Source: Rucriminal continues to publish secret report of Interpol, which includes intelligence information, reports of national offices in different countries, "wiretaps" materials and surveillance against people from Russia (primarily members of the Solntsevo) and related persons, including plenty of big businessmen, former and current officials. In the first article we published the top of the list of people, it is an integral part of the Solntsevo OPG. In the second article, we will continue this list.




(See. Also section business activities Solntsevo criminal group)

SELIKALAY Tanju (born May 9, 1957) is a citizen of Switzerland / Swiss passport number 7287245 / who had to deal with Solntsevo criminal group. He was working for a company "K.A.R.T.A Auto Brokers" (Houston, TX), having Mikhailov and Korotaeva as partners. He lived in Geneva (Switzerland), and often traveled to the United States. In July 1996, he was in Houston. He was also a partner of "Celtours" the Swiss company. After Mikhailov and Korotaeva he intended to import vehicles in Russia and expand the operation called "on the road price." SELIKALAY has been managing the company "Celtex".

Michael Black

(See separate study Interpol General Secretariat:. "Millennium Project: Brothers Black")


Michael Cherney (rozhdneniya date of January 16, 1952) and Leon Black - Russian businessmen engaged in the export of aluminum, tungsten and other metals from Russia. Protection of their activities and ensure the Solntsevo Izmailovskaya gangs. Mikhailov received a fee for providing security trading Chernoy brothers in Africa and the countries of the Western Hemisphere (see separate study Interpol General Secretariat:. "Millennium Project: BLACK brothers", Option II).

According to reports, "thief in law" Datiko TSIKELASHVILI Pavlovich ( "Dato Tashkent"), born 12 January 1951 in Georgia, brought "Uzbeks" (Black Brothers, Rakhimov and others.) In Moscow to conduct business. Mikhail Cherny worked "under control," Mikhailov: he could dispose of their income on their own, however, he had to launder money for the Solntsevo criminal group and pay for the protection. " They also did business together.

According to open sources, it was believed that the money was to be used "Bezeq" Michael Cherney to acquire Israeli television were provided Solntsevo.


Black Lion


(See separate study Interpol General Secretariat:. "Millennium Project: BLACK brothers", Option II)

Lev Semenovich BLACK (born December 1, 1954, Tashkent) signed a contract with "KraZ": he delivered different cargo owners "KraZ" and in return they received aluminum. The criminal group Anatoly Bykov vmeshadas in this case at the request of the administration "KraZ". According to reports, the Bulls threatened to Leo, demanded that he pay the debt and left. Leo has successfully resorted to the protection of Solntsevo. After a long period of conflict and litigation 1995 -. 1997, Antonov, securing Leo contacted the Bulls, who was invited to take part in the activities of the Krasnoyarsk enterprises. The debate allowed Ivanko: BULLS received 28% "KraZ", the rest was divided between the Lion and the state.

According to the data of Interpol NCB in Wiesbaden, Mikhailov, AVERIN and one of the black brothers met in Baden-Baden (Germany).


Esin Yuriy


According to the Central Bureau of Interpol in Rome, the "kingpin" Esin (ESSINE, YESIN, YESSIN, ESYN, ESIN) Yury Ivanovich (DUMP Jura), born March 5, 1951 and March 15, 1951 in Vadivostoke, is one of the leaders of the Solntsevo criminal groups. According to the information Interpol in Moscow, Esin is a leader Primovskoy groups. In Russia, its influence extends to Primovky area and underground criminal Moscow. According to other sources, Esin is not a party to the Solntsevo gang, but just had contact with Mikhailov in some cases.


Kadiev left

According to the Central Bureau of Interpol in Rome, Esin had connections with various criminal gangs and "thieves in law" or "authority", among which the number of Solntsevo and Izmailovskaya criminal groups and its (former) leader Anton Malevsky (see. Study of the General Secretariat of Interpol "Project Millennium brothers BLACK "for more information about the organization and its ringleaders) Kadieva Osman Bayrekovich * (born May 2, 1959), head of Dagestan groups operating in New York, a fisherman Victor N., alias" Fisherman "(date Born 1957), the ringleader of the gang of Vladivostok.

