According to sources at, Alexey Miller may leave the post of head of Gazprom in 2021. He began to prepare in advance, now. Negotiations on the purchase from the Andrei Komarov Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant (ChTPZ) are coming to the finish line. The enterprise should become Miller’s main asset in the period of life “after Gazprom.” And he himself will become one of the oligarchs. One of the “trump cards” in negotiations with Komarov was a “frozen” criminal case initiated in 2014. It contains evidence of a gigantic scam - tax refunds of hundreds of millions of dollars to Komarov’s enterprises using fictitious mobilization training. Testimony about this was given by the financial director in Komarov’s structures Sergey Moiseev. continues to publish them.

Question from the investigator: What do you know about mobilization training at ChelPipe

 Witness response: This was a process at a number of metallurgical enterprises, including Chelyabinsk Pipe Plant, where, together with consultants, a mobilization task was prepared (in my opinion, it was called that), which was (as is now known) successfully prepared with the appropriate financial result.

Question from the investigator: What kind of consultants were these?

Witness answer: I don’t remember now how the consultants came to the shareholder, but I remember that we had an initial meeting with the consultant Petrov E.E. At this meeting, Petrov E.E. outlined the essence of what was happening, then after some time the shareholder decided to work on this topic and using the technology that was in the hands of the consultants, some people from them (I know only Petrova E.E.) went to the factory, where together with the relevant services of the plant prepared some documents for the tax refund process.

Question from the investigator: Who is this shareholder you are talking about?

 Witness answer: When I say a shareholder, I mean Komarov A.I., and not some minority shareholder with 0,000% of the shares.

 Question from the investigator: Under what circumstances did you meet with Petrov E.E.?

Witness response: At the initial meeting, which took place at the end of 2011, I don’t remember the exact date in the meeting room in the office of Arkli Kapitat, which was then in house No. 48 on ul. Butcher in Moscow was attended by I, Komarov A.I., Petrov E.E. and another person, Amir Galyamov, he introduced E. Petrov to us (I did not know if he had any relation to this project). Petrov E.E. explained that mobilization training is the current trend among metallurgists, there are about 60 enterprises that have worked on this issue, go or work.


The essence of the project was that the company declared its capacities to be mobilized, which at that time were not mobilized, and the state supported it in the form of a tax refund in order to support them.

Since all pipe manufacturers (that is, pipe industry enterprises) went through huge investments, if the capacities of all pipe manufacturers are declared mobilization (or brought under mobilization training), then quite serious amounts appear for a return. Petrov E.E. explained that this is a long process, includes work with the accounting department of the plant and a service that deals with privacy issues.

Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant OJSC already had two old workshops, which were mobilization ones and, accordingly, God himself ordered that others be mobilized. I don’t know if this applied only to workshop 3 or to any other workshops, since ChTPZ OJSC during this period, in fact, built three new plants - the Elektro 239 pipe-welding workshop in Chelyabinsk, as well as the Iron Ozone steelmaking complex and the Finishing Center finishing complex in Pervouralsk.

What happened after this meeting, I do not specifically know, since I did not participate in this, but, most likely, A. Komarov. it was decided to cooperate with consultants and they worked with the factory workers on this topic

Investigator Question: What is your role in this meeting?

Witness answer: Komarov A.AND. always perceived me as a savvy person in financial matters, and therefore, when a person comes to you and offers to return $ 100 million (which is a lot of money), he invited me, as the manager of one of the assets, to come to this meeting, since I owned the main figures , including how much was spent on the construction of the “Height 239” workshop (about 22 billion 500 million rubles), how much taxes were paid, etc.

Tomasz Wisniewski

To be continued