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Managing assets of Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, confirmed the purchase for him a few apartments in the building on the waterfront Tinkers. "Conflict of interest" is not, as the apartment is not "owned" by Shuvalov.

A huge number of legal technicalities can often directly violate the law and ignore moral principles. Russian officials offers this option: to settle in the apartment of an elephant (and the size of bureaucratic apartments allow it), declare it as a 'gray animal with a tail, "and tell everyone that you have a live mouse. You can give money to a friend and ask them to buy an apartment, but do not make out with you. Then the apartment can not be mentioned in the tax return and pay taxes.

Similarly joined Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov - he bought several apartments in high-rise building on Kotelnicheskaya embankment, but actually is not their owner. Lawyer Sergei Kotlyarenko senior official confirmed the purchase of apartments on behalf of the Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. However, he believes that complied with all requirements of Russian legislation for state officials and ruled a "conflict of interests".

Fund of Struggle against Corruption (BCF) reported that in 2014 on behalf of the family Kotlyarenko Shuvalov acquired in a high-rise on Kotelnicheskaya embankment ten apartments with a total area of ​​over 700 square meters. FBK employees suspected of Deputy Prime Minister that the purchased property was not listed in his tax return.

In an interview with the media asset manager of the first deputy prime minister Sergei Kotlyarenko confirmed the large-scale purchase of apartments on one floor of a building on the waterfront Tinkers. However, he said that he had acted on the principle of "blind trust." That is, Shuvalov has invested money in a trust fund, which manages assets and buys all without his knowledge, that it sees fit. If only the client was satisfied, and money multiply.

Legally, it looks legitimate. It turns out that the customer's money can buy anything: Panzer Division, a nuclear warhead, inactive monastery, and the client will not bear any responsibility for it - neither criminal nor moral. Lawyer Kotlyarenko says that the apartments have been bought with a view to create a unique "object" - to unite an entire floor in the huge apartment. And if the buyer will be rich, the object must be sold at once, of course, with a large profit. It's an investment. Very nice and profitable project.

Then there are the very legal technicalities that allow the Deputy Prime Minister Shuvalov actually "distance" from the expensive real estate, which has recently been frequently confiscated from thieving corrupt officials. According to the lawyer Kotlyarenko purchased apartments will appear in the Declaration Shuvalov only if he buys them and begin to use them. In fact, the official may adhere to the rules of "blind trust" - he knows about the purchase of apartments on his money and receives reports from lawyers.

It seems that the "blind trust" turns a blind confidence in the impunity tax evasion and asking questions. I wonder how the blind would be the Russian justice.

Source: Rucriminal