The level of crime simply went through the roof in the championship of the former Union. Details specifically for the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU and are reported by the well-known sports journalist, author of books about football Alexei Matveev.


“That's why my mother believes that Nikolai Petrovich played here perhaps the key role in bullying dad,” continues the story of Anatoly Krutikov's daughter, Natalya. - After the dramatic relegation of Spartak to the first league, and subsequent ordeals with a job search. Like, know, Krutikov, who is who. Alas, the handwriting of the football master was "readable". Although we could be wrong, of course.

Анатолий Крутиков

Starostin's hand could extend wide. Should not be underestimated. The role of an influential person in the world of big-time sports, including football, is very important, in my opinion. Still.

Putting up obstacles, "putting spokes in the wheels" is quite real. Especially to someone who didn't please you. Assumptions? Weighty, however, very similar to the truth. Judging by the development of events in that period, their actual side.

At the end of his playing career, dad worked as a coach at his native club for a while. Then he played for the team of veterans. And already at this level, the father heard the "revelations" of the players of different teams regarding the "surrender" of matches in the 1976 championship. They told dad in the face that, yes, they deliberately “leaked” those meetings to their rivals. In order to “annoy” the Spartacists from the heart, to achieve their relegation, since the situation is suitable.

And none of the powers that be, who were responsible for holding the competition, did not try to investigate the obvious facts of "collusion" behind the edge of the field. Neither the football federation, nor law enforcement officers. Even the "conspirators" were not reprimanded, not to mention serious punishments and sanctions. Although for such things in the strongest European championships, and not only there, they are sent to prison.

That frank "collusion" of representatives of different teams cost a lot to the Pope. Dismissal from the club, which gave many wonderful years. Nerves, health, partly a good name. Any unfair slander, and much more. In fact, the fate of a loved one was broken. Yes, those same scoundrels, criminals from football. Moreover, they remained unpunished for their vile "games".

Sometimes parents recalled the details of that ill-fated match, as a result of which Spartak was relegated to the first league. My father was very reluctant to talk about those events. But when the conversation came, he did not blame any of the wards. Including Nikolai Osyanin, whose fall on the field in one of the episodes was fatal for the Spartacists. In fact, it unwittingly provoked a relegation from the major league of the allied championship.

According to the Pope, Osyanin did not harm him, and could not harm him. Just like every other player on the team. Mom claimed that Krutikov and Osyanin maintained warm relations for many years. This speaks volumes. The Spartacists of that generation did not "fuse" the coaches, the team. This could not happen a priori.

Yes, he pretty much spoiled his fate with one, which in many ways became fatal, match. And could achieve success in the field of coaching. Dad has a bright head, like a daughter I tell you.

With this heavy "stone" in my heart, I lived, it seems to me, all the remaining years. Still by nature, uncompromising, stubborn character let me down a little, in my opinion. To go somewhere, to ask someone for a job, is a martyr's torment for him. It was difficult to get settled.

Анатолий Крутиков

A combination of negative factors did not allow the father to reveal his rich potential at the end of his playing career. In the coaching field, including. Sorry, very sorry. To tears, when I remember many ups and downs with my father's search for work. My God, how unfair!


Shortly before his death, dad asked mom: “Lucy, bury me with the money that we have. Don't ask anyone for anything." Such is the character. They said goodbye to their father not in the Spartak arena, as is customary in recent years. And this, I think, is good.

We discussed the process with him. It was hard psychologically and physically for my father to see off partners in Spartak. In his opinion, too oppressive atmosphere. Then a series of deaths swept over. Khusainov, Sevidov, Logofet, Ivakin, one after another wonderful people and football players passed away. First of all, dad really did not like publicity, especially in such cases. And he did not want to say goodbye to him either. He said that there was no need for pomposity, "chic" funerals, and other things, when his turn came.

My father had a stroke in 2012. A month and a half lay in the clinic for rehabilitation. Then, after a course of various procedures, they took him home. Thank God, the conversation began tolerably.

I remember that the injured arm and leg began to work already on the third day of hospitalization. The doctors were pleasantly surprised. The age of the patient is very advanced, and the will to live is amazing! It appeared brighter than ever.

The brain, however, was severely damaged by the stroke. Doctors stated: no matter what Anatoly Fedorovich takes, no matter how strong drugs he uses, nothing will help. Affected cells simply died, they cannot be restored.

Later we read in the medical documents that dad allegedly had a heart attack. He was in the 36th hospital. There were no places in the wards, our father was located right in the corridor. There was a terrible draft, and for some reason the windows were opened at night. Also caught a cold. Coughed hard. March 2019.

We literally prayed: we asked the doctor to examine my dad, to prescribe medicines for a possible cold. Most importantly, it was necessary to transfer a person close to us to the ward. And so, in the corridor, as if abandoned by everyone. No reaction. We made our way to the head of the department. He declared from the threshold that for him all patients are equal, the same, he was talking nonsense.

Forced to quarrel with the medical staff. It was not without the help of influential people, but what was left? After a call from a friend of our family, my father was transferred to the ward. No, no one from the Spartak society, the office of the football club helped then. And help in that critical period was needed more than ever.

Dad asked to be buried next to his eldest daughter, my own sister. No one else asked for anything. At the Nikolo-Arkhangelsk cemetery. Our mother has a long way to go there. But we will always deliver it by car to bow to our beloved husband.

Mother sometimes jokes that she and her father have been too late in this world. Here dad is gone. Like, all close friends survived, no one remained alive. "Black humor" no, no, but breaks through her.

The comrades with whom Krutikov played in Spartak really do not have friends of youth. Well, literally everyone died. From the consciousness of such losses, dad felt even more bitter in his soul. Some kind of rock, phantasmagoria. Young people like Valery Reingold were leaving. Fyodor Cherenkov, about whom his father had the highest opinion, died early in general. Anatoly Fedorovich was gloomier than a cloud, he was very worried. At that moment, they were afraid to approach him, they did not want to disturb him once again.

Real, true friends, like many of us, were with dad in childhood, adolescence. They didn’t need anything from their father, they didn’t feel any commercialism. Sincere, friendly relationship. They are remembered for the rest of their lives. Here they are gone, long ago and irrevocably, as I said. It's hard to reconcile.

With dad, we are family. Here, he was definitely loved and loved, they never betrayed him in anything. Always unobtrusively supported, especially in difficult periods. I would like to believe that fans with experience remember his wonderful, inspired game for Spartak and the USSR national team. By and large, all listed. There are no others...

Whoever wanted to say goodbye to his father in the church. Some came to the morgue to put flowers at the head of the bed. Lovchev came and said warm words. Simonyan was with Mirzoyan, Varlamov, Osyanin, Gavrilov said goodbye to dad.

Yuri Vasilyevich Gavrilov is generally an extremely sincere person. Partial. He also saw off other Spartacists of different generations on their last journey. Apparently, he cannot but come at such moments. We are very grateful to him and other Spartacists for their attention, support ...

Могила Анатолия Крутикова

Alexey Matveev