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Investigations of large-scale theft in the largest IT-companies caused the expected interest of the public and the media. Publications of are constantly supplemented with new facts, which are voluntarily reported by employees of Russian branches of international corporations, such as Lenovo, Acer, Intel. The "cut" of the budgets of these companies in Russia has assumed such a large scale that ordinary employees fear not only personnel reshuffles, but also a radical change in the structure of the branches. Considering the tense political and economic situation in the world, the owners of computer megacorporations can completely liquidate their branches in Russia, having subordinated this market to European divisions. Such a decision could significantly reduce the rating of Russia, as an investment-attractive country. Each investor, investing his money, wants to be sure that they will be protected by law. Unfortunately, our experts found that for Russian top managers in branches of Western companies, laws are not written, and plundering the master budget is a sacred matter for them. In these cases, banal financial theft causes irreparable damage to the image of the entire Russian Federation.

Cheerful boys

Experts interested in the activities of top managers Lenovo, Acer, Intel and Candy Hoover. Particularly bright figures there are Gleb Mishin (led by Lenovo, Acer, now run by Candy Hoover) and Dmitry Konash (managed by Intel). Each has its own "team", moving from the company to the company, following the leader. In a new place, the team usually takes executive positions quickly, helping the "boss" to take away the budget of the western company. Acting exclusively for personal interests, Mishin and Konash created a universal system of "cheating" their Western masters. Moving from one company to another, they do not simply implement their "system", but also cooperate in "cutting" the funds, supporting each other.

For example, according to, Gleb Mishin, while working in Acer, Lenovo and now as head of Candy Hoover, continues to use the same schemes. In particular, using the power of his team, built on the principle of an organized grouping, Mishin abducted millions of dollars allocated for marketing from the budgets of these companies. The main partner in the Russian Federation for "cutting" budgets of foreign companies of giants is the "1marketing" agency and its founder Dmitry Spiridonov. The same schemes are used by the "processor of financial frauds of Intel" Dmitry Konash, already with his agencies "Amiprint", "Marketing Center", etc. Now it is known that Mishin and Konash steal money, including in collusion with each other mastering the so-called " Co-op "-budget, i.e. Joint budgets of Acer-Intel, Intel-Lenovo. They managed to involve even Microsoft in this activity, which also allocated funds for joint actions.

As a result of the investigations at, it became known that the scam schemes also affected the financial flows resulting from the supply of these companies' products to the Russian market, including using the scheme of bankruptcy of suppliers, black customs clearance, cashing and non-payment of taxes . It is important to note that this criminal activity affects not only financial means of foreign companies - stolen money is withdrawn through "black cash" and offshore schemes. In connection with this, the Russian Federation loses a huge amount of tax deductions. has information that Gleb Mishin on the means borrowed from his owners actively buys elite real estate in Russia and on the Cote d'Azur of France. He himself denies this, and even made an attempt in the summer of 2017 to refute the accusations in his address, using the press. In particular, on August 2 of this year in his restaurant "Gadget Studio" he held a meeting for journalists and "friends." Press conference for "their own" showed that the whole "mafia" Mishin is acting and is not shy demonstrating his solidarity. In particular, the agency Mishina "1marketing", represented by Dmitry Spiridonov, who unexpectedly appeared for everyone alongside Mishin in public and confessed his eternal love for him.

Funny girls and plants

Love is not the last stimulus for Gleb Mishin - he always felt a weakness for the female sex, especially as a leader. During the peak of his career at Acer, Gleb began to carry with him an escort of one, and often of two girls of easy virtue, even for corporate events of Acer. The staff of Acer and Lenovo employees, like other conference guests, were very much surprised at the presence at the events of the girls of obviously "easy behavior", which were clearly strangers at work events. Further, with the assistance of his friend Dmitry Spiridonov, using for the organization and payment of the agency "1marketing", Mishin organized regular mass outings of girls of easy conduct in order to influence business and recruit key employees of partner companies Acer. Prostitutes "1marketing" was mainly looking for in Ukraine, Gleb employee Tatyana Kolesnikova (Lenovo, Aiser), who herself got into the Mishin team directly from the nurses, was engaged in the selection of candidates.

The apotheosis of corporate pimping activity was the following story. Having lost the sense of boundaries of morality and propriety, Mishin ordered through the "1marketing" and Kolesnikov a whole bus with prostitutes for one of the conferences for distributors. Eyewitnesses say that the girls were more than 30! Escort girls pleased the partners led by Gleb company and through sex influenced the business - they seduced the partners to receive bribes for the promotion of products, to secure preferences for the IT giant on the market.

All market participants admitted to the organized by Gleb VIP "get-togethers" know about Gleb's predilection for organizing out-of-town conferences in Amsterdam, where there are always plenty of psychotropic substances. However, eyewitnesses believe that marijuana often appeared at similar events in Russia. The closest "friends" of Gleb could see their own plantation Gleb in his Moscow apartment - the so-called "Grou-boxing", in which, under the light of special lamps, he grows the best varieties of interesting plants for himself and his guests.

Ukrainian "rollback"

It is well known that all the big business in Ukraine is controlled by the highest authorities, and part of the export-import operations came under the control of the banned in Russia extremist organization Right Sector. As a consequence, all large, regular trade operations in Ukraine are connected with the financing of extremists. Under the leadership of Mishin during his work in Acer and Lenovo and under the leadership of Dmitry Konash during his work in Intel there were Ukrainian offices of the corresponding companies. In Candy-Hoover, Mishin's situation is repeated - he has the opportunity to directly influence the Ukrainian market Candy-Hoover. Naturally, all the schemes described earlier "saw off" the money of IT giants under the leadership of Mishin and Konash worked in Ukraine. Both top managers had to share millions with Ukrainian "curators". According to witnesses, up to 50% of stolen money Mishin and Konash transferred to Ukrainian officials.

Rollbacks to Ukrainian authorities were committed in all business areas without exception: when working with Ukrainian distributors (for example MTI, Elko Ukraine, NIS, etc.), when working with retail chains (for example, Eldorado-Ukraine, Allo, Technopolis, etc.), in deliveries In the public sector, with cooperation in the field of marketing with state structures (for example, during events on the city day in Kiev, etc.).

It is known that one of the main conductors of Mishin and Konash in the world of great Ukrainian politics is Viktor Polishchuk, the owner of the leader of the Ukrainian market - the retail network Eldorado-Ukraine. Through the Eldorado, the lion's share of the Intel and Lenovo budgets allocated to support the retail market was laundered and sawed by Mishin, Konash and Polishchuk. Thanks to the additional criminal financing of the structures belonging to Polishchuk, Mishin and Konash closely acquainted with many figures of the Ukrainian regime.

The feeling of impunity Gleb Mishin knows no boundaries. Most of the meetings in Moscow on which Mishin discusses his schemes, receives or transfers large sums, he likes to spend in restaurants near the office of Candy Hoover. He was seen at meetings in the establishments "Uryuk" and "Cherretto" in the vicinity of metro stations Dinamo and Airport. We publish photos and videos of such a meeting below.

While in the investigations only a small part of the frauds of managers of IT companies is affected, including. Gleb Mishin and Dmitry Konash. We continue to cover the topic of fighting corruption in the IT market, and now in the home appliances market, in particular in the company Candy Hoover, where Gleb Mishin is currently working. Readers are waiting for new facts, supported by documents, testimony, criminal cases. The investigation continues! If you know the details of the criminal activities of top managers of foreign companies, report them to the "hot line" of the IPO "Rabkrin" and FIC "Analytics and Security". Confidentiality is guaranteed.

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Source: Rucriminal