We continue to explore the criminal world of southern Russia. Today we will talk about the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Rostov region, a businessman, a member of the Forbes list (83rd place) Harutyun Surmalyan. Details of his appearance of capital in a joint investigation of, the telegram channels of the Cheka-OGPU and The Crime Planet.

According to our sources, Surmalyan began his career by helping to launder money from the Selmashevskaya organized crime group and its leader Andrei Imanali (Half-Beast). Gangsters trusted Surlmalyan, organized crime assets were recorded on the structures controlled by him. And then, unexpectedly, the leaders of the “Selmashevskaya” group began to go to jail. And it was Surmalyan who benefited from this. And he jumped under the wing of the “thief in law” Armen Harutyunyan (Armen Kanevsky), but here he failed. In Rostov-on-Don, there was one of the powerful groups of “Wolves”, whose members had nationalist views and were members of the Russian National Unity (RNE). "Wolves" did not allow Harutyun Surmalyan to develop. Moreover, they used their resources and began to “nightmare” Surmalyan. And soon in the bath they tried to undermine all the leaders of the “Wolves”.

 According to the source, Surmalyan had a close friend Ara Arsenyan, they were friends of families, celebrated all the holidays, birthdays together and were business partners. And then it seemed to Surmalyan that in their partnership with Arsenyan the incomes were not correctly distributed. And Arsenyan was shot dead by killers. Behind all these attempts there was a trace of the organized criminal group of Armen Kanevsky, who protected the interests of the ward of Surmalyan. After Kanevsky’s death in prison for health reasons, his brother Artyom Harutyunyan accepted his case. Artyom Harutyunyan was put on the wanted list in Russia for a series of murders and attempts. He is currently in Yerevan. And his confidant in communication with Surmalyan is Grisha Kiyan. Grisha has two brothers - Karen and Armen-staff killers under Harutyunyan. The brothers were internationally wanted, then detained, but for mysterious reasons were free. Sources believe that Surkhalyan’s help was not enough. Since Grisha and his brothers Armen and Karen Kiyan came to the attention of law enforcement agencies, Harutyunyan appointed Vagan Nerkararyan (Karlik) as the new confidant in communication with Surmalyan. Surmalyan was against such a linker, but Karlik presented a number of interesting films on which it was recorded how Surmalyan asked Harutyunyan about various services, including those related to Ara Arsenyan. After this, Surmalyan realized that he would not succeed in getting rid of Harutyunyan and Karlik and the partnership continued. The partnership is specific, as Vagan Nerkararyan (Karlik) was involved in the smuggling of cigarettes, drugs and weapons from Ukraine. Later, when the people of thief in law Nodar Asoyan began to impede the activities of Vagan Nerkararyan, Karlik found a new patron in the person of thief in law Eluard Asatryan (Osetrin). According to the source, Artyom Harutyunyan and Vagan Nerkararyan (Karlik) insisted on meeting Surmalyan by Eduard Asatryan (Osetrina). What Surmalyan categorically refused.

Now we will list the attempts in connection with which the name of Surmalyan “surfaced” in the materials of the operatives:

1999 The blasting of the bathhouse where members of the Wolves organized crime group were steamed; the attempt was aimed at eliminating Alexander Ivanov. But 2 guys from the group died.

2000 the first attempt on Aru Arsenyan. When the motorcade returned home, came under fire from machine guns, Ara Arsenyan survived, but was wounded in the area of ​​the shoulder and head. In hot pursuit, the shooters were detained, but after the intervention of pocket lawyer Surmalyan Harutyun and Abgaryan Samvel they were released. Abgaryan Samvel offered Zolotoreva Elena money for closing the case. It is noteworthy that Abgaryan Samvel acted as a lawyer for all criminal elements of Harutyun Surmalyan.

2003 Harutyun of Surmal organizes a re-assassination attempt, this time using an explosive device on the street. Subsequently, Ara Arsenyan survived but acquired disability.

2004 the murder of businessman Sarkis Karapetyan. shots rang out when Karapetyan got into the car, turned on the headlights and began to take back to go on the road:

2005 Valery Nyukharev is one of the leaders of the Wolves organized crime group. He began to suspect that in the war between the organized crime group “Wolves” and the organized crime group of Armen Kanevsky, Surmalyan Harutyun stood and openly spoke about this. He was killed in his own car at a traffic light. A motorcyclist drove up and fired twice, after which he disappeared.

An attempt was made on the assassination attempt against Alexander Ivanov, but by mistake the killers mixed up the cars and the assistant to Alexander Ivanov was killed.

2008, 2014 attempted assassination of Fedor Sagamonov

2009 attempted assassination of Alexander Ivanov. The killers sent by Surmalyan Harutyun, not knowing that he was riding in an armored car, began to fulfill the order. The driver knocked them down. As a result, they were injured and could not hide and were arrested.

2010 A few meters from the house of Alexander Ivanov was a parked car, in the trunk of which was a grenade launcher pointing to exit Ivanov’s house.

2011 the murder of Edik Mirzakhanyan (Shulaversky), Edward admitted to Grandfather Hassan that Surmalyan Harutyun is behind the series of murders of Armen Kanevsky and his brother Artem Harutyunyan.

In 2015, Hamlet Asatryan was killed, according to Surmalyan Harutyun, that he knew a lot since he was in one connection with Surmalyan and Kanevsky, and began to move away. He left for Yerevan.

To be continued

Alexey Ermakov