Recently, a post appeared on the VChK-OGPU channel about the infamous banker Yuri Glotser and about the reversal of his pre-bankruptcy transactions by the Arbitration Court. He rewrote a lot of personal property to his sons, but the transactions were recognized as fictitious and the property was seized.

Sources of said that an equally interesting case is now being considered in the Arbitration. It deals with the bankruptcy of the former Forbes rich list, the owner of Coffeemania, the Narkomfin House project, the developer of the Novye Vatutinki residential complex (JSC INVESTTRUST) Sergey Anatolyevich Kirilenko. Case No. А40-112701/2019. Among the creditors, in addition to random trifles and "stooges" to blur the credit mass, such heavyweights as:

- Vadim Moshkovich, former Belgorod senator, billionaire, owner of Rusagro;

- Vladimir Gruzdev, former governor of Tula, now Chairman of the Board of the Association of Lawyers of Russia;

- Ivan Bronov - financier, ex-husband of Yulia Bordovskikh, whose name came up strongly in connection with the Bank of New York case about $ 7 billion at the end of the last century;

- Rustem Teregulov - racing banker, builder of the Moscow Raceway near Volokolamsk. Participates through his own, thrown Kirilenko, the bank "Development-Capital";

- Maxim Titarenko - star lawyer-yachtsman;

All are people with a rich and fascinating past.

Obviously, a star cluster of such heavy figures inevitably leads to a violation of the laws of gravity and judicial logic.

Владимир Груздев

Sources of noticed an interesting detail: the first lawyer for Sergei Kirilenko in the bankruptcy case was a certain Vadim Myshlyavkin, a kind of infantile terror of the Moscow bar, known for his near-criminal connections and an irresistible thirst to squeeze assets from clients, professionally intimidating them. This character was related to the case of the aforementioned Glotzer. Not immediately, but Kirilenko got to the core of his essence and drove. But not at once. He managed to "think".

Сергей Кириленко

It all started surprisingly prosaically. The Moscow energy companies imposed a fine of almost 1.5 billion rubles on Kirilenkovskiy Investtrast. (Some kind of transformer at the construction site of Novye Vatutinki had something wrong with the metering devices for several years already.) It didn’t work out and Kirilenko plugged the hole in this main asset of his with depositors’ money, killing his Russian Mortgage Bank (RIB, license revoked in November 2019). Kirilenko himself was in the RIB presiding board, but in recent years he gave formal leadership to his protégé Konstantin Bekov, who is now hiding from the claims of the authorities and the DIA in London. After the RIB was merged, there was a snowball effect and everything went wrong, leading Kirilenko to bankruptcy. Like all pre-bankruptcies, in late 2018 - early 2019, Sergei Kirilenko began to urgently get rid of his assets.

He quickly divorced his wife Yulia Kirilenko (Larina), a golf star at the Skolkovo club. During the division of property during a divorce, family assets in tourist and flower offices such as Zaya-Travel LLC, Zaya-Flowers (LLC Tsvetkoff) were completely transferred to her.

Юлия Кириленко (Ларина)

He rapidly transferred his share in the Coffeemania coffeehouse chain (Espresso Prime LLC) to its affiliated beneficiaries Igor Zhuravlev and Amir Gallyamov.

He transferred his participation in the landmark development project "House of Narkomfin" (Liga Rights LLC) to partner Garegin Barsumyan.

But the most dramatic events unfolded around the main asset of Kirilenko, INVESTTRAST JSC, the developer of the Novye Vatutinki residential complex. In February-March 2020, the composition of the owners of INVESTTRAST changed several times. Kirilenko either gave 75% of the shares to persons affiliated with the security official Gruzdev (some ladies Natalya Nikolaevna Epifanova and Natalya Valerievna Chernyak who accompany Gruzdev’s business schemes in life, as well as Gruzdev’s son Grigory), then part went back to him.

