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In late June, he was arrested the former head of "RusHydro" Yevgeny Dod and Head of Corporate Accounting and Reporting "RusHydro" Dmitry Finkel. They were charged with fraud in a large (73.2 million rubles), organized by a group of persons.



Evgeny Dod Khamitov


This event apparently has no relation to Bashkiria. But the reality may turn the situation in the republic. The fact that the president of Bashkiria before coming to this position for a long time been involved in the business Doda, and from July 2009 to July 2010 he was his deputy in the "RusHydro". So if Dod be frank with the investigation, it can float a lot of trouble for Khamitova details. And something that is already beginning to appear in the press.

We have proved interesting information. The materials sent to the editor by senior officers of law enforcement agencies, stating that the wife of the head of Bashkiria found a company - whose name, the location of its parent company and sphere of activity is a very big question. Khamitov wife owned a blocking stake in the company "Ayvest" (25%).


This modest structure is unique in its head the owner - the Italian company "Europe Enerzhetiks", registered in the Italian city of Sacile at Marco Meneghini, 3. In its constitutional documents are the following activities: supply of equipment for power engineering, mechanical engineering, rail transport, etc.


Despite this, the company registered in the house - not resembling a plant.


In addition, in Italy there is a company with a similar name - Europe Energy Gas & Power - is the largest manufacturer of gas appliances, including small-scale power.



Coincidentally, at the time when his wife Khamitova equip its overseas business, "RusHydro" is actively engaged in the construction of mini-hydropower plants in conjunction with the "Italian" colleagues. Mini hydroelectric power station was a perfect sphere opaque work - machinery and equipment were imported from abroad, to co-finance a program could for the most non-transparent schemes, and above all of the regional or municipal budgets (as stated in the certificate transmitted to the editor).

It is not surprising that such a project has been implemented in Bashkiria. October 1, 2010 in Ufa, signed an agreement on cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan and JSC "RusHydro" in the electricity sector, assistance in attracting investment in the construction of renewable energy sources.

The document was signed Dod and Khamitov.

Under the agreement, Bashkortostan government has pledged to take a pre-designed in cooperation with JSC "RusHydro" program for the development of small hydropower and other renewable energy sources in the country. The agreement also provided assistance to the parties to engage in Bashkortostan industrial orders on a market basis for the development of production and, as a consequence, the energy potential of the republic and the creation of new jobs in the region.

At the same time it was announced jointly with the French company Alstom (producing power equipment and railway rolling stock) project to build a plant for the production of equipment for small hydro.

Thus, the company, 25% of which belonged to the wife of the head of the republic, and that was supposed to be engaged in the export of energy equipment and the equipment for railways, according to experts was laying for export of equipment in the circuit in which the largest international engineering company, the Russian hydro were included, Doda gray scheme.

Why wife Khamitov took such a company will result, but it is obvious that the arrest of Doda will be consequences for the head of Bashkiria and new interesting details we will learn.

Source: Rucriminal