The head of the investment fund UCP Scherbovich Ilya spent the last two years, observers estimated that at least ten million dollars on a series of lawsuits against the state pipeline monopoly "Transneft" and dozens of custom-made articles attacking its leadership. In this case no benefit of these costs for the fund and personally ShCherbovicha not visible.

The campaign against "Transneft" Ilya Scherbovich holds under the slogan of defending the rights of minority shareholders - owners of the preferred shares traded in the market of "Transneft" (in the prefecture accounts for 21.9% of the share capital of the company, the rest of the capital consists of ordinary voting shares, fully owned by the state). Thus, UCP two lawsuits related to the fact that the dividends on preferred shares of the 2013th and 2015 were lower than for ordinary shares. The complainant referred to the presidential decree of 1 July, 1992 № 721, according to which dividends on the preference shares can not be less than dividends on ordinary voters. The Court of First Instance dismissed the claims as "Transneft" has acted according to the State regulations, according to which the preferred shares are paid 10% of net profit under RAS. In addition, the size of the dividend is determined by the board of directors, that is, representatives of the government. Ilya Scherbovich actually started to sue the government, which obviously could not be completed successfully.

In one of the lawsuits on behalf of the affiliated company "Spotlight" on the basis of allegedly unpaid dividends Scherbovich demanded to preferred shares voting shares. In this case, indeed the owners of preferred shares would have a huge income, but at the same time the State would lose the monopoly on the formation of Board of Directors strategic. Holders of preferred shares, which have become ordinary shares, could be held in the board of directors a few representatives. The authorities on such an option could not go, that is, the claim was initially meaningless.

In the world of money meaningless action does not happen, so analysts have put forward another hypothesis to explain why Ilya Scherbovich fighting with government "windmills" - greenmail. There are cases of successful attacks on minority large companies and even states. According to media reports, at least twice Scherbovich offered "Transneft" to redeem the preferred shares owned by it in exchange for a cessation of the campaign of "black PR". In the media flashed the foreclosure figure - 240 billion rubles, RBC wrote about the proposed buy-out price of preferred shares of $ 2.9 billion over the past three years the price of preferred shares of "Transneft" on the stock exchange has increased by 250%, say, due to the resale of shares between virtual agents ShCherbovicha.. No real reason the price was not for such growth. But then again blackmail "Transneft" - is like blackmail the government and to demand from him the sum of the above, that the government will have to take from the budget. It is a fantastic option.

Documents Fura

Most probably, a strange process initiated Scherbovich took place in the Moscow Arbitration Court on 22 November. UCP Foundation demanded that "Transneft" to give him as the owner of the package of preferred shares certified (!) Copies of the transcripts of profits and losses of the company, contracts for transactions with derivative financial instruments, internal documents establishing risk management policies, protocols respondent board meetings for the 2013- 2015. Voluntarily "Transneft" refused to comply with the requirement ShCherbovicha and fund filed a lawsuit.

The judge actually asked only one question to the plaintiff: "Why so many documents?" UCP's lawyers gave the following answers: 1. We want to see if we share "Transneft" or not to buy; 2. We want to prove the loss on derivative financial instruments; 3. We want to get the information needed for a possible criminal case under Art. 201 of the Criminal Code (abuse of power).

Allow representatives objected to the defendant, the documents you requested in December 2015, and since then only buy the shares without any documents, your portfolio preference of "Transneft" shares during this period doubled.

Regarding losses - all nonsense. In the official statement of the company posted on its website, indicated the amount of damages. The report has been audited.

On the third point is also nonsense. Under Russian law for legal action on abuse of power (we are talking about the responsibility for the losses) documents are not necessary. The case is excited on the fact of the authorized officials, and even without the statement of the victim, which, however, the Fund may apply at any time.

The court reduced the requirements ShCherbovicha off the wagon documents to two standard pieces of paper.

"Fura documents" - not an artistic image. The UCP claim required to provide "certified true copies", ie not electronic and paper documents. It is estimated that over three years goes by hundreds of thousands of documents. This is "wagon" of the paper. And not just paper and documents that are necessary to describe and convey a receipt. Work for a few months to dozens of people.

