On February 22, 2019, Alexander Dyukov, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Gazprom Neft, was elected the new President of the RFU. RFU was born 27 years ago, and the origins of its creation were Vyacheslav Koloskov and his faithful "right hand" Alexander Tukmanov. These two persons, primarily Tukmanova, and dedicated new great investigation We start with the Soviet era. 

Alexander Tukmanov was born 69 years ago. He graduated from the football school "torpedo", and then on the position of the right Central defender played in the Moscow "torpedo" and "Spartacus" and Voronezh "Torch". As a player Tukhmanov special glory not find, but has got a much-needed familiarity. He became close to Vyacheslav Koloskov, with whom he is friends to this day. They fly with their families on vacation, visit the bath, etc. When Tukhmanov finished the last days, as a player, spikes was already visible sports authority, supervised by the office of football of sport Committee of the USSR (in 1987 reorganized into the office of football and hockey). In this office, he invited younger comrade Tumanova. Then they were inseparable and became a kind of "Twix", in which the ears were the main "stick", and Tukmanov - less. Connected them not only addiction to football and the bath, and General financial Affairs. Or rather "doing". They all shifted in their pockets the money, including earned by the teams.

According to when Tukhmanov came to the football management of Sportkomitet of the USSR, spikelets already have created system of personal enrichment at the giant Soviet times the money. Tukmanov immediately became an active participant in this system, "hands" and "feet" Koloskov, a man who implements all the shadow plans of the boss. Therefore, it is not surprising that soon Koloskov began to "raise" Tukmanov on the career ladder, until he made his Deputy.

How the system worked Koloskov-Tumanova?  It is now quite a simple task to carry out the transfer - would be money for the right player. And then all such transitions of players, and just the application of the player for a new club, required the approval of the sports Committee functionaries. You want to get a football player or make a pupil in the application list - it is necessary to "unfasten". We need imported sports equipment, ammunition, which went to the country only through the sports Committee, again pay. And such "pay" were tens of. A separate line was the performances of teams and teams in Europe. If it was a question of the national team, then Koloskov and Tukmanov entered themselves in the lists of coaches of football and hockey teams, who had the right to serious (at the time of the USSR) payments in currency. If it was a question of premium for players and clubs - for their quiet receiving, it was necessary to unfasten percent. 

Sources said that the system of levies Koloskov-Tumanova, had its own specifics. For clubs usually stood large enterprises or the local authorities, at times, paid no money, and short supply of goods: cars, furs, jewelry, etc. In addition to Koloskova and Tumanova received currency. And all these "furs", "gold", "pounds", as, probably, many remember on the Soviet detectives, were the main object of attraction of representatives of crime. Add to this that the criminals, the guilders, "authority", "katale" and "thieves in law", considered it an honor to be at the same table with a famous football player or hockey player, but even more so to have him as a guest. All this could provide a Spike and Tukhmanov, therefore, not surprising that in the days of the Soviet Union in their immediate environment became gangsters, and underground millionaires. A former player of "Pahtakor" which then became "katale", and then as a criminal "authority" Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov (Taiwanchik), it has become closest friend Koloskov and Tumanova. Both, when Taiwanchik lived in France, stayed with him on a visit, introduced the "authority" with the leadership of FIFA and UEFA, etc. 

The merging of sports and crime, under the supervision of our "Twix", happened so much that the football management of the sports Committee there was a whole group of representatives of "tsehovikov" and "crime", who were appointed to the posts of administrators. And in reality, they were engaged in the sale of scarce goods received from football teams, transactions with currency, trade in imported sports equipment.

However, in 1985, Koloskov and Tukmanov began to have serious problems. The shady activities of sports officials has attracted the attention of the KGB and the anti-corruption squad, and these administrators, the huckster started to catch one after the other. First, a few cases managed to "hush up"- guilty just moved from the sports Committee in nursery schools, sports associations, etc. However, as found one of them, Valentina Gerasimova, was arrested and tried. He in 1986 was sentenced to 9 years. Almost immediately on bereznichenko caught and Deputy Yury Koloskov Boar.  He, too, escaped the "link" to the low position. He was appointed head of the football team "torpedo", with which a long-standing relationship and Koloskov, and Tukmanov.

In this case, all the strings of administrators and the Boar led to Koloskova and Tukmanova, but they are responsible was not involved. It is clear that the leadership of the Soviet football and hockey provided a familiarity not only with representatives of the criminal world, but also with high-ranking security officials (the club "Dynamo"), representatives of the Ministry of defense (CSKA) and just VIP sports out of the Communist party.

The most serious threat hung over Koloskov and Tukmanov at the end of the 80th years when the Ministry of Finance of the USSR was engaged in check of their management of sports Committee. As a result of the auditors ' work, an act on "certain issues of foreign economic activity of the USSR state sports Committee"was drawn up. The act stated that "the inspectors were not provided with data on the currency transferred to the account of the USSR state sports Committee from UEFA and FIFA for the participation of Soviet football teams in the world Championships, Europe, European Cup tournaments." And Koloskov and Tukmanov "contributed" themselves to the coaching staff of the USSR national football and hockey teams to write themselves giant prizes. "For carrying out separate games of the USSR national football team to the administrator of team A. Tukmanov, at the same time being the Deputy head of Department of soccer and hockey, 3577 dollars of the USA are paid. Including 1432 dollars for the 1st place at the Seoul Olympics", — the staff of the Ministry of Finance of the USSR found out.

Koloskov and Tukmanov wanted to remove from office, but successful performances of national teams (in 1998 the USSR national football team won the Olympic games) and "communications" prevented it. And then the collapse of the USSR broke out and in 1992 Koloskov managed to lobby for the creation of the Russian football Union (RFU), in which he became President, and Tukmanov - Vice President. 


To be continued

Denis Zhirnov