Law enforcers, finally, have to dot the first one of the most scandalous cases of the Tula region - which caused enormous material damage to the region by changing the territory of the former tram depot on Oboronnaya Street to part of the territory of the Central Stadium / As a source told, the case has just come from the prosecutor's office in the UK. Now there, together with the prosecutor's office, they decide who to interrogate and to whom to bring charges. At the scandalous trial in the case, the defendants demanded to interrogate the former governor of the region, Vladimir Gruzdev, who was directly involved in the corruption deal.

Юрий Адрианов и Владимир Груздев

The main persons involved in the criminal history were the former governor, and now the head of the Association of Lawyers, Vladimir Gruzdev, and the ex-head of Tula, Yevgeny Avilov, but for some reason, for the first time, they remained outside the brackets of the investigation. Only Tatyana Silaeva, deputy chairman of the committee of property and land relations of the Tula administration, appeared before the court. During the court session, the former director of the Tulgorelectrotrans PCR Gennady Melnikov, who held this position from 2013 to 2014, was interrogated, and who suddenly left it two months before the exchange transaction was carried out. Also, during the court session, the documents on the pre-sale assessment of the property of MKP "Tulgorelectrotrans" were examined. And then the fun began. The ex-director suddenly lost his memory. Melnikova said that he did not remember the circumstances and goals of concluding an agreement on property valuation. He also could not remember whether representatives of the city administration set him the task of assessing the property offered for exchange, formally or unofficially. He also does not remember negotiations with the accused Silaeva on this issue. Then the representative of the prosecutor's office asked to acquaint Mr. Melnikov with a copy of the letter sent on his behalf to the defendant, at that time, the chairman of the committee on property and land relations of the city of Tula, Tatyana Silaeva. To which the former director of Tulgorelectrotrans said that despite the fact that he was listed there as a signatory, the signature on the document was not his. Then he made the assumption that it was a signature ... at that time the deputy director of the enterprise for legal issues I.S. Zlobina. Why she signed the document on his behalf and did not indicate her position, Melnikov does not know.

An even greater scandal occurred when the testimony of one of the beneficiaries of the transaction, businessmen Igor Gusev and Sergei Kitanin, was announced. Irina Zlobina, Kitanin's common-law wife, became the owner of the tidbit. The testimony contained the name of the ex-governor of the Tula region, Vladimir Gruzdev. After that, Gusev and Katanin spent a lot of money to remove the next episode of the court hearing from the local media, which is quoted by the VChK-OGPU telegram channel. “Kitanin said that the proposal to change the stadium originally came from his business partner Igor Gusev. And when asked who suggested that such a deal be made, he said: - Ask Gusev. Then, at the request of the lawyer, Kitanin's testimony given during the preliminary investigation was read out. They indicated that the idea of ​​the exchange belonged to Vladimir Gruzdev, the former governor of the Tula region. - The wife was a technical executor, because she acted as one of the parties to the transaction. We did not go or look either at the stadium or at the property on the street. Defense, - said Kitanin. Then the court summoned Irina Zlobina. A woman cannot really answer a single question. Dialogue with the prosecutor: - Who drew up the contract? - I do not know. - And where did you get it? - I came to work, I have a contract in my folder with documents. - And what did you do? - I signed it. - And what's next? "I put the signed contract back in the folder."

It is not surprising that with such testimony, the lawyers of the accused Tatyana Silaeva demanded to summon the former governor of the Tula region, Vladimir Gruzdev, to the court to clarify the situation. This became necessary, since from the testimony of witnesses it is not clear not only who exactly decided to change the stadium for the depot, but also how it all happened in reality. The testimony of the city manager of Tula, Evgeny Avilov, seriously contradicts the testimony given by the Minister of Property Relations of the region, Valery Sherin, at that time. Sherin, judging by his testimony, found out about the details of the transaction only "after a criminal case was initiated." Other witnesses in the case also sin with complete loss of memory. And such an important witness as an "investor" and "social partner" of the administration of the Tula region, director and owner of JSC "Spetsavtokhozistvo" Igor Gusev, despite being summoned three times to the court hearing, did not deign to appear in court. Most likely this is the position of the main criminal brain of his team, the former deputy prosecutor of the Tula region, Evgenia Spasskaya. Recall that now Spasskaya is the deputy for legal issues of Tulagorvodokanal JSC, who is also controlled by Igor Gusev.

As a result, the Soviet court of Tula decided to return the scandalous case to the prosecutor's office to eliminate the violations, but in reality to identify all the perpetrators. The prosecutor's office appealed against this decision.

However, the Tula Regional Court upheld the decision of the Soviet District Court of Tula. We very much hope that the Investigative Directorate of the Tula Region in the process of a new investigation will deign to invite for questioning the former Governor of the Tula Region Vladimir Gruzdev and the former Prime Minister of the Tula Region Yuri Andrianov, as well as re-interrogate all the other participants in these events. Since it did not become clear from the testimony of witnesses in the judicial investigation, not only who exactly made the decision to change the stadium to the depot, but also how it all happened in reality.

 The property of the stadium at the time of the exchange belonged to the same Irina Sergeevna Zlobina. Then, already as an individual entrepreneur, Zlobina I.S. received from PCP "Tulgorelectrotrans" payments in the amount of more than 61 million rubles for the lease of the former tram depot to the enterprise. Also, in the process of considering the case, it turned out that the amount of rent paid monthly by Zlobina in the period from 2015 to 2018 increased ... 15 times. After the multi-storey development on the territory began, the bus service of the PCR "Tulgorelectrotrans" moved to another plot belonging to the same Zlobina, which is still renting. It is worth noting that Irina Zlobina has been receiving rent payments in the amount of ... 240 million rubles a year from the developer for the territory of the former depot for the third year already.

As a result of this transaction, the enterprise suffered more than 60 million rubles of damage. The source of the Cheka-OGPU claims that these are far from all the consequences of this transaction. So, as a result of the barter deal, it was necessary to remove the electrical substation from the exchanged territory. And this became another 70 million rubles for the municipal budget. Also, the issue of the already built up residential complex "Sovremennik", which belongs to the municipality of the boiler house, has not yet been resolved.

To be continued

Roman Trushkin.