"The task of the interior Ministry is to reliably ensure public order during the preparation and conduct of elections. And, of course, it is necessary to identify and firmly block any attempts of criminals to get into power," Vladimir Putin said at the Board of the interior Ministry in 2016. Since then, three years have passed and the indication of the head of Russia decided to just spit. Therefore, the coming years Russians will be able to enjoy a fresh authorities, as the suburban MP Grigor aghekyan listed in the security forces, the credibility of the criminal environment and walking around with military weapons. And so the Prime Minister of Bashkortostan Andrey Nazarov, who, as found has served time for raping a minor, was suspected of other crimes and was looking for lately cover in the government, after the arrests of the leaders of the heading.

Last weekend, Radiy Khabirov was elected head of Bashkiria and the first thing he did - appointed the owner of the construction company "Granel" Andrei Nazarov Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic, he is the main contender for the place of Prime Minister. Khabirov's motivation is quite clear. Nazarov is his longtime close friend, performed for him slippery orders, they share common financial interests. However, in order to slow down such friendly initiatives of officials, there are the interior Ministry and the FSB, to which Putin appealed, demanding to prevent crime in power. And with Nazarov, and especially to investigate nothing. We look into the database of the interior Ministry, enter its data and get: 1. Conviction for rape and drunken brawl 2. Pre-investigation check on forgery of the document on higher education.

As Nazarov's criminal records are extinguished (they were received in the USSR in 1988) in online bases of the Ministry of internal Affairs they are not present, but it is enough to look in archives and all at once is. 

The details of how Nazarov and his friends dragged into the dirty basement of minors and abused her told more than once. Not simply mentioned, and uploaded copies verdict.

In anticipation of a possible "sweet" appointment, Andrei Nazarov instructed his PR service to stamp materials on different resources materials that Nazarov was allegedly not tried. And as confirmation the decisions of various courts on Nazarov's civil claims are given. As Nazarov gets such court decisions and who makes them perfectly visible on the basis of the decision of the Kirov district court of Ufa (Bashkiria) as much as from 8 August 2011, which has already been told The lawsuit, which representatives Nazarov has filed to the Kirov court is truly unique. It was not the defendant's website, media, author, etc. - that is a particular source of allegedly false information about Andrew Nazarovo. The lawsuit was filed on the dissemination of inconvenient information to the head of "Graneli ""on the Internet", without specifying on which resources in the" world wide web " the information appeared. Judge Munir Valeeva such a claim did not bother, and he began to lead a unique listening "Andrei Nazarov against the Internet". It is clear from the text of the decision that the defendant in this case is the Internet.

As a result, the Munir Valeev, according to, made a terrific decision. It sounds like this: "to Recognize the above information distributed on the Internet in relation to A. G. Nazarov as untrue." Thus, the shaft and the owner of "Graneli" built a perpetual document. To wrote continue to be journalists, even if they have a copy of the verdict against Nazarov, that the latter is already the solution from Valeeva, so you can remove this information from the Internet. Readers say, "And such judges still working?". And they will be absolutely right in their doubts. Exactly 11 months after such strange decisions in the interests of Andrey Nazarov, the Qualifying Board of judges has decided to grant the Chairman of the armed forces of Belarus and to impose on the Chairman of the Kirov district court of Ufa Munira Valeeva disciplinary punishment in the form of early termination of powers of the judge and the Chairman of the Kirov regional court of 9 November 2012 with the deprivation of the third qualifying class judges. And was fired in disgrace Valeeva from the judiciary, as found with this wording: "systematic violations of the requirements of the law "On status of judges in the Russian Federation and the code of judicial ethics". Behind this formulation lies the fact that judge Valeev made strange decisions in the interests of a number of plaintiffs, far from the law and just reasonable decency.

For now, we'll move on to the contested arguments in this lawsuit.

The main one concerns Andrei Nazarov's criminal record for hooliganism and rape. In the decision Valeeva says: "According to the information of the main information-analytical center of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in the Republic of Bashkortostan No. 3/3-3340 from 12.07.2011 g criminal background Nazarov A. G. (personal data). on the territory of the Russian do not have". Of course, I would very much like to see this certificate and study it. Most likely, the following took place. Nazarov was tried long ago, back in 1988. Therefore, this conviction is considered extinguished and information about it is transferred to the archives of the information centers. And here just in them data on Nazarov's criminal record is present. 

In 1986, the Sibayskiy, the Department of internal Affairs on Andrey Nazarov criminal case 0024219 under two articles of the criminal code of the RSFSR - 117 (rape) and 206 (hooliganism). The investigation went on for almost two years and then the case was transferred to the Baymak district people's court of the Bashkir USSR. The court found Nazarov guilty, but imposed an extremely lenient sentence-three years in prison conditionally with a probation period of one year. On August 8, 2008, Nazarov's criminal record card was moved to the archive.

Therefore the owner of " Graneli "can show as much as necessary" decisions from Valeev " that 2+2=5, but from the truth you will not leave anywhere.

The authorities of Bashkiria, in the opinion on the example of Nazarov openly show that friendships and personal relationships, much more important than the "cleanliness" of person gets into power. At this rate, it will not be surprising if the new Prime Minister Nazarov will make the Minister of culture of Bashkiria Anastasia Volochkova. Nazarov has long been a friend and sponsor of the ballerina.   

Nazarov desire to occupy any post, according to sources connected with the arrests of the former and deistvuyuschih managers Balashikha in whose territory the "Grenelle" Nazarov actively built. We will tell you more about this in the near future.

To be continued

Mikhail Ermakov