At the beginning of 2019, Kirilenko hid from creditors by jumping around Moscow hotels and changing phones. But you can't hide from Gruzdev. It is clear that Vladimir Gruzdev is one of those people who know how to make offers that cannot be refused. They say that even the Chechens are afraid of him. As a result, the register of shareholders of "INVESTTRAST" was generally closed to the general public, transferring the data to the holder of JSC "Registry". But, even having taken away almost everything from Kirilenko, the mighty Gruzdev forced the latter to sign a pledge agr eement for the remaining part of the shares from Kirilenko.

"Tse pid tomatoes."

Thus, Gruzdev guaranteed himself the return of the loan given to Kirilenko in the amount of (500 million) to the detriment of the other creditors of the future bankrupt. Somewhere earlier it was already written that the corporate identity of Gruzdev the businessman is to squeeze out their businesses for a pittance from former partners in a difficult time for them. "Bolivar can't stand two!"

As a source told, as a cherry on the cake, in January 2019 Gruzdev forced Kirilenko to give him 150 million rubles, which he received from the recent sale of real estate and planned to use to pay those creditors who have already presented him with demands for the repayment of debts owed to them. In fact, the money was simply blocked in Gruzdev's wallet - Finservice Bank, in which Kirilenko had an account.

All this fuss happened a couple of months before Teregulov's structure (Razvitie-Stolitsa Bank), slightly ahead of the rest of the creditors, because it was brewing for everyone, filed an application for declaring Kirilenko bankrupt to the Moscow Arbitration Court.

The case came to the well-known judge V. Klykova. And this is where the gravitational anomalies began, caused by the participation of supermassive influential bodies. A number of smaller creditors magically withdrew their claims a little later. NONE of the transactions made a couple of months before the bankruptcy was declared invalid! The cassation instance made a sluggish attempt to unfold the most egregious deal with the extraction of real 150 million rubles of money and call white white and black black. But, having returned to the first instance, everything again remained in its own circles.

Nothing has been cancelled.

Well... Not really anything. The Arbitration Court nevertheless showed civil courage and launched a deal between Kirilenko and his first wife, Mikhailova Veneta Mladenovna, a citizen of Bulgaria and the mother of his first son, to sell her a garage box in the residential complex Kuntsevo-4 in the village of Zarechye near Odintsovo in April 2019. Court ordered to return as many as 300,000 (Three hundred thousand) rubles to the bankruptcy estate! For reference: the total amount of debts, real and painted, presented to Sergei Kirilenko by creditors, real and fictitious, is about 4.5 billion (4,500,000,000) rubles.

The first financial manager in the Kirilenko bankruptcy case, Shinkarenko A.V., was the man of Rustem Teregulov and dug the earth. I dug under all transactions by all available means. Those creditors who became the beneficiaries of Kirilenko's assets did not like this and, at the first meeting of creditors, they pulled the interest blanket over themselves and appointed a new financial manager - Mitryakovich K.L. After which, of course, they breathed evenly.

And there was nothing to return to creditors. Omitting various trifles such as coffee manias-travel-floral services-narkomfins, only the brainchild of Sergei Kirilenko - INVESTTRAST JSC - is one of the largest developers of New Moscow. From the expertise of an independent appraiser appointed by the court, it follows that the company's value is more than 16 billion rubles. Enough for all affected creditors. But now 25% of the shares of INVESTTRAST, put up for auction on February 03, 2022, have an initial price of only 175 million, and even are burdened with a pledge not canceled by the court for a loan from Vladimir Gruzdev. And who needs a minority stake in a certain LLC, and even in the conditions of COVID-19 stagnation? However, stocking up on popcorn.

So, "I'm sorry, Bob, that your bay broke her leg" - it works, and the rest of the real creditors of the former FORBES, the "former" husband of a golf star and the father of three wonderful children, Sergey Kirilenko, master the art of sucking paws and plotting revenge.

To be continued

Roman Trushkin.