But let us assume that in the "Transneft" documents prepared and delivered. Who will analyze them and how? Again, enter the computer after scanning for another six months or even more? The suit looks like a bad joke, but in areas not joking, for it is something very, very serious.

The secret source of billion

Foundation UCP and superuspeshnaya work for some reason did not become the subject of investigative journalism and the object of admiration, although it deserve: List of investments the UCP website looks very solid, "Transneft", "Inter RAO UES", JSC "National Bureau of Credit Histories", a group of "Stroygazkonsalting", "Chelyabinsk Zinc plant", the coal company "Southern Kuzbass", "single crystal" (one of the world's largest manufacturers of synthetic sapphire for the electronics industry), "St. Petersburg Stock Exchange", "Severalmaz", "Uralmash NGO Holding" ( leader of the Russian drilling rig market with a market share above 30%), "RTS Stock Exchange", several smaller oil companies, "Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat" (one of the largest petrochemical and refining complex of Russia), Eurasia drilling company Limited (a leading drilling and oilfield services company , owns one of the drilling rigs and the world's largest parks for the development and overhaul of oil and gas wells).

Companies solid and in their fields of strategic importance.

At the end of last year UCP has invested nearly $ 3 billion in the purchase of the refinery in the Indian company Essar Oil in partnership with state oil company "Rosneft" and the international oil trader Trafigura. About Deal wrote a lot, but one thing kept it all - why is the third largest independent supplier of oil to Trafigura world with a turnover of $ 133 billion (2013) and the state "Rosneft" with revenues of $ 86.9 billion (2015), took into their company fund with annual revenues of 259 million rubles (2015)? And where did ShCherbovicha at a revenue of $ 3 billion in the not too reliable Indian trade (the Indians are able to "throw" of foreign investors, for example, with their help, went bankrupt Enron)?

Surprisingly modest statements of UCP in stark contrast with the volume of its investments. It is estimated that Ilya Scherbovich invested in recent years to about $ 10 billion. This is just half of all foreign investment in Russia in 2015, which amounted to $ 21 billion.

Initial capital Ilya ShCherbovicha appeared in 2005, when he sold his share of Deutsche Bank in UFG Financial for $ 100 million. In 2006, was created by the UCP. Eight years have passed, and the fund was able to operate with tens of billions of dollars. ShCherbovicha When asked where the money, he always refers to unknown partners.

These powerful, superdenezhnye "partners" who are behind Ilya ShCherbovicha - alas, the only logical explanation for the fountain of billions and UCP extremely successful in all cases. For example, it is entrusted Scherbovich weaning Pavel Durov's most successful social network "VKontakte" country.

These "partners" are fully capable to "digest" the truck documentation with information about the activities of "Transneft". Absolutely useless paper financiers have a very high value for the US intelligence services, the United Kingdom, Germany. Detailed information on the flows of oil and fuel by pipeline monopoly is expensive, because if in any region, in any closed military zone increased fuel consumption, so there increased the number of pieces of equipment, are fuel reserves for future operations.

Business - the most convenient legend for intelligence officers, even better journalism. Collection of information on investment opportunities in any enterprise does not outwardly different from the collection of information about a company with a very different than investing, the goal. In such "investment" money does not regret, especially because often they do come back with a profit. And if they do not return, they pay back the extracted information.

$ 1.5 billion for the shares of "Transneft"

Purchase of preferred shares of "Transneft" Ilya Scherbovich no less mysterious than his claims against the state. Dividends on shares are scanty. At the beginning of January 2014 preferred shares of "Transneft" cost about 80 thousand. Rubles. Dividends per share for the year 2013 - 724.21 rubles. Yield - 0.9%. In January 2017 the value of shares - about 204 thousand rubles.. Dividends on preference share for 2015 amounted to 823.31 rubles. The annual yield - 0.4%. For comparison, the yield of OFZ Russian state - about 8.5%. Wow business: invest in stocks, income that is 21 times less than the return on government securities is absolutely reliable.

However, even superr value of the shares does not provide investment returns. In January 2014, when Scherbovich launched a massive buying preferred shares of "Transneft", the dollar accounted for 33 rubles. Since then, shares rose 2.5 times, and the ruble has lost almost half the cost.

Scherbovich is estimated to have spent for the purchase of preferred shares of approximately $ 1.5 billion, and now it is officially declared by the package (the part that he announced in his property during the November court) is worth about 100 billion rubles, about $ 1.6 billion dollars ( even as some may be on the affiliated firms account UCP).

In general, it does not work for ShCherbovicha benefits from investments in preferred shares of "Transneft". Why, then, an experienced financier spends its money? Or is it someone else's money, which is not a pity, and Ilya Scherbovich simply executes an order for access to information about the flow of oil and fuel in Russia? It does not matter whether it is a wagon with documents or board seat.

The path to the Cayman Islands

Investment fund ShCherbovicha UCP (United Capital Partners, LLC "United Capital Partners Advisory") is registered in the Cayman Islands, which belong to NATO's member Britain, p / 309, Ugland House, Grand Cayman, KY1-1104.

The path to the Cayman Islands proved to be a young financier rapid. Career rise financial wunderkind began in 1994. "Plehanovki" twenty-year student appointed consultant (!) Of the stock market of the monitoring group of the Federal Commission for the Securities Market (FCSM).

The Federal Securities Commission simply because it was impossible to get there. The activities of the commission closely monitored by US advisers, because through it passed all the documents on formation of joint stock companies. All companies, whose shareholding held through the issuance of securities, shoe factories and steel mills, hairdressing and "Gazprom", passed through committee. And it is believed that her work supervising overseas analysts on the basis of information received were destroying Russia strategy of high-tech enterprises.

What is the experience gained in the commission Ilya Scherbovich and whom he consulted there, do not know about that period of his activity is not the future financier uttered a word. However, we know that the experience was not in vain, because ShCherbovicha Commission immediately invited to work in the company of UFG. It commanded a "financial swindler" Charles Ryan and former Finance Minister Boris Fyodorov. She practiced criminal UFG buying up shares of "Gazprom". In those years, the shares of the gas monopoly was forbidden to buy foreign owners, only receipts for shares (ADR) traded on the world market. But since in shares of "Gazprom" have cost the country many times cheaper than the ADR on the London Stock Exchange, has several companies involved in buying shares in the gas giant on behalf of foreign owners in circumvention of the law, of which the UFG was the largest company.

And the biggest companies gave orders for the purchase of the largest buyer of - the famous William Browder. Disclose close cooperation Browder and Fedorov was not in the interests of both sides, but it was replaced by Browder in the Board of Directors of "Gazprom" from minority shareholders in 2000, Boris Fedorov.

Ilya Scherbovich on most pictures look great, but in real life, who know him personally say people, it looks gloomy. The reason for sadness healthy youngish man, probably, in the past the same William Browder. Somehow it hurt a lot about this man dead.

Former chief ShCherbovicha by UFG cheerful big man Boris Fedorov in 2008, died at the age of fifty in mysterious circumstances in London, ostensibly of a stroke. In 2009, in "Butyrka" employee dies Browder, Sergei Magnitsky. He was the main witness "operations" Browder. At the time of the conclusion of any specific disease for Magnitsky was not listed.

In 2012, in London in November, "Financial Bridge" company owner found dead Perepelichny Alexander, worked closely with Browder. In the same year died nominee directors of Russian firms Browder Vyacheslav Khlebnikov and Valery Kurochkin. The circumstances of their deaths are still unclear.

William Browder now - one of the leading expert consultants of British intelligence, almost a symbol of the struggle against the Putin regime. Much of his efforts in the US and Europe launched a large-scale anti-Russian campaign. Surprisingly the same Browder campaign against Russia in the West and dozens of written as a blueprint for the benefit of ShCherbovicha articles in the Russian media.

But it is impossible as long as he get to information about oil and fuel flows. Not held in the board of directors of their own, I did not get a truck with the documents could not achieve removal of the President of "Transneft" Nikolay Tokarev. Yes, a lack of funds for dubious financial transactions UCP does not feel. But Boris Fedorov and the money is not needed.

Would Russian secret services it is time to take an interest in the activities of the UCP, an inexhaustible source of his billions, the reason for the strange lawsuits against state-owned companies? Suddenly, next to us - "spy"?