* Note analyst: Kadieva was arrested in Sofia (Bulgaria), August 27, 2000. Sofia Court of Appeal ordered the replacement of the preventive measure "arrest" to "on parole". Kadieva was released and since then his whereabouts are unknown.

Esin has also been associated with some of the leaders of the Moscow groups, such as the "thief in law" Vitaly IZGUILOVYM (dob 10 or 11 October 1959 (previously mentioned in this report).

Yoshino was close to the previously mentioned Sergey Timofeev ( "Sylvester"), who was murdered in Moscow in 1994. Esin originally also was associated with a member of an organized criminal group of Chechen Dmitry Naumov (dob March 30, 1948), who was murdered in Moscow on September 23, 1996.

After the device is in Moscow, where he supervised the trading house "Irish House" Esin, who is married to Italian, but living with his former Russian wife, in 1993, settled in Italy, where he set up his own criminal group in order to avoid retaliation by other Russian criminal groups. The group engaged in extortion, hostage-taking, money laundering, concealment of stolen goods, forgery, smuggling of immigrants in Italy, etc. From Italy, they continued their illegal activities in Russia (extortion): a group to monitor and ensure the protection of traders on the Arbat by a group of "boys" engaged in intimidation and use violence. "Boys" is constantly shuttled between Moscow and Rome. The group has invested the proceeds of illegal activities in Italy, home buying and financing trade operations, especially import and export operations with Russia, to launder money through the purchase of furniture, gold and various assets. The group also has been linked to trade oil: it has established a company in Italy for the purchase of vast quantities of oil, distributing sales between companies controlled by Russian crime groups or reketiruemymi them.

In March 1997, it was issued 19 arrest warrants for Russian and Italian citizens. March 15, 1997 Yoshino was arrested in Madonna di Campiglio (Rome), Italy, together with other members of the group, on charges of conspiracy, hostage-taking, money laundering, extortion and other crimes. Six participants of the criminal group managed to escape, among them:

• Vyacheslav Gavrilov ( "Little Glory"), the head of the gang "Little Glory" (born in Chisinau on April 29, 1966) associated with the Solntsevo criminal gang, a former bodyguard who was killed Sergei Timofeyev and right hand Esin.

• Alexander Finkel (Naumova brother Dmitry, date of birth - March 20, 1948, a member of the Chechen organized crime group, who was killed in Moscow on September 23, 1996 and the two killers are under investigation as part of the same operation).

• DENISENKO Vadim, together with Igor Rumyantsev carry out transactions for ogranizatsii. The deal fell through due to fraud RUMYANTSEV. He was taken hostage with the aim to find out where the money was hidden. DENISENKO was related to preparations for the ship's casino in Korea.

• Always Victor - a former KGB officer, who is in close ties with Yoshino. He is also a co-owner of "Ocean fish" and is directly linked to the import of fish from Korea. He supported for Esin contact between Italy and Russia, supplied fake documents, and acted as a courier.

• VERSHININ Yuri - directly took part in the seizure of hostages earlier said Rumyantsev Igor in March / April 1996 in Rome. The aim was to sacrifice delivery to Moscow and his transfer Gavrilova. Russian police intervention saved the life of Rumyantsevo.

numerous current accounts, the shares of the three companies and a luxury villa were arrested. The investigation also revealed the existence of links between Russian organized crime group operating in Italy, and the political and administrative circles of the Russian Federation. However, the case was dismissed because of technical formalities, and all arrested persons are released. Five of these individuals, including Yoshino were released April 29, 1997 and sent from Italy. The process against Esin is still ongoing.

MAKE Alexander



(See also the section on business activities Solntsevo criminal group)

Alexander MAKE (dob April 27, 1924) was an accomplice to the ringleaders of Solntsevo criminal group, for example, Mikhailov, was engaged in real estate, casinos and hotels. His real name - Alexander Gromadsky, which he took over makeup. MAKE traveled accompanied by his own bodyguards, without using people Mikhailov. His entourage usually employs 15-20 people, many of whom were former employees of the Interior Ministry.

MAKE celebrated its 70th anniversary in February 1996 for an anniversary gathering of over 400 guests, which included the mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov. Previously, he worked under the protection of the slain leader of organized crime Otari KVANTRESHVILI. He opened a new casino in Moscow titled "Madame Sophie" in an old building on Leningradsky Prospekt. In May 1996, MAKE has spent more than $ 1 million to upgrade its "Massimo Casino" in the Central House turita. In the same year he undertook a trip to Peru, together with Mikhailov and Averin.

MAKE is also considered the founder of the company "Alex Grimm and C" (Alex Greem & Cie) and co-founder of the "G & A International Trading" in Moscow (along with Ben Ari MOSHE / MOSHE Ben Ari /). According to reports, in 1992, MAKE came to Moscow as a representative of the Russian mafia from Brighton Beach (New York, United States). MAKE negotiated with Ivankov and was presented to Boris Mikhailov and Antonov. He came to Moscow for the organization of money laundering. To do this, he had to find a company, a casino and invest in hotels and restaurants.


Harlan Anatoly


United States

Anatoly Harlan or KHARLAMOV - Russian emigrant, who lived on Long Island (New York). He was an active accomplice of the three Muscovites guidance JSC "Contract", which was engaged in real estate. These three: Ilya Khachidze, Jemal Khachidze cousin; FILZNER Vladimir and Oleg Treskin. They participated in money laundering, to carry out a number of organized crime groups in Moscow, including Solntsevskaya, Dolgoprudny, Balashihskuyu and Luberetskiy. Harlan was a close friend of many Russian government officials who were investigating the activities of organized gangs. The sources from the government sold the investigative materials Harlanova and leaders of the "Contract". Harlan also received information from the FBI by Vitaly Gordeev Moscow police captain.


Kikalishvili Merab



Merab Kikalishvili was the general director of the Moscow branch of the magazine "Penthouse" and the company "Diawest", Russian-Austrian oil company in Vienna. He lived in Vienna and had an apartment in Queens.


Koshelev (Koshelev), Vladimir


Vladimir L. purse was in a relationship with Sergei Mikhailov, Victor Averin and Tofig Azimov. Koshelev showed a business card, confirming its belonging to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, the General Directorate of protection of state interests. When the purse visited Azimov in Vienna, he was accompanied by two or three cars of the Russian Embassy. In the former KGB, he held the rank of general and was "resident" in Singapore for four to eight years, until the end of the reign of Mikhail Gorbachev. He allegedly used his contacts to "clean up" of criminal cases * Mikhailov, AVERIN and other members of the Solntsevo.

* Note analyst. Perhaps the information had not been destroyed, but access to it was closed and he was assigned to the neck "top secret", so they can not be used at trial.




Gennady KOSTYUCHEN (C) IIC (dob 1962), known as "Goucha", arrived in Budapest (Hungary) in February 1996, where he expected an invitation to Israel (sent to the Embassy of Israel in the case of suspected "Rashn Romance" ( " Russian romance "). he was invited under the guise of the deputy director of the company" Argus ". According to reports, he received insturktsii of Mikhailov in the control of televizonnoy advertising in Moscow. he ran away from Moscow to Tashkent, where he is under the protection Gaforov Rakhimov * leader crime in Uzbekistan.

* Note analyst. It may be Gafur Rakhimov, birth date - July 22, 1951.





Igor M. Kudelich was the owner of the company "Marimex" (Marimeks) in Moscow. Kudelich and Russian officer in charge of the import of medicines, carried out fraudulent activities, selling drugs, we give Russia Germany. Kudelich and his partner plan to use a fake check for $ 15 million. The seller, a German had to try to get money for a fake check in Luxembourg. Kudelich confirmed his connection with the Solntsevo criminal group.


