At the farewell ceremony with the ex-mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, former football functionary Alexander Tukmanov made a fiery speech: “This is an iconic figure, a figure of national scale. The fact that he was gone is a tragedy for all Muscovites, ”said Alexander Tukmanov.“ Luzhkov has always been an open person. He always came to the rescue. He loved sports. He played tennis, football, and skiing. All the guys from the “Torpedo” warmly treated him. Yuri Mikhailovich did a lot for Moscow. ”

Tukmanov has every reason for such fiery speeches. As the investigation of showed, Luzhkov simply gave Tukmanov the Torpedo football club, which belonged to the city. And the new mayor Sergei Sobyanin fully supported this decision. Tukmanov also found a common language with him.

The scheme of the official capture of the “Torpedo” (in fact Tukmanov and the “authority” Tatevos Surinov controlled it since 2009) was extremely simple. Surinov’s company “Elgera” “on paper” began to allocate “Torpedo” funds, which were issued in the form of loans. As a result, the total amount of "fake" debt to Surinov drew 343 million rubles. Under this debt, “Elgere” went 24.5% of “Torpedo”.

In reality, all this time the club was funded by the Moscow government as its official main owner (the controlling stake in ZIL belongs to the capital’s property department). Tukmanov himself constantly declares that the city budget gives a mere penny. However, it is known from open sources that the amount of financing the team with budget funds exceeds 500 million rubles. Moreover, the club is forever in debt to the players, etc. Since the team was completely controlled and actually owned by Surinov and Tukmanov, they simply "sawed" budget funds. And at the same time they demanded for the team new territories, supposedly for the construction of the stadium. First, on the site of the tank farm next to the Streltsov stadium, then on the territory of ZIL. According to, Tukmanov is directly related to the “pilgrimage” of the vast lands of the ZIL plant, which has been under active development in recent years.

In the Moscow government itself, this (both under Luzhkov and under Sobyanin) is looked “through the fingers”, since Tukmanov has a shaft of acquaintances, including in the property department. And the ex-deputy head of the Control and Audit Chamber of Moscow Valery Iyashvili (friend of Surinov) was a member of the club’s board of directors. He is a “dark” character, known as a person associated with crime related to a number of raider attacks. It is also known as "solved".

And in 2014-2015, Tukmanov, Surinov, with the support of their people from the Moscow government, primarily Iyashvili, carried out a scheme to seize the club’s shares. The Property Department announces that a decision has been made to transfer a 75% stake in Torpedo from ZIL to OEC (owned by the Property Department). Like, the OEC is a rich structure, will finance the club at a decent level and make it one of the top teams. For these purposes, an additional issue of shares is carried out as a result of which ZIL retains 22.5%, and more than 50% as the authorized capital is contributed to the newly created non-profit non-governmental fund “Fund for the Development of Innovations in Culture and Sports”. Further, the OEC must take the shares from the ZIL and the fund, but the story repeats with accuracy, as is the case with the purchase of the club by Mamut. OEC shares do not transfer. ZIL remains a blurred package of 22.5%. And more than 50% of the shares are managed and actually managed by the fund, in which the son of our hero Sergey Tukmanov is appointed as the executive director, and the head of the Iyashvili fund. Surinov was seen behind both of them, who by that time was seriously ill, and died in the summer of 2015. Iyashvili actually took his place.

At the same time, the Moscow government allocated hundreds of millions of rubles to the team, which in reality owns only 22.5%.

Strokes to the portrait.

Tukmanov is a very rich man. It is a long business to dig into his numerous property, recorded on relatives and dummies. will give a few facts. During the presidency of one of the poorest teams, Tukmanov acquired a fleet of prestigious foreign cars, among which the Maserati Quattroporte M139 ABA (license plate O812OO177) stands out. Two adjacent apartments in the "golden mile" of Moscow, on Ostozhenka Street, were in his property.

His son Sergei, who, in addition to the executive director of the fund, is also the director of Good Bar, owns huge apartments on Bolshaya Kamenshchiki Street, 2nd Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street, etc.

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov