In connection with the next collapse of another temporary dam of the Fedorovsky hydroelectric complex in the Kuban, I would like to turn directly to the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Patrushev. Dmitry Nikolaevich, would you like to promptly conduct an exercise session on the ministerial line in the Krasnodar Territory? And expel all agricultural devils from the leadership of the Krasnodar Territory, which, as you know, is the breadbasket of Russia? These figures are like zero when multiplied. Any amount of budgetary funds directed to the region, when multiplied by their zero efforts, as a result, gives zero. That the situation with Fedorovka proves not the first time. More details in the report

For reference, 80% of the total rice of the Kuban, the main rice-growing region of the country, depends on the Fedorovsky hydroelectric complex. On Fedorovka, the checks of the Krasnoarmeisky, Kalininsky, Abinsk regions of the Krasnodar Territory are “powered”. The locks of the hydroelectric complex have been the regulator of the entire rice system in this part of the region for more than half a century. And if we don’t want our grandchildren to be told about rice, with the same nostalgia as we tell our children about the disappeared black caviar and sturgeon, administrative idiots who, as they think, are steering agricultural processes in the Kuban, we should finally be excommunicated from power .

It is thanks to the ideas of these bureaucratic poor-bearers that this year the main regional fun is the endless restoration of the dam of the Fedorovsky hydroelectric complex. No one will say how many hundreds of budget millions have already been mastered during this “restoration”. But the process turned out to be so exciting that it is also difficult to name the number of upcoming destructions. And they will definitely be. Because the fountain of stupid ideas among the Kuban officials is inexhaustible.

Вид на разрушенный мост

Short prehistory. After 50 years of operation, it was decided to put the facilities of the Fedorovsky hydroelectric complex for repair. Auctions were held for lot No. 0318100043319000035 for the development of design documentation for the facility "Reconstruction of the supporting building structures of the dam of the Fedorovsky retaining hydroelectric complex on the Kuban River." The auction was won by Tekhproekt LLC.

After Glavgosexpertiza reviewed the design and estimate documentation calculated by Tekhproekt and received a positive conclusion, the developer - Federal State Budgetary Institution "Department of Land Reclamation and Agricultural Water Supply in the Krasnodar Territory" on behalf of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture signed a contract with the contractor - Engineering Technological Systems LLC. After the victory of "ITS" at the auction.

The initial amount of the contract is 427,625,110 rubles. ITS LLC turned out to be the only bidder.

Since September 29, 2021, the dam across the Kuban River in the Abinsk region has been closed for reconstruction.

At the same time, Glavgosexpertiza of the Russian Federation posted on its website information about what specifically had to be done. In the course of the reconstruction of the dam, it was necessary to replace the reinforced concrete fastening slabs of the upper pool, reinforced concrete beams, the covers of the technological overpass and the overpass of the lifts, supporting structures, restore the segment gates, replace the repair gates and lifting equipment, install the block container of the checkpoint, new fencing and automated systems monitoring of building structures.

In general, the work is not easy.

After the publication of the results of the auction, it remained only to wait for the disaster. In favor of this inevitability, the "regalia" of the winner of the auction spoke. And it seems that a number of previous contracts of ITS LLC indicated that the enterprise has experience: construction and installation work was carried out at the facilities of the Kryukovsky reservoir, Petrovsko-Anastasievskaya, Zakubanskaya, Kryukovskaya, Varnavinskaya, Maryano-Cheburgolskaya, Ponuro-Kalininskaya , Chernoerkovskaya irrigation systems. Total since 2018 - 17 government contracts in the amount of 2.4 billion rubles.

But it looked somehow strange that with such stability of victories in the auctions for state contracts, ITS LLC literally did not get out of the courts. Here are the numbers of cases that the Regional Arbitration Court considered and continues to consider, where the plaintiff is the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Department of Land Reclamation and Agricultural Water Supply in the Krasnodar Territory, and the defendant is LLC ITS": A32-56569/2021, A32-47638/2021, F32 -47682/2021, A32-47706/2021, F 32-47824/2021, F32-47603/2021, A32-7393/2022. But if the Federal State Budgetary Institution has so many claims against this LLC, then why is it not only included in the list of unscrupulous contractors, but also continued to win multimillion-dollar contracts?

There is also a big question about the professionalism of ITS employees. They are anything but reclamators. In the founding documents of ITS LLC, the main activity is indicated: "Construction of residential and non-residential premises." There are 31 more OKVED codes in the list of additional species. That's just close to nothing on the topic of "reconstruction of hydraulic structures." And in general, what specialists of the company are we talking about? After all, the average headcount of OOO Inzh energy technological systems”… 2 people!

If we trace the path of the owners of this LLC before they became the largest meliorators in the South of Russia, then there are even more questions.

Let's see where the co-founder of LLC - Razdorov came to the Kuban melioration? What gained professional experience before he organized Fedorov's misfortune. In Volgodonsk, he had Donstroykomplekt LLC (liquidated on February 7, 2017). The main activity is "Manufacture of cables and cable fittings". There was also an individual entrepreneur (closed on December 21, 2020). Here the main activity is “Retail trade in non-stationary trade facilities and markets”. He was listed among the founders of Service LLC, also in Volgodonsk. There is the main "Wholesale trade for a fee or on a contractual basis" (liquidated on February 7, 2017). That is, yesterday's Volgodonsk stallholder suddenly began to receive state contracts in the Krasnodar Territory for a total of billions of rubles? What kind of story is this, about reclamation Cinderella? What kind of fairy waved her magic wand over the stall, and it turned into a billion-dollar business?


It is clear that with the number of employees of two people, the volume of work indicated in the lots cannot be pulled. The missing specialists were subcontracted. And as it is now clear, not all of these subcontractors had an idea of ​​what the technology of work on hydraulic structures is.

When piles began to be driven into the bottom of the Kuban, in front of the emergency supports of the locks, and cracks began to appear on the existing body of the old dam, the locals not only warned, they demanded that this stupid and dangerous undertaking should be stopped and that work should be started “by the mind”. A pile driver blowing in the channel with all its mechanical dope is not the best option for maintaining the stability of old cracked supports. The "specialists" did not stop working. And the old dam predictably collapsed.

And here the Kuban bureaucratic heroism began - verbose, stupid and merciless.

Immediately after the collapse, a round-the-clock headquarters was established. Which first of all began to issue pathos assurances, such as: "There is no threat to people's lives." What was this about? The water in front of the dam subsided in the first minutes after the collapse. Where does the threat come from? The river flows for itself and flows, - already without any dam obstacles. Then the headquarters made an authoritative statement that it was monitoring the situation... Although it is also not entirely clear why it was necessary to closely monitor what no longer exists? But it should be an exciting activity - to monitor "nothing" for a good salary.

To give significance to the event, representatives of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture began to be invited to the region. At the end of the bureaucratic apotheosis, the disaster was shown to Minister Patrushev. The tour of the devastation was conducted personally by Governor Kondratyev. The show was accompanied by flattery, assurances and financial requests to provide federal assistance to the region in such a difficult time for domestic rice.

Help was promised. And it's time to properly dispose of it. But since the Kuban bureaucratic stupidity is formed, unfortunately, at the gene level, any sensible proposals, expressed doubts, are rejected as contradicting the only correct decision, that is, the boss's.

The leadership of the region is never mistaken, even if the consequences of such infallibility plunge even the authorities themselves into a daze.

This time, the regional authorities decided that in order to save the rice crop, it was necessary to build a temporary dam. Big top, it began with the fact that they decided to block off the stormy Kuban ... with gravel from the Medved-gora quarry.

How Patrushev was convinced of the correctness of this decision is the greatest Kuban mystery of the year. The Kuban is essentially a mountain river, and the speed of its flow is not like the Quiet Don or the Mother Volga. To simulate what was bound to happen with the first version of this temporary dam, you can pour sand on the table and pour water from the kettle on this “sand barrier”. This is the real model of the Fedorovskaya dam in the Kuban in miniature.

Even the promised dates for the commissioning of this epoch-making stupidity were surprising. In the middle of May, when the last ladle of rubble was planned to be thrown into the Kuban, the water from the checks with the sown rice was already being drained. And why the hell is a dam needed at this time, which, on the contrary, will raise the water level? But here common sense again lost to the desire to show off from the podium.

Some regional publications, which follow with interest the regional expensive budget epochs, have issued several predictions about the date of the collapse of the heroically erected. Nobody guessed. The collapse occurred the day after the restoration. The day before, in the evening, the head of the Krasnoarmeisky district, Vasin, reported that the construction of a temporary dam was completed. And all this temporality collapsed already in the morning, dragging another several tens of millions of rubles into the mainstream.

The regional agricultural officials, taught by bitter experience, made another wise decision: to temporarily restore the temporary dam using a new one. Assurances flew to the Russian Ministry of Agriculture that this time there would be complete diligence and supervision.

But since, inert ma material was taken from the same quarry, and the calculation was carried out by the same "specialists", the next collapse was still inevitable.

Pity for bureaucratic wretchedness, even journalists, forced to explain to officials the features of the Kuban. All powerful floods in the region do not happen like throughout the country - in the spring. The region has its own flood specifics. The Kuban drowns the adjacent territories either in winter or in summer. In the first case, the flood occurs due to ice, which happens to clog the shallow mouth of the river when it flows into the Sea of​​Azov. An ice dam is an obstacle to water. In summer, powerful floods begin after the temperature rises in the mountains (where the sources of both the Kuban itself and the rivers flowing into it are located) and the rapid melting of snow in the highlands begins ... And if at the same time showers begin ... Even if the flood situation can be contained, then anyway - the first half of summer, this is the time when the speed of the river increases. And what are some gravel obstacles to her in the Fedorovka area?

And yet another temporary dam once again collapsed yesterday. Washed away the next budget millions. The regional leadership is again surprised. After all, according to their beliefs, the task was completed. So much heroism was shown on local TV. So the boss's concern was well emphasized. So much metal was in confident assurances. And then such an embarrassing overkill.

We want to inform Minister Patrushev that this is not the last idea with the development of budgetary funds by the Kuban reclamation cranks. There will probably be another restoration. With increased intensity of pathos and fiery tribune speeches. That's just even if another miracle happens, and the Kuban is blocked by something more substantial than chicken fluff, another temporary dam in the fall will have to be destroyed purposefully.

After all, physics, as a science, is not yet subject to the thinking throwing of the governor of the Kuban and his strange administrative friends. She has her own laws. In particular, there is one that is not yet known to the regional officials. Water freezes at zero degrees. And no governor's decree can correct this indicator.

Zamoy on the surface of the Kuban River, a fast current carries ice slush, which tends to accumulate, bumping into obstacles in the form of a temporary dam of the Fedorovsky hydroelectric complex. The ice cap over the body of the dam, when freezing, turns into an ice monolith, the height of which is growing rapidly, due to new inflows of sludge and pieces of ice. Over time, the height of such an ice dam may well reach such a value that the Kuban water will break through the ramparts (and in many places the Kuban flows precisely in the ramparts built by the Cossacks much more than a hundred years ago). That will cause flooding of adjacent territories. A catastrophe can happen if the ice dam itself breaks and accumulated, in this "unnatural" reservoir, tens of thousands of cubic meters will pass like a water shaft through the settlements located downstream.

And here it is no longer possible to hide behind wordings like: “they couldn’t foresee ... the forces of the elements ... the contractors let us down ...”

 Indeed, according to Art. 6.1 of Law No. 117 FZ, state supervision during the construction, reconstruction of hydraulic structures is carried out by the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (there will be questions for this service), as well as the EXECUTIVE AUTHORITIES OF THE SUBJECTS OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation on urban planning activities. The same law spells out the obligation of executive authorities to “participate in the implementation of the state policy for ensuring the safety of hydraulic structures ... to ensure the safety of hydraulic structures when using water objects” ... Why did the officials of the Krasnodar Territory “score” this duty?


Roman Trushkin

To be continued