Vitaly Kuznetsov


United States

Vitaly Kuznetsov is a business-cover for Solntsevo criminal group in Moscow. Kuznetsov was the Director of Network of jewelry stores "Diamond". Sergey Mikhailov, director offered him a place in the enterprise "Golden House", but Kuznetsov refused the offer. He continued to work closely with the "Golden House" by "Diamond". In October 1995, Kuznetsov was subjected to torture and threatened by the Solntsevo criminal group after the transition "Diamond" to the "Urengoy bank." The bank acquired the company after partner "Diamond" carried out to ensure the unpaid loan, using the "Diamond" as a guarantee. "Urengoy" was replaced by members of the Solntsevo gang members of FSB of Russia.


Gregory Lerner



According to open sources, is based on documents found in the house Mikhailov, it was concluded that relations with Grigory Mikhailov Lerner (aka Zvi Ben-Ari), known as the General Secretariat of Interpol Zvi Ben-Ari (dob October 20, 1951) . Both were associated with the project "Global Moskow", the aim of which was to provide a program of the Public Russian Television in using cable television in Israel.

According to other sources, Lerner worked together with his brother - Ben Ari MOSSAHOM - as a partner for the purpose of MIKHAILOVA return the money Russian organized crime through Cyprus and Tel Aviv ( "the Bureau of Independent Trade Unions Bank, American Bank of Israel").

According to the data of Interpol NCB in Jerusalem, Ben Ari (Russian origin) immigrated to Israel in 1990, where he received Israeli citizenship. He fled from prosecution, carried out by the Russian authorities accused him of extortion and fraud on a large scale. He left Russia in Switzerland, but was expelled from there back to Russia, where he was released on bail. He escaped from Russia, bribing government officials in Israel changed his name and hid his past. He has led several companies located in Tel Aviv. May 12, 1997 he was arrested by the police authorities of Israel. He is currently in jail in Israel for committing fraud and is suspected of stealing $ 85 million from the Russian and Israeli banks.

According to open sources, Lerner acted under the control Timofeeva and then Mikhailov. His accomplices, and he misappropriated money from the bank "Timiryazevskiy". His accomplices are Mikhailov, Timothy AVERIN, Lozinski Zhlobinskaya Natalia and Olga (wife Timofeeva). When it came time to divide the money, Lerner has left a certain amount of money and use. Subsequently Butorina Lerner took hostage and tortured him. Lerner has agreed to cooperate with Butorina. According to reports, Butorina organized TIMOFEEVA murder to get the money back. Lerner was arrested in Israel. Also it had information that Mikhailov has provided information that led to the arrest of Butorin.


Sergei Lisowski


Lisowski (dob 25 April 1960) Sergey Fedorovich, aka "Liss" managing "SV Premier" (1), exercise regularly travel to Switzerland. He also served as president, "Prime movie" in Moscow. It has been associated with the organization. Be active in carrying out re-election campaign, Russian President Boris Yeltsin, organizing rock concerts and advertising campaign. The US Embassy in Moscow reported that Lisowski asked for multiple-entry business visa October 8, 1996, on the basis of a letter from the company "Miramax Films" (10013 New York, Hudson Street, 99), signed by the co-chairman Robert Weinstein. According to reports, Lisowski was for Solntsevo very important contact. Alexander Averin, chief financial officer "SV Premier", was responsible for the financial control of the company, since Solntsevo provide "protection" Lisowski.

(1) Alexander Averin worked in this company.


Luchanskaya Gregory

A citizen of Belarus, naturalized in Israel Luchanskaya Emmanuilovich Gregory (born February 8, 1945 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan) is the founder and CEO of the group of companies "Nordex", suspected of money laundering (see. Additional information in the analytical study of the Interpol General Secretariat under entitled "Draft Admiral"). He was suspected of having links to Solntsevo criminal group, as was present at the meeting, held in Tel Aviv in November 1994.

Source: Rucriminal