Source: became aware of a story when a resident of the Astrakhan region decided to take Ivan Putilin, an employee of the local FSB, as a partner in the business of providing taxi servants.

    “I, Akimov Konstantin Igorevich, living: Astrakhan region, p. Bird cherry I want to tell you about the current situation, which for the third year does not give life to me and my family.

         About 5 years ago, we met Ivan Putilin and Maxim Putilin. And they communicated closely. Somewhere in November 2020, Ivan told me a story that one of his acquaintances (who is unknown to me) was sent to prison, and that his family was left without a livelihood. I asked if there is an opportunity to invest money somewhere so that they work. I said that you can put the car in Pyaterochka on my IP. Out of kindness, I took up the search for cars for this family.

        That same autumn, Ivan introduces me to Peter Lobanov - he is an entrepreneur. Kind of like doing business. And along the way, it turns out that Peter has an acquaintance in Moscow - outbid, he has two cars that I'm looking for. I tell Ivan: “there are two cars there, we’ll take one for the family, we can take the second for two.” I'm flying to Moscow for these cars.

         The cars looked tired, but the guys I knew Peter convinced me that according to the technical characteristics everything was in order, I thought for a couple of hours, and in the process they (outbid) say: “Yes, if anything, we will sell them to you within a week”, generally convinced. I overtook them to Astrakhan.

         And so, from mid-April to August, I start a fun couple to restore cars, and I invested my money in the order of 500 thousand rubles. This repair dragged on for a long time, and because of this, conflicts began between Ivan and me, that the machines did not work, and he had already begun to pay money to this family.

         One day Petr Lobanov offers me to buy a Yandex taxi (control room). Negotiations on the topic of purchase were conducted repeatedly. Peter offered to buy me for 6 million rubles. I invested part of my share with my cars (HD 78 in the amount of 3 units, VW Polo in the amount of 1 unit) and money. We met with Ivan and I told him in detail about this deal. The next day, his brother Maxim Putilin calls me and comes and asks: “do I have the opportunity to invest money somewhere?” I replied that you did not come just like that, you are probably aware of this deal. He replied that he was aware and would like to participate in this. After conferring, we decided to go into this deal together, since I did not have enough money for this business. Regarding the money, Maxim said to decide with Ivan, since he is in charge of the money. The next day we met with Ivan and agreed on mutual settlements. Ivan promised to give me the missing sum of 1,150,000 to buy a control room for their share. After that, we (Ivan, Maxim, Peter, I, Kirill Grebenshchikov - Peter's partner) entered into a verbal deal.

         I repeatedly said to fix this deal on paper, but Ivan assured me that he was acting as a guarantor. Ivan's word was convincing for me. After all mutual settlements between all participants in the transaction were made, we began to prepare the basis for working on our IP. But in the process, there were misunderstandings and new conditions that were not announced earlier, as a result of which there is a misunderstanding between all participants in the transaction. At each trial, Maxim and Ivan incited me to provocations against Peter, but they themselves were silent.

         After one of the regular disputes about the new conditions put forward by Peter, we have a misunderstanding. And Peter said that he did not want to work with me anymore, and would work and communicate only with Maxim, or even return the funds to Maxim and me and break the deal. After that, I told Peter that I wanted to get out of the business and offered to return my money. To which Peter agreed. A few days later there was a meeting, consisting of Peter, Ivan, Kirill, Maxim at the base of Peter, to discuss this situation. They call me on the speakerphone and say that Maxim is withdrawing from the deal and will deal with Peter himself according to his share with his brother. Peter assured me that he would give my share in money, it was more convenient for him. After a few days of this conversation, I phoned Peter to clarify about the return of money for my share. To which he replied that my share was bought by Maxim and all questions to him. I wrote to Maxim about the return of my funds for the share he bought out without notifying me. To which he replied that he did not buy my share and left this transaction, and asks me to return the funds for his share, simultaneously accusing me of involving him in this transaction, and must return the money to him for his share.

         Then Ivan comes to me and, through the WhatsApp messenger, starts demanding a loan from me, which was taken into account at the mutual settlement at the entrance to the deal with the dispatcher, and give me the documents for my cars invested in the deal. To which I told him: “Return my funds invested in the deal!” After which he is notCalled me once and threatened me that I was a fraud and that he would falsify my innocence and put me in jail. He also threatened my friends and turned all my acquaintances against me, namely Alexander Nikolaev and Konstantin Zakharov. (There is a recording of a telephone conversation, as Konstantin calls me and says that Ivan threatens him so that they do not help me and are on his side)

         I repeatedly tried to pick up my cars from the parking lot near Peter, but upon arrival at the parking lot, Ivan appeared and arbitrarily held the cars with Peter. I turned to a person who was able to convince Ivan and Peter, Kirill, Maxim to take the cars under the pretext that the cars would be with him, while finding out who owes whom. The cars were taken away in a non-working condition, having found sugar in the fuel tanks and lapping for valves in the engines, which disabled all the cars (there are witnesses).

