Source: Rucriminal continues to publish materials from the Interpol report, including intelligence information, reports from national bureaux of different countries, wiretapping materials and surveillance of immigrants from the Russian Federation (primarily members of the Solntsevo group) and related persons among them which are a lot of big businessmen, former and current officials. In the seventeenth article leads a file on the leader of the organized crime group, Sergei Mikhailov, collected by Interpol.

At the head of the organization are Sergei Anatolyevich MIKHAILOV, born. February 7, 1958, and Victor Sergeevich AVERIN, born, May 31, 1955.

Citizen of Russia MIKHAILOV Sergey Anatolyevich, aka Anatolyevich and GLUCHNEVICH Vera (born in Moscow ...), is a lyceum of the Solntsevo group. (In a communication dated 26/08/2000, the NCB of Interpol in Sofia names the date of its birth on February 7, 1956).

It is also known as MIKHAHAILOV Serger, MIKHAILIDIS Sergios.

His nicknames are "Mikhas" or "Seryozha" 89.


Identification documents:

• According to the NCB of Interpol in Washington, with a note that in 1996 he lived in San Jose, Costa Rica, 90 Mikhailov has a Russian passport No. 0013760F.

• He is the owner of the Russian passport 43 ..., as well as the X-SB passport issued ....

• He is also the owner of the Israeli ID card No. 30 ... and Israeli passport No. 63 ... issued in Brussels, Belgium, and valid until September 21, 20 ....

• He is the owner of the Greek passport No. 19 ... and / or M16 ... issued in the name of MIHAILIDISA Sergios, when he was in Marbella, Spain, in 1996. 93. In addition, in 1996, through fraud, he obtained Portuguese identification documents94 .

• Interpol NCB in Kiev mentions Russian document No. 21 ... and Israeli document No. 561 .., issued on November 1 19 .. .95 Interpol's NCB in Sofia mentions passport No. 012 ...

• On May 10, 1995, he received a Costa Rican passport and in July 1995, for $ 50,000, tried to obtain a diplomatic passport from the Republic of Guyana.97

The Israeli citizenship of Mikhailov was annulled in June 1997.98



• He lives in Moscow at 119633, ul. Novoperedelkinskaya, • In Switzerland he lived at the address: 12, chemin des Tourniaux 1261 Borex. His address in Jerusalem (according to the NCB of Interpol in Jerusalem) is the same as the address of AVERIN, namely: Givati ​​16, Bat Yam.

Mikhailov is the owner of apartments in Vienna (Austria) and Moscow (Russia) .100

General information:

April 4, 1984, Mikhailov was sentenced to three years in prison for insurance fraud. In August 1984, the verdict was changed to 3 years' imprisonment. After his release in 1987, he founded the Solntsevo group101.

December 7, 1989. MIKHAILOV was detained in Moscow for extorting money and cars from businessman VZ Rosenbaum, chairman of the "Cooperation Fund." He acted together with the brothers AVERINY, LYUSTRANNOV and Timofeev (he is also Sylvester). All were previously arrested for violent extortion and released on July 30, 1991, as the witness refused to testify.102

Rosenbaum was very familiar with MIKHAILOV's business. In 1992, in Russia, ROSENBAUM appealed to IVANKOV with a request to help resolve his conflict with MIKHAILOV. IVANKOV responded that he must respect the criminal code and accept the patronage of MIKHAILOV. All the income of ROSENBAUM went to the Solntsevo group, and he himself received only commissions. At that time, he officially engaged in international transportation and, in fact, used his business to smuggle drugs for the Solntsevo group, organizing the supply of Colombian cocaine. In France computers were bought and transported to Russia by companies belonging to Rosenbaum. For example, computers were imported on 10 trucks, but with the help of corrupt civil servants, only one of them passed through customs. Without paying taxes for most computers, criminals were able to introduce Colombian cocaine.103

At night from 29 to 30 July 1997, Rosenbaum was shot dead in Oosterhout, the Netherlands.104 According to the NCB of Interpol in Bern, there may be a connection between MIKHAILOV and the murder of Vadim ROSENBAUM.105 According to information obtained from open sources, Rosenbaum was supposedly supposed to give (he was one of the main witnesses when in 1989 MIKHAILOV was arrested for extortion.) 106 According to unconfirmed information, AVERIN ordered the murder of Rosenbaum so that he could not testify against MIKHAILOV. According to available information, his murder was organized by the "thief in law" Andrei ISSAEV, nicknamed "Rospis", who was later killed in Poland during a clash between Polish and Russian gangs.107

August 12, 1993 MIKHAILOV and several other members of his group were questioned in connection with the suspicion of the murder of the casino director Valery VLASOV. In accordance with the data of the Interpol NCB in Washington, Vlasov was a successful Russian businessman and financial expert of the Solntsevo group (1). MIKHAILOV was released in connection with the lack of evidence.

