Ombudsman for Entrepreneurs' Rights Boris Titov may leave his post in the near future. sources link Titov's departure with his very close relationship with Group-IB CEO Ilya Sachkov, who is in the Lefortovo pre-trial detention center on charges of treason. Even after the arrest of Sachkov in October 2021, Titov, through the media, called on the FSB investigators to “explain” for Sachkov, which aroused no less interest in Boris himself. In order to better understand this, conducted a brief analysis:

- Sergei Afanasiev (lawyer), he is also an expert at the Center for Public Procedures "Business Against Corruption" led by Boris Titov. Represents the interests of Sachkov as a lawyer, is under a non-disclosure agreement due to the presence of state secrets in the case (GT).


- Alexander Khurudzhi, former secretary of Titov's Right Cause party. Ombudsman for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs in custody - goes to Sachkov's cell to download information for Boris "and his friends"

Илья Сачков и Борис Титов

- Dmitry Marinichev, Internet Ombudsman, member of Titov's Right Cause party. The Internet Ombudsman says that Sachkov is white and fluffy, and in principle it is not so.

According to the source of, this chain is built so that Titov can receive information about the progress of the investigation, which is obviously not in his favor.

Titov previously took Sachkov to his Just Cause party, and even aspired to become President of the Russian Federation. Obviously, Mr. Titov's chances were not commensurate with the size of his ambitions; nevertheless, he continued to actively develop his political party. Even before Sachkov, he was smart enough to call Sergei Shnurov there, who, on a direct line with the President, did not forget to ask him about “Russian hackers and the US elections” - obviously, the question was clearly not invented by the alcoholic singer himself.


Titov's children - Pavel and Maria Titov are subjects (citizens) of Great Britain. While the folder was trying to become President, the UK intelligence services were “raising” projects that later resulted in grandiose scandals based on “fakes” - a secret communication channel between Alfa-Bank and Donald Trump, because of which lawyer Susman is now being tried in the United States, interference in elections USA, and much, much more. By the way, it was Ilya Sachkov who appeared in the same fake stuff about Alfa-Bank, which was later refuted by a number of companies. The company, with a loss of more than 57 million rubles, immediately began to be covered in the Western media, and Sachkov himself was nominated by Titov as "the most successful young entrepreneur in Russia", which is obviously far from reality. Also, Sachkov handed over materials and even gave a series of detailed interviews for a film about Russian hackers to former NTV journalist Andrei Loshak, who now lives in the United States. Loshak is an associate of Leonid Parfyonov, with whom Sachkov maintained a trusting relationship. Parfyonov's daughter also drowns for Sachkov, like Boris Titov, together with the wife of the late Nemtsov. The purpose of the film is the discretization of Russia as a state, and the development of history with all the same elections in the United States. Prior to that, Ilya gave materials to blogger Brian Krebs, which formed the basis of the book Spamnation (describes Russia as an "evil empire" all over the Internet). The author thanks “sources that we cannot name for a number of reasons” right in his book.


Meanwhile, a significant scandal is brewing in the United States related to the deliberate fabrication of materials transferred to the FBI from a number of third parties, which later formed the basis of resounding article headlines. As a result of the investigation, Special Prosecutor Durram identified the fact of falsification and misleading of law enforcement officials. Along with this, the disappointment of our Western partners with the “moles” they were hoping for is also obvious. A hearing on Danchenko is scheduled for October this year.

One of the delicate moments was the desire of Sachkov himself to win the project "Electronic Elections of the Russian Federation", which went to "Kaspersky Lab". Earlier, Sachkov testified to FSB investigators against Ruslan Stoyanov, an employee of Kaspersky, and FSB CIB Colonel Sergei Mikhailov, also convicted of treason. The plot of the case is connected with the transfer of information protected by the law of the Russian Federation and the provision of assistance to a foreign state that caused damage to the Russian Federation. Later, Sachkov himself was brought in for the state winter. Mr. Stoyanov's lawyer claims that Sachkov slandered (given false testimony) against his client.

By the way, the dossier of Christopher Steele, a former employee of the “Russian department” of British intelligence MI6, is based on information from Igor Danchenko and his girlfriend Olga Galkina, who previously worked at the SERVERS.SU hosting company. The couple made up a story about the famous “golden rain” of prostitutes released on Donald Trump during his stay at the Ritz Cartlon during a visit to Moscow. Also, Galkina told Steele about her former employer, Alexei Gubarev, the owner of XBT Holdings and Webzilla Internet hosters, from the networks of Several Russian hackers allegedly attacked campaign headquarters in the United States, which was also recognized as a fantasy. The indictment of these persons was published on the website of the US Department of Justice. It is obvious that the place of work of Galkina herself, as well as Gubareva, was part of the area of ​​​​responsibility of that same Colonel Mikhailov and the FSB CIB. And according to sources, Sachkov held meetings with Webzilla right in the Group-IB office. Recall that Sachkov was an “agent” of Mikhailov, assigned to the FSB CIB as a source, who were recruited by the CIB to collect the data they needed.

Looks like someone scored an auto-goal in their own net...

Yaroslav Mukhtarov

To be continued