         Within a month, the person who helped me found out that I did not owe money (confirmed by a polygraph passed by me), and during mutual settlements they did not pay me about 900 thousand rubles in addition. This amount was supposed to go to repay the loan to Ivan. But this did not suit Ivan, since his plan to deceive me by 3.4 million rubles failed. Ivan continued to threaten me, I said that I would appeal to the military prosecutor's office, but this did not stop him. I wrote several appeals to the military prosecutor's office and to the department of the FSB of Moscow, explaining that this officer was threatening me. I was summoned to the department of the FSB in Astrakhan, where they answered that no corpus delicti was found in the actions of the officer. I was also summoned to the military prosecutor's office, where I told the officer Nosachev P.A. about the current situation. He advised to write a statement on Putilin I.V. in his office. I did so.

         A week later, I was called by an employee of the military investigation department Smirnov V.S. for a survey on my application. I told him about the situation, but did not sign the documents, as I was without a lawyer. After some time, he called me again, where he said that in the near future Putilin I. would come to me to negotiate. I replied that there was no need to negotiate with me, but simply to lag behind me and my family. I signed a document that I am ready to give explanations only in the presence of a lawyer. The employee told me that if I was needed, he would call me. And I was not notified or called again. Later I found out that there was a rejected material in which I was not even interviewed. And Ivan stopped writing and calling me.

         On May 19, 2022, they called me on an ad on Avito, so that they want to see the site that I was selling. When I left the private house at the address: ///////, where I lived, three people got out of the car, who were employees of the Kirovsky District Department of Internal Affairs. One of them (Andryukhin Ivan) said that I was wanted and they wanted to interrogate me in the department. Without asking me for my passport, they pushed me into a car and took me to the department of the Kirovsky District Department of Internal Affairs. In the department of the District Department of Internal Affairs, they told me that Putilin I. wrote a statement to me on the fact of fraud, where I answered them that I had paid off with him and had no debts to him, but they replied that they did not expect another answer from me. Then they immediately falsified the protocol of detention against me, that I used foul language, which was not the case.

         The next day I was taken to the Kirov court, where I was given three days in a temporary detention facility. Andryukhin I. took me from the temporary detention facility for interrogation. Before the interrogation, Putilin I. also came to the department, where he was on friendly terms with Andryukhin and investigator Samosdelkina, and began to threaten me so that I would plead guilty under Art. 159 part 3, or they will retrain for the fourth part and put me in jail for 10 years, since the application contained an amount of 1 million rubles. They exerted moral and psychological pressure on me. During the interrogation, I asked for a free lawyer, but Andryukhin I. did not let me talk to him, explaining that I would run away. In the first protocol of the interrogation, this fact was indicated by me and the lawyer Bolgar A.V. Soon a trial took place on my measure of restraint, where I was locked up in a pre-trial detention center for 4 months before a guilty verdict. While I was in the pre-trial detention center, through the employees, they put pressure on me, wrote reports, threatened the ShIZO. Putilin I. himself also came to the pre-trial detention center, where he said that I should not open my mouth at the trial and pleaded guilty in full and not a word about the Yandex taxi dispatcher. There was also pressure on the lawyer who was hired by my relatives. The lawyer immediately told me to take the blame on myself and that it was not worth going against the FSB officer.

         In August 2022, I was convicted and found guilty, as I was forced to incriminate myself. I was sentenced to 1.5 years of forced labor, and according to the court, I paid 887 thousand rubles. fictional damage. After 2 months, an employee of the Kirovsky District Department of Internal Affairs called me and said that they were initiating another application, which had previously been refused, only now from Petr Lobanov. But then I hired a new lawyer and they didn’t call me or call me anywhere else. But through my acquaintances, Putilin continues to extort me for engi that I allegedly owe his brother Maxim 2 million. rub. and 5 million rubles, and threaten me with new criminal cases, which he will falsify against me, like the first criminal case.

         I want to inform you that I am not engaged in any illegal activity, and I am not registered in a narcological and psychological dispensary. For two years, my family and I have been under moral and psychological pressure. I ask you to look into the current situation, since in the Astrakhan region, employees do not take action on my appeals. I want my family and me to stop being threatened and to be left alone.”

Yaroslav Mukhtarov

To be continued