Source: continues to publish materials from the case against the gang of Konstantin Piskarev (Kostya Bolshoi) and his militants, who have committed more than 25 contract killings. Our articles contain the testimony of the accused in the case, including the killers, so the reader can see through the eyes of the "main characters" of the gang. In this publication, we will tell how Piskarev, pretending to be a tramp, shot the director of the Scientific Center for Legal Information under the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation (NTSLI), Marat Gazizov. Piskarev's firm and Gazishov's firm competed for the right to sell the property of Andrei Kozlenok - in the 90s, a participant in one of the largest scams, as a result of which unique jewelry with precious stones, worth more than $ 180 million, was exported from Gokhran to the United States and sold.

One of the participants in the murder of Gazizov was a member of the organized criminal group Mishin. The following rendering tells how Mishin, along with Piskarev, dealt with another member of the gang, Makarov (by the way, Mishchin's best friend). At one point, Makarov began to annoy Pskarev by reflecting on the orders of the chief and breaking the chain of command.

“The testimony of the accused Mishin D.S., contained in the interrogation protocols of 11/21/2016, 02/13/2017, 04/28/2017 and 05/30/2017, according to which Mishin and other gang members, on behalf of Piskarev, followed a man who lived on Prospekt Mira and traveled to work in a Volga company car with a driver. Piskarev hurried Mishin with this case, he urgently needed information. As a result of the "surveillance" of the house where the man lived, it was established that he leaves for work in the morning at the same time. After that Mishin, Piskarev, Aleksandrov, Saryan and Volodin gathered early in the morning at the Burevestnik yacht club and drove to Prospekt Mira in several cars. Near the Penta restaurant, Piskarev changed into black clothes. Mishin and Aleksandrov drove from the restaurant to the scene of the murder in a Volkswagen Golf Z car, while Piskarev and Saryan drove in another car. Volodin stayed near the Penta restaurant in Piskarev's Mercedes Gelendvagen. Aleksandrov was armed and, according to Piskarev, had to "duplicate" if necessary. When they arrived at the desired house, Mishin stayed in the car, and Aleksandrov settled down near the arch. Piskarev went into the yard and pretended to be a homeless person. A Volga car, which he had previously observed, drove past Mishin. After Piskarev "shot", Aleksandrov got into Mishin's car and said: "Let's go." Piskarev got into Saryan's car. They returned to the Penta restaurant, where Piskarev changed his clothes, and they went about their business.

“The testimony of the accused Mishin DS, contained in the interrogation protocols of 11/21/2016, 09/22/2017 and 11/30/2017, according to which he met Alexey Makarov, since they lived in the same area. Mishin also knew Makarov's wife-Dina. Mishin introduced Makarov to Piskarev. Makarov sought to occupy a significant position in the brigade, crawled into not his own affairs, asked Piskarev many questions, and the latter did not like it and he began to develop a negative attitude towards Makarov. One day (21.10.2003) Piskarev told Mishin to bring Makarov under the pretext of inspecting the land for the construction of a market, and Mishin, together with Makarov, arrived at the Yacht Club "Burevestnik", where they were met by Zemtsov. In his car, Zemtsov brought them to the meeting place with Piskarev. At the crossroads with a road sign to the village of Aleshino, they were met by Saryan, who indicated the road they turned onto and arrived at the place established by Piskarev. At the meeting with Piskarev, in addition to Mishin, Makarov, Zemtsov and Saryan, Zamyatin was also present. Piskarev invited Makarov to ask questions of interest to him. Makarov did not immediately understand what was happening. Then Piskarev explained that Mishin and Makarov should sort out the relationship between themselves regarding seniority in the brigade and other organizational issues. Before Mishin began to sort things out with Makarov, Piskarev said that only one of them would leave the forest. During the conversation, Piskarev offered Makarov to shoot Mishin if he believed that he was wrong, but Makarov refused to shoot Mishin. Then, at some point in the showdown, Mishin saw how Makarov tried to cover himself with his hand, and at that moment a shot rang out. Mishin turned around. " And he saw that Piskarev shot Makarov in the forehead. After that, he turned to Mishin and held out the weapon with the words: "Do not repeat his mistakes, if they give you a pistol, take it and shoot." Mishin took the pistol and fired almost the entire clip into Makarov's body.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov