several tens of meters: there every landing, every movement is accurate to the centimeter. And here was the simplest scene - not even a trick, and we are told - he made a mistake himself. It can't be. " Neither the producer nor anyone else has been prosecuted.

 A striking example of the mechanism of how Vadim Zadorozhny's real estate appears and why he needs connections with law enforcement agencies was his seizure in February 2020 of an old estate of 1830 in the center of Moscow in Krapivensky Pereulok, building 3. The owners of the buildings suddenly found out that in the buildings they own are 20 armed people from Vadim Zadorozhny, who told the owners that he is now their tenant, that he rents their property for free, but everything is legal, that he is a friend of Rogozin and Medinsky and no one will ever do anything to him in Russia! The police squads called by the owners were embarrassedly leaving, and the deputy head of the Rosgvardia State Administration for Moscow, Colonel V. I. Medvedev, when he learned that the owners had hired the private security agency CONCORD LLC to guard their estate, called the leadership of this private security company into the premises at the address Kashirskoe highway, 74, building 3. There, according to a source of, and said that he, as the head of the Center for licensing and permitting work of the State Administration of Rosgvardia in Moscow, would simply destroy this private security company, he, as the head of the GU Rosgvardia in Moscow, would close them, they would not be - if they did not terminate contract with the owners of the estate for the protection of buildings! Vadim Zadorozhny even threw representatives of the Public Monitoring Commission (POC) of Moscow out of the building, to whom the owners presented an office for work, and at the same time not even embarrassed by the presence of journalists. The lawlessness of the 90s seems to be returning to Russia ... The friendship of Vadim Zadorozhny with representatives of the authorities is clearly useful to him when the area of ​​his real estate is increased from 1.5 to 3.4 million square meters. meters in two years. Apparently, the friendship of Vadim Zadorozhny, Dmitry Rogozin, Vladimir Medinsky works for the benefit of all three ... Many believe that the actions of Vadim Zadorozhny, who mention his very influential friends Rogozhin and Medinsky, compromise both them and the state power of Russia as a whole.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov