As found out, Kazimir Yan, a citizen of Belarus, was crippled 700 meters from the Kremlin during the construction of super-elite mansions. Representatives of the FODD company, a builder with severe injuries and fractures, dressed in civilian clothes and tried to pass off his injuries as domestic ones. Still would. The state of emergency created problems not only for the construction company, but also cast a shadow over the Bolshaya Dmitrovka IX deluxe class project - a project for the restoration of a cultural heritage site and the new construction of two mansions. In a closed area there are chamber mansions with apartments, a vertical forest and a 3-level underground parking. Now about everything in order.

In September 2021, Kazimir Yan worked as a handyman at Brigada Monolit LLC, (a company that works only on FODD contracts, and employees of one are employees of the second), which carried out construction work at an elite facility located at: Moscow, st. Bolshaya Dmitrovka, ow. 9. He was hired on 09/04/2021, an employment contract was signed with him, which, immediately after signing it, was taken away from him, with the wording that after the management signs it and stamps it, he will be returned. He signed this employment contract in the office located at the address: Moscow, st. Bolshaya Dmitrovka, vl.9. After that, Yang went directly to the performance of his labor duties at the above address. To enter the territory of the facility where the company carried out construction work, he was issued a pass. At this facility, together with him, his younger brother Jean also worked. While working at this facility, they lived in LLC "BEST-HOTEL", in which they were settled by the employer.

09/10/2021 Jan was at the workplace, that is, at the construction site, on the top floor of the building, at the address: Moscow, Bolshaya Dmitrovka, vl. 9, did the job he was assigned. In the morning he had an accident at work. On the top floor where he worked, there was an open hole in the floor that led to the bottom floor (flight of stairs). This hole was not fenced in any way, not marked in any way, but only covered with a plywood board. Out of ignorance and also because the hole was not fenced in any way, Jan, following the instructions of the foreman, lifted this plywood sheet and fell to the lower floor.

As found out, as a result of the fall, he suffered numerous injuries, including a closed fracture of the middle third of the right femur with displacement. As a result of the injury, the leg was twisted in an unnatural shape. Employees of FODD, in case of a displaced bone fracture, undertook to straighten the leg themselves. Then they put Jan on a stretcher, lowered him into the basement, where they took off all his work clothes, tried to put on a tracksuit. After waiting for all the other workers to leave for lunch (which is about an hour), Kazimir was taken out into the street, put in a crossover, taken to the emergency room and convinced him to say that he had fallen at the Dynamo metro station. About the incident, despite the fact that the company's management was notified, they tried to hide this fact.

When his father Yana, who permanently resides in the Republic of Belarus, found out about the incident, he came to Moscow, paid for his operation, and then moved him to the Republic of Belarus for further treatment. Currently, Kazimir Jan has undergone at least 3 surgeries and needs at least three more and a lengthy recovery process.

According to a source, despite all attempts to hide this incident, employees of the investigative department for the Tverskoy district of the Investigative Department for the Central Administrative District of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia for Moscow initiated a criminal case under Art. 216 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, an investigation is underway, expert examinations have been appointed and persons are identified whose job responsibilities included ensuring the safety of company employees in order to bring the perpetrators to justice. At the same time, FODD employees do not comment on this situation in any way, and pretend that nothing happened.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued