As it became known to, the Investigative Committee began a pre-investigation check on the act of disappearance of the former top manager of Merlion (one of the largest in the IT market) Yevgeny Savelyev. He is a key witness in the attempted murder of Vyacheslav Symonenko, ex-CEO of the company. In particular, thanks to Savelv's testimony, the main shareholder of Merlion, Oleg Karchev, and the head of the security service Boris Levin (the former head of the security service Evgeny Chichvarkina) were in custody. Savelyev disappeared the day before Karchev was literally pulled out of custody.

Борис Левин

As a source told, Savelyev (standing in the photo second row third from the right) was a top manager of Merlion, he was owed money that was not paid by order of Karchev. He was pressured through Boris Levin and he stopped in his demands. However, when the case on the attempted murder of Symonenko was initiated, Savelyev gave detailed testimony. As a result, in October 2020, Merlion shareholders Aleksey Abramov, Oleg Karchev, Vladislav Mangutov, as well as the head of the company's security service Boris Levin, were arrested on charges of attempted murder of Symonenko. Operatives recorded how at the end of 2020 Karchev from the pre-trial detention center called Savelyev twice and threatened him, demanding to change his testimony. Savelyev refused. And in January he went to his brother in Sergiev Posad and mysteriously disappeared. This happened not long before the whole operation to rescue Karchev from the pre-trial detention center was started. As Symonenko pointed out in his appeal to the heads of the law enforcement agencies, in the materials of the criminal case there is evidence that over 5 million US dollars have been allocated and directed for the purpose of bribery of officials of the Prosecutor's Office, the Investigative Committee and the court, for the release and escape from responsibility of the above persons.

Стрижов А.А.

“From 01/22/2021, mysterious events began to take place. On this day, A.A. Strizhov, head of the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for Moscow. Through his subordinate - the head of the first control and investigation department of the Main Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Pankov (his full personal data are not known), he gave oral instructions to the head of the Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the SZAO in Moscow, S.K. Romodanovsky. and the investigator of this investigative unit Nesnov A.S. to change the measure of restraint for OG Karchev, as well as other defendants, to house arrest, ”Symonenko expresses his opinion in a statement.

Representatives of the 15th department of the Moscow prosecutor's office agreed to support the plan, thanks to this, Karchev O.G. could celebrate his birthday at home. But things went wrong with the justice authorities since the morning of 01/28/2021. At first, the "respected" investigators of the first UROVD of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the city of Moscow could not choose a district court between Zamoskvoretsky and Presnensky to secretly release the villain. As a result, the choice fell on the Presnensky District Court in Moscow. Investigator Vlasov, having arrived at about 14-00, handed in the materials for registration. At first, everyone thought that the detectives' petition would be considered by Judge Abramova E.D., but by 15-20 it became known that the said petition would be considered by Judge Artemov S.A.

At about 15-40 the meeting began. Lawyers Karcheva O.G. have already prepared gifts for him to leave. Investigator Vlasov sounded not very confident, the prosecutor of the 15th department of the Moscow prosecutor's office, Anyushin, was suppressed and constantly referred to his leadership when he expressed support for the investigation. After the ugly speech of the investigator and the prosecutor, the injured party provided the court with all the protocols of interrogation of witnesses and other documents thrown out by the Strizhovsky investigation. The judge Artemov SA was objective. As a result, Karchev could not celebrate his birthday at home, as the law enforcement officers promised him.

Currently, the victim in the case of V.A. He is very worried that the case will simply fall apart, especially since Karchev's lawyers are absolutely not subtly hinting about this. They assure that everything is seized from them, the measure of restraint will be changed by the accused, and the case against them will be dropped altogether. As the saying goes (and so from the words of Symonenko Karchev often liked to say) - "money is everything."

The victim has one hope that the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Bastrykin A.I., will remember the mentioned criminal case. and, by his order, will take this criminal case to his Central Office for an objective investigation. Symonenko is ready to tell about all the crimes of the accused, including against the Russian Federation, corruption, the withdrawal of funds abroad and other crimes.

At the disposal of, the case materials turned out to be and we will publish them in parts. Today we will begin to acquaint the reader with the testimony of a classified witness, who is encrypted in the case file as Ivan Bilibin. He tells how the situation developed that led to the assassination attempt on Symonenko and what happened.

For about the last 15 years, I personally know Oleg Gennadievich Karchev, with whom I have maintained long-term partnership. About the same period of time, OG Karchev and I. families were friends. About two years ago, he married his secretary, whose name I do not remember at the moment. The ex-wife's name was Elena Vlasova and, in fact, nominally, a lot of real estate was registered for her, as well as companies and the Rost group of banks. I know that O.G. Karchev I tried myself in various spheres of business on the territory of the Russian Federation. So until 2008 he was the founder of a chain of grocery stores, the name is similar to the words "Yum-Yum" and after its successful sale for more than 100 million US dollars, he acquired a share in the group of companies "Merlion" in the amount of approximately 25%. Karchev O.G. has established himself as a successful and competent manager who skillfully converted funds and was able to illegally send them abroad, to clear goods through customs. In order to increase the turnover of the "gray" business, Karchev O.G. in 2008 the bank "Rost" was acquired, which he formally registered for his wife. Subsequently, he bought about 7 such banks and which he subsequently united into the group of banks "Rost", according to the assets of the top 50 banks in Russia. This group of banks was one of the most famous platforms for cashing out and converting funds in Russia. In the fall of 2013, at the initiative of the Central Bank of Russia, unexpectedly for everyone, the reorganization of all the banking group "Rost" was carried out. The reason for this procedure was multiple violations of banking legislation, including Federal Law No. 115. Bin Bank became the sanitizing bank of the Rost group. I reliably know that during the reorganization procedure, at least 300 companies affiliated with O.G. Karchev were identified. engaged in "gray" schemes for the "Merlion" company. The accounts of these companies were blocked, as a result of which Karchev O.G. and other persons incurred losses in the amount of at least USD 150 million. Most of the losses fell on the shoulders of O.G. Karchev. Subsequently, from the entire group of banks "Rost" Karchev O.G. was able to keep for itself only the bank "Baikalinvest Bank" having a state license for the sale of precious metals. This bank was needed by O.G. Karchev. for "gray" schemes for selling gold.


Thus, at that time, the largest financial assets of OG Karchev, bringing him a stable income, were the share in the Merlion group of companies and a number of gold mining licenses for gold mining in Yakutia and the Magadan region. Income Karcheva O.G. significantly decreased, in addition, debt obligations "hung" on it after the revocation of the license and the group of banks "Rost". In the group of companies "Merlion", as in another large import-export organization, there was a system of incentives (bonuses) for top managers. The top managers of the company, in addition to their salaries, received a certain amount of interest from the company's profits. The general director of the Merlion group of companies was Vyacheslav Symonenko. Until about July 2015, at the Merlion company, after the arrival of the new head of the security service Levin, at the initiative of O.G. Karchev. layoffs of managers at various levels began to occur. The dismissed employees were intimidated by Levin and Karchev O.G. for the sole purpose of not paying the bonuses they were entitled to, the amount of which was more than one million US dollars. This initiative was supported by the founder A.P. Abramov. In the same way Levin and Karchev O.G. decided to act with the general director V.

As far as I know, in July 2015 V. Symonenko was not paid the amount of 5 million US dollars, due to the fact that O.G. Karchev. accused him of stealing company money. The fact that it was he (Karchev O.G.) who was in charge of the "assault" on V. Simonenko, he personally told me many times, but written evidence of the veracity of his words, regarding V. Simonenko's guilt in stealing money from the Merlion company, I did not provide. In the current situation, V .. Symonenko tried to solve this problem in a "conceptual" way, wanted to somehow influence OG Karchev, turned to me, to our mutual friends. Wanting to help V. Symonenko, with whom I was also familiar for a long time, to receive the amount of money due to him turned to O.G. Karchev. with the question of resolving the current situation. To which Karchev OG, in a rather harsh and rude form, informed me that V. Symonenko was a thief, told me the above and that in the near future he and Levin would punish him that he "would not find it enough." I understood this phrase (it will not seem a little) that Karchev O.G. and Levin decided to act by force, by intimidation. At the same time, he did not inform me about any specific planned actions. In September 2015, from V. Symonenko and from mutual friends in the Merlion company, I learned that the house in which V. Symonenko lived in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region had been set on fire at night. Other circumstances are unknown to me.

Through confidential conversations with Karchev O.G. we will touch on whether the topic of further actions of V. Simonenko in the legal field related to the arson of his house, to which Karchev O.G. told me that he had corrupt connections in law enforcement agencies, that V. Symonenko would never achieve any result, adding that it would be better to kill him, and this scoundrel was lucky. I decided not to focus on this phrase. Also during the conversation, Karchev O.G. repeatedly told me that he and Levin personally dealt with all matters related to law enforcement agencies, that in the Merlion group of companies it was he who was responsible for the gray cash and that it was Levin who transferred funds to law enforcement officers, that is, they gave bribes. At the same time, I do not remember any specific facts, except for one. Regarding this fact, I can tell you the following. In 2019, from V. Simonenko, I learned that the investigation department for the city of Odintsovo of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Moscow Region is conducting an inspection on the fact of the arson of his house. In this fact, I told O.G. Karchev. pointing out that his question with V. Symonenko was not resolved. To which Karchev O.G. answered me that he had a close acquaintance in the leadership of the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee for the Moscow Region, with the rank of colonel, who is able to close any issue on the activities of the Investigative Committee. Around the fall of 2019, while in one of the restaurants in the center of Moscow, the name of which I do not remember at the moment, Karchev O.G. told me that the problems with V. Symonenko cost him 5 million US dollars, transferred to the colonel of the Investigative Committee mentioned earlier. After that, he was sure that the issue with V. Symonenko was closed. He did not inform me of any specific circumstances of the bribe. Since between me and Karchev O.G. over a long period of time, a fairly trusting relationship has developed, I do not see any reason to tell me not the truth, regarding V. Simonenko. I believe that OG Karchev was involved in the attempted murder of V. Simonenko. and Levin as organizers of the crime, with the conceptual consent of other founders. "

Протокол допроса свидетеля

Протокол допроса свидетеля

Протокол допроса свидетеля

To be continued

Alexey Ermakov