(1) VLASOV spent 17 years in prison in prison for fraudulent gambling. In 1991, he opened a casino, and then a casino network in Moscow. He opened the Valerie casino with Alexander RUSCHKO, who was the representative of Boris ANTONOV, and Austrian citizen Hans Peter MAYER. Then in Moscow they were opened together with KVANTRISHVILI, MIKHAILOV, COBZON and VLASOV. All of them participated in the division of income. The "Maxim" casino was also opened by Vlasov and Mikhailev.

Since the end of 1993, MIKHAILOV and the AVERIN brothers were outside of Russia. 110 In the autumn of 1993, MIKHAILOV was advised to leave Russia because of "disagreements" with Caucasian criminal groupings. He went to Hungary, where, together with local criminal leader Semyon Mogilevich, founded several companies.111

In 1993, together with AVERIN MIKHAILOV moved to Vienna, Austria.112

In 1993, MIKHAILOV and AVERIN moved from Vienna to Tel Aviv, Israel. According to the data of the NCB of Interpol in Jerusalem, on September 6, 1993, MIKHAILOV entered Israel as a new immigrant, based on his fictitious marriage with a Jewish woman, concluded in June 1993 in Budapest, Hungary. Despite the fact that he was still married to MIKHAILOVOY Lyudmila (ZAKURDAEVA), he registered a fictitious marriage thanks to VODOKOVOZU Arkady (1), who was one of MIKHAILOV's acquaintances. A month later he immigrated to Israel. His lawyer provided documents stating that MIKHAILOV was a businessman and deputy director of the company "Maganeks Vallakozot" and subsequently received an Israeli passport. Despite the fact that his name was included in the list of the passport department of the ministry on restricting the issuance of passports, Mikhailov still managed to get a passport. 113

(1) AQUAEVOZOV Arkady is probably a WATER-BASED ARCADE, born on June 1, 1967, which is held in Israel for abductions, kidnappings for the purpose of murder, falsely imprisonment, receipt of things by deception, committing crimes and fraudulent passports.

In 1994/95, MIKHAILOV received a permanent visa to the United States.115 In late December 1994 - early January 1995, MIKHAILOV and Yuri DROZHIN forged travel documents, traveled to Miami, Florida. MIKHAILOV, along with Victor AVERIN and Tofik AZIMOV, received fake US and Argentinean passports in order to ensure the movement of AZIMOV's activities from Vienna to Edinburgh, SCOTLAND. According to reports, the move was completed by March 1996.116

In May and June 1994, MIKHAILOV traveled to San Jose, Costa Rica. In 1995, the Government of Costa Rica dismissed 100 diplomats in connection with the scandal involving bribes and the appointment of honorary consuls. MIKHAILOV paid $ 250,000 for his appointment as an honorary consul in Moscow, Russia, as it is known, he was assisted by Shabtai KALMANOVICH. 100 000 US dollars, as part of this transaction were transferred from a London bank to Israel. The connection between MIKHAILOV, AVERIN, MOGILEVICH and the government of Costa Rica is obvious.117

In addition, he received an honorary consulate from the Government of the Dominican Republic. MIKHAILOV intended to use this provision in order to annul the statement of the Austrian government that he was recognized as a non-grata person.118

In July 1995, after arrests in the restaurant "V Holubu", according to the NCB of Interpol in Wiesbaden, he was forbidden to enter the territory of the Czech Republic for 10 years. 119

On April 25, 1995, he was banned from entering France.

In 1995, he moved from Vienna to Switzerland.121

In 1996. an investigation was launched against him in Jerusalem in connection with the illegal acquisition of Israeli citizenship.122 After his Israeli citizenship was revoked, MIKHAILOV left Israel.

According to Interpol, Switzerland, between July and August 1996, MIKHAILOV visited Spain 4 times. He bought tickets to the name of Sergios MIKHAILIDISA and used a passport issued for this name. In May 1996, under this name, he traveled from Paris to Greece.124 According to the Interpol of Spain, during his visit he organized large parties that cost him $ 7,000.125

In 1996, MIKHAILOV bought through a representative a house in Switzerland and invested money in a number of companies. On 16 October 1996, he was arrested by the Swiss authorities in Geneva, and the addresses he found showed that he had been in contact with a number of persons suspected of having links with certain Russian criminal groups. In addition, he was found illegally obtained Israeli passports.126

He was charged with membership in a criminal organization, as well as in money laundering, illegal acquisition of real estate, being a foreign citizen, as well as in violation of the statute on requirements for temporary and permanent residence.127 From prison he continued to manage the criminal activities of the Solntsevo group by correspondence with Arnold TAMM and Victor AVERIN, as well as with the help of his former lawyer Ralph Eisenegger and Avner Kandov, while TAMM acted as an intermediary between the lawyer and the member and organizatsii.128

For many years MIKHAILOV lived outside Russia, including his stay in Geneva (Switzerland), Tel Aviv (Israel) and Budapest (Hungary). At the time of his arrest in October 1996, Mikhailov lived in Budapest.129

On December 11, 1998, everything except one petty accusation was dropped from Mikhailov in Switzerland. He was forbidden to enter Switzerland for an indefinite period of time.130 He was convicted only of non-observance of the Swiss rules limiting the right of foreigners to acquire land.131 Mikhailov was deported back to Moscow because of the absence of a residence permit.132

The Paris police authorities again conducted an investigation into the activities of MIKHAILOV and other immigrants from the former Soviet Union who ran Swiss-based companies.133 According to available information, he was banned from entering France until 2025.134

After being released from a Swiss prison and returning to Russia, MIKHAILOV's status rose significantly. Most of the Moscow region groupings decided to work with Mikhailov. He was considered almost untouchable.

In the summer of 1999, MIKHAILOV often visited Latvia. On July 8, 1999, he received a tourist visa valid from July 12 to July 21, 1999. July 21, 1999. MIKHAILOV received another visa, valid from July 23 to August 2, 1999. During his stay in Latvia, he met with a number of businessmen, including Vladimir KADOVIKS or KADOVICHS, a Latvian citizen born on January 5, 1951, who was later arrested (in October 1999) and then released in connection with the murder of his business partner. *

August 31, 1999, MIKHAILOVU was issued a Latvian entry visa, valid until February 28, 2000. The invitation was signed by the board of the Latvian bank Pareks Bank or Pareks Bank (1), the largest bank in Latvia. The purpose of the visit was to visit MIKHAILOV of this bank, as a representative of Blagovest-SV, located in Moscow, at Leninsky Prospect 146, office 332, tel .: 438-5138 (CEO Arnold TAMM). In Latvia, MIKHAILOV stopped in the resort town of Jurmala. In an interview with the newspaper, he said that "he would have been happy to acquire real estate in Jurmala". In mid-July 2000, at the invitation of KADOVIKSA to spend the weekend there, MIKHAILOV again returned to Jurmala, Latvia.136

(1) The management board of this bank included: KARGINS Valeris (born March 27, 1961 in Riga), KRASOVIKIS Victors (born October 10, 1953 in Riga) - Chairman of the Board of Directors, and KONDRATIEVA Nina (born on July 9, 1953 in Russia) are founders of the Parex Bank and Parex Insurance companies located in Riga. They founded the bank in the early 1990's, when foreign currency was freely sold and bought. KRASOVIKIS Victors and KONRRATYEVA Nina attracted the attention of Swiss police officers when they sent a request for the acquisition of a residence permit in Switzerland, where they intended to move after the sale of their bank. According to unconfirmed data, MIKHAILOV may have acted as a buyer.137

According to the available information, Mihailov visited a jewelry factory in Riga. The factory had two owners, one of whom recognized MIKHAILOV as a partner, and the other was not, and as it was known, was later killed in Riga. * The first owner suggested that MIKHAILOV establish control over Parex Bank (the main Riga bank). MIKHAILOV bought several shares and did not have the opportunity to get more. Some shareholders of Parex Bank were also the owners of the shares of the store in the center of Riga. As a deterrent, the store was blown up. Then, the shareholders sold their shares to MIKHAILOV (KARGIS Valeris was one of the shareholders). Now MIKHAILOV became the owner of a 22% stake in Parex Bank .138

* Analyst's note: KADOVIX's partner is probably the same person who is mentioned here. It should be noted that the acquisition of the bank and control over it, allows for money laundering. Owners of the bank do not need to report suspicious transactions. Another advantage is the opportunity to enter the industry, compile a list of companies that successfully operate, and then extort money from them.

On February 18, 2001, MIKHAILOV was banned from entering Latvia.

1998 by the law enforcement agencies of Moscow against MIKHAILOV and Victor AVERIN for criminal organization of the criminal case was instituted 18 / 1111031-98.

In accordance with unconfirmed information, they actively used bank accounts in various countries of the world. * (See also "Business Activity of the Group").

* Analyst's note: For more information, a request was sent to the Interpol NCB in Moscow. On July 2, 2002, Interpol's NCB in Moscow reported that the case was closed due to lack of evidence.

To be continued

Source: Rucriminal