On the evening of May 9, 2019, while riding a motorcycle, TV presenter Sergei Dorenko became ill, he lost consciousness and fell. The ambulance that arrived was already unable to help: the radio host had a ruptured aorta. Dorenko's finest hour was in the 90s, when he gained fame as a TV killer. At the same time, TV presenter Yevgeny Kiselev was shining on the neighboring channel. Dorenko was closely associated with Boris Berezovsky, Kiselev with Vladimir Gusinsky. has a certain number of wiretaps from Berezovsky's archive at its disposal. On one of the recordings, you can hear TV presenter Yevgeny Kiselev "serving" the broadcast with Gusinsky and Berezovsky. Berezovsky thanks Kiselev for the "necessary" program. Sings praises. Kiselev agrees. Gusinsky joins in and asks how they fouled the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper in the program. Berezovsky agrees that it is very good and says that you need to get out from under the bushes and beat them (MK) in full force. Sergey Dorenko will take care of this one of these days.

B: Ale? Ale, Zhenya!

K: Yes.

B: Zhen, indeed, I am very grateful to you. I don't know, of course, it's kind of strange to look at myself like that, and despite the fact that I've seen it more than once, but I'm really grateful to you for, as it were, here's how you are all did, and at the same time, so to speak, did not put me in an idiotic position, and most importantly, you and yourself and all this seemed to me quite, well ... I don't know. You know, it's hard for me to judge again, but it seems to me ...

K: (interrupts) It's okay, I've been watching closely. I watched carefully already on the air, because how, of course, we edited in (inaudible), because there was little time. Maybe we could have something else there, there would still be a complete decryption, as we usually do.

B: Yes.

K: Of course, it would be possible to polish a little more there, but here the technology is already simple.

B: No, Zhen. Once again, I say very grateful. And I think everything is absolutely ... well, I don't know. It seemed normal to me.

K: Okay, okay. The main thing is what Oleg said, that this is the very identification, that people saw a completely normal, sober, and most importantly, self-confident person.

B: By the way, I drank whiskey before that.

(Both laugh)

K: Okay. Volodya ...

B: (interrupts) Again, again, thank you so much.

K: Thank you.

B: Thank you.

(at the phone Gusinsky)

G: Ale, how do you think about MK?

B: Huh?

H: How do you ...

B: (interrupts) It's okay with MK, Volodya, in general we are now ... Volodya ...

H: Why?

B: Huh?

G: How do you think about "MK" with shit?

B: Absolutely.

G: Got it, right?

B: Absolutely. No, Volodya, now the whole point for us is, Volodya, well, just for sure, just one thing, Volodya, and it should be in the bushes, you just need them, excuse me, ... like ... in full.

H: Wait, you and I have outlined a plan, how ...?

B: (interrupts) Yes.

H: So Dorenko is with you tomorrow.

B: Yes.

G: Okay, huh?

B: Agreed, Volodya.

G: Here. And the second question, so we are starting to work out who is talking about what.

B: Yes, absolutely.

K: I'm kissing you, bye.

B: I hug you, thank you again, very much, to all the men.

H: Bye.

B: Bye.

To be continued


Yaroslav Mukhtarov