Source: returns to investigate the activities of the controversial billionaire God Nisanov, who in life had clearly been through a rough patch. As already informed our publication, Niconovum took a whole group of Russian agencies, including law enforcement. The FCS is conducting an operation to block smuggling channels through which goods enter the markets of the billionaire ("Gardener", shopping center "Moscow", etc.). The Central Bank of the Russian Federation together with law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies, checks the same markets (including "Food city") for the fact that they have become the largest platforms for illegal cashing and transit of money. On a monthly basis through these "laundries" is 600 billion roubles.

            According to sources in such circumstances, the differing ways Nisanov with its main partner - Il'gam Rahimov. He is not the main one in terms of financial investments in joint projects, but in terms of the fact that he is an extremely influential figure, with whom Nisanov could feel confident. "While nisanov only conducted business, he was relatively normal. But the last time nisanov decided that he was a more significant figure than another rich from the red Quarter. Began to get involved in political issues, to behave provocatively. Recently nisanov began to cause irritation, both at security officers, and at tops. The result of this is natural. Soon we will be able to see the "mayhem" of his Empire business. It is clear that such a respected person as Ilham Rahimov does not want to have such a partner anymore. According to my data, we are now completing the process of exit Rahimov most joint and Niconovum major projects",- says the source In his opinion, the Nisanov can't wait for the fate - from planting, until forced to escape from Russia "blacklisted".

            Actually, as journalists of our edition found out, and in Russia Nisanov is on "bird's rights".  Available there is a copy of the decision of 24 November 2007 on business N ГКПИ07-1534 issued by the judge of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation Zaitsev V. Yu. Zaitsev, focusing on the data of the Federal migration service of the Russian Federation, examination of the Ministry of justice and other documents have recognized that Nisan is not a citizen of the Russian Federation, Russian passport he got illegally with falsified records.

            A decision was made in the following circumstances. In 2007 Nisanov decided to become the Deputy of the state Duma and was included in the list on elections by LDPR party as a part of regional group n 44 (the Moscow region - Istra, the Moscow region - Podolsk, the Moscow region - Serpukhov, the Moscow region - Khimki) under N 1.

            The CEC of Russia appealed to the Supreme court of the Russian Federation to cancel Nisanov's registration, referring to the fact that on November 8, 2007 the Federal migration service (hereinafter - FMS of Russia) informed her that it was not a citizen of the Russian Federation.

            During the meeting, the data of the FMS and the CEC were fully confirmed.

   continues to publish the decision of the Supreme court. This is the final part of the verdict. which finally established-Nisanov not a citizen of the Russian Federation. Moreover, he received the Russian passport thanks to records which experts of the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation recognized counterfeit.

 "The court can't agree with arguments of Nisanov G. S., his representatives and representatives of political party "liberal-democratic party of Russia" that the fact of permanent residence of Nisanov G. S. in the territory of Russia as of February 6, 1992 is record in the household book N 1 of Dzhalgan village Council from which follows that it arrived to the territory of this village Council on January 30, 1992 and left on may 18, 1992 to the new residence in Derbent......

       The form N 1 "Economic book" operating in 1992 was approved by the resolution of the state Committee of the USSR on statistics of December 5, 1989 N 219 and the questions connected with registration (registration) of citizens did not regulate. The household book, in particular, does not contain the column about the purpose of arrival of the person and registration term, about the document proving his identity, and also about the relation to the military duty.

   There is no such data and in the household book N 1 of the Jalgan village Council for 1991-1995.

   Moreover, from the conclusion of 20 November 2007 on the results of the study page 53 household book performed by experts of the southern regional centre of forensic expertise of the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation Tuhkanen O. V. and E. G. Tovkach, it follows that the entry in column 4 "the Nisan God Semenovich" and all the rest of the entries in columns 1, 2, 3 on this page made pastas of different handles; the section of the sheet of page 53 in the location of the studied records was subjected to extraneous mechanical impact by friction ("removal" of the fibers of the upper layer of paper), "the Supreme court decision, which has,-" Thus, record concerning Nisanov G. S. in the household book N 1 of the Jalgan village Council and the reference of the Jalgan rural administration of October 19, 2007 cannot be reliable proofs of its permanent residence in the territory of the Russian Federation as of February 6, 1992.

   At the same time the conclusion of FMS of Russia that permanent residence of Nisanov G. S. in the territory of the Russian Federation can be considered established only since may 23, 1992, is confirmed by the extract from the house book to the address of Derbent, Gorky St., 37 "A". In this house book there are records of the arrival of Nisanov G. S. to Russia for permanent residence from the village of Krasnaya Sloboda of the Cuban district of the Azerbaijan SSR, not the village of Jalgan of the Derbent district of the Republic of Dagestan, and his registration made by the internal Affairs bodies.

   Taking into account the stated it is impossible to agree with the argument of Nisanov G. S. that the fact of his residence in the territory of the Russian Federation on February 6, 1992 is confirmed by witnesses Babiev V., Matatov N. B. and Matatov, who themselves in S. Dzhalgan not lived.

   In addition, the testimony Babaeva VA and Matatov N. B. that they brought Nisanov G. S. in January 1992, in S. Dzhalgan, and Matatov S. B. - that winter of 1992 he saw Nisanov G. S. in the village, are not enough to conclude that the continuous nature of the spot Nisanov G. S. on the territory of the Russian Federation as at 6 February 1992

   Other reliable proofs which in their aggregate would allow court to consider this fact proved, at consideration of the case also it isn't established.

   Guided by articles 194 - 199, 260 - 261 of the code of civil procedure of the Russian Federation, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation solved the statement of the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation to satisfy.

   Cancel registration of the candidate for deputies of the state Duma of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the fifth convocation Nisanov God Semenovich included in the registered Federal candidate list put forward by political party "liberal democratic party of Russia".


How Nisanov "hushed up" is a disastrous solution will tell in next post.


To be continued

Maksim Vojevodin