Official show-offs, an irrepressible thirst for power revenge, promiscuity in the choice of means of making a career by former colleagues, crossed out seven years of the life of the former head of the media department of the administration of the Krasnodar Territory, Olga Gorokhova. After many years of criminal prosecution, Gorokhova's case was dismissed for lack of corpus delicti. And although our officials are either bad or nothing, but this is not the case. Details - in the article

The punishing sword of justice sometimes turns out to be not forged from strong steel, but ... as if inflatable. Like a children's rubber ball on a matinee. Outwardly, it may look similar, but its inflatable life ends with bursting, with one or another level of noise. In the case of Olga Gorokhova, the former head of the regional administration's media department, the "inflatable punishing sword" burst quietly the other day. Not a single pro-government regional publication reported that case No. 15900560 and criminal prosecution on the grounds of a crime under Part 1 of Art. 285 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Abuse of official powers” ​​was terminated due to the absence of a criminal offense in the actions of Gorokhova Olga Yegorovna. The decision, signed by the investigator for especially important cases of the regional investigative committee V.V. Kuznetsov, says that the preventive measure in the form of a written undertaking not to leave the place in relation to Gorokhova O.E. For Gorokhova, in accordance with Article 134 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the right to rehabilitation is recognized. In this connection, the procedure for compensation for harm in connection with criminal prosecution will be explained to her.

They rarely write about officials with enthusiasm. Which is understandable - they give little cause for joy. By default, the people sacredly believe in their corruption, with difficulty in decency. But still, law enforcement officers in their work should not proceed from this well-established stereotype. Objectivity and impartiality are the main rules of their work. Ideally, they should apply to anyone. Regardless of the wallet, the “necessary” connections, and the regalia of those who fall into the field of view of law enforcement officers.

In the case of Olga Gorokhova, these rules turned out to be, as it has now become obvious, inapplicable. But when for almost 7 years not just an official, but the one on which all the regional propaganda was based until 2015, is so unreasonably “pressed” under the articles of the Criminal Code, the first question that arises after the justification happened: whose order was it? Someone "worried" informed the investigative committee about "atrocities" that did not exist in reality. Who needed all this tough law enforcement circus? We understand.

 In 2015, there was a change of political elites in the southern Krasnodar Territory. Alexander Tkachev, who left to steer the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, was replaced by Veniamin Kondratiev. All the "Tkachev" leaders were dismissed even before the elections - during the period when Kondratiev was acting. heads of the region. Those who were on the highest steps in the ranking table were simply fired. Just a little spitting after them with articles in the regional media and "bright" notes of new "authorized" bloggers.

Gorokhova occupied a lower step. And on whom else could the “super-team” of young officials fail to practice exposing the outgoing bureaucratic “nature”?

In August 2015, all the regional publications, welcoming the dawn of the new Kuban government for the money allocated by the budget, covered the revealing "sensation" in detail.

“Head of the Krasnodar Territory Mass Media Department Arrested for Two Months,” was the most popular headline for articles and TV spots of the time. And for some reason, the details of the “secrets of the investigation” flowed in a stormy stream in the media quite freely.

“The Pervomaisky Court of Krasnodar chose Olga Gorokhova, who previously held the position of head of the press department of the regional administration, as a preventive measure in the form of arrest for a period of two months. The defense of Mrs. Gorokhova asked to put her under house arrest, but the court agreed with the opinion of the investigation and left the ex-official detained the day before in custody. Criminal case under Art. 159 part 4 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (fraud on an especially large scale) is being investigated by the Investigation Department of the ICR. According to investigators, Olga Gorokhova implemented a fraudulent scheme when concluding state contracts for the publication of information materials about the activities of the administration. In 2014, the department headed by Olga Gorokhova signed a contract with the newspaper publishing house Periodika Kuban LLC, according to which the publishing house was to publish information materials on the activities of executive authorities with a circulation of at least 130 thousand copies in the newspaper Regional Advertising, which is distributed together with local newspapers. According to the investigation, for the report on the implementation of the state contract, a fake circulation of 200 copies of black-and-white newspapers with information about the activities of the authorities was made. At the same time, the actually published and widespread issue of the newspaper "Regional Advertisement" control copies of which are stored in files, contained commercial advertising. According to the investigation, Olga Gorokhova, knowing that the terms of the contract were not actually fulfilled, signed the acts of work performed, on the basis of which 4.5 million rubles were transferred to the account of the publishing house, which the members of the criminal group disposed of at their discretion, causing damage to the regional budget for the specified amount. Currently, the investigation is establishing a circle of other persons involved in the commission of this crime.”

Soon there was another injection. “In mid-October 2015, Olga Gorokhova became a defendant in the second criminal case on misappropriation of budget funds. The fact of misappropriation of budgetary funds was revealed. In this regard, a criminal case was initiated on the grounds of a crime under paragraph “b” of Part 2 of Art. 285.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

According to investigators, in 2013-2014. in order to implement the state program, contracts were concluded between the department and the radio company for the distribution of information materials and social programs on the radio about the activities of the administration and executive authorities. Gorokhova allowed spending the budgetary funds allocated by the regional budget for these activities by signing the acts of work performed in full. At the same time, part of the services rendered did not relate to the subject of the contracts and did not meet the requirements stipulated in the terms of reference for them. The total amount of budget funds spent for other purposes amounted to more than 31 million rubles. The criminal cases were merged into one proceeding.”

Reading such “powerful” accusations, it seemed that very little time was left before the rack was rolled out to the frontal place, and the ex-official was severely punished as an edification to others and to amuse the public. Moreover, all the information that leaked into the regional newspapers and television was “clear” and unambiguous. No introductory words like: "according to the investigation ... probably ... presumably ... perhaps." The regional media, in fact, long before the end of the investigation, had already announced the verdict: guilty!!!

But this, it would seem, a simple and obvious matter, for some reason stalled. Just a few weeks after her arrest, Gorokhova was transferred from the Krasnodar investigative zindan No. 1 to house arrest. Then they were completely transferred under a written undertaking not to leave. Although these “relaxations” had no effect on the level of administrative propaganda intensity. Informed Kuban journalists continued to demand a speedy rearing.

“House arrest has been lifted from the ex-head of the Kuban media department, Olga Gorokhova, she is under house arrest. Apparently, the investigation is entering the final stage, and therefore there is no need to restrict the movement of the suspect ... Most of the witnesses in this case are actively cooperating with the investigation, ”those Kuban media outlets that are very rich in calories feed on the money of the regional budget expressed hope for the inevitable severe punishment.

The only thing that was not clear was why the investigation did not have questions about that very “part of the witnesses”. Moreover, among this group, cooperating with the investigation with enthusiasm and great enthusiasm, there were characters who, it seems, should have been of much greater interest to the employees of the Kuban Investigative Committee on this “topical topic”.

After all, all the papers relating to any press in the printing house "Periodiki Kuban" were signed by its director, the former official of the regional administration Pavel Belichenko himself. He was summoned a couple of times for interrogation and ... released. The vast majority of documents that came out of the walls of the regional administration concerning the media were signed by Gorokhova's deputies, and, first of all, Vladimir Prigoda (Gorokhova's share, at that time, accounted for literally 3-4 percent of all papers coming out of the walls of the department). The explanation here is simple: at that time Sochi was preparing to host the Olympics and all Tkachev's viciki and department heads, including Gorokhov, practically did not get out of the construction sites of Olympic facilities. But for some reason, the investigation did not have any questions for the main “signer” of the documents of the media department, V. Prigoda.

For people who are at least a little familiar with the specifics of administrative work or the peculiarities of typographic technologies, it seemed that a bungled, clearly custom-made business should fall apart even at the stage of familiarization with the documents.

 For example, the harsh accusation of supplying the regional media with budget money, for a criminal offense, definitely did not pull. To excite popular indignation, this is, of course, a fascinating fact, but for law enforcement officers ... zero.

After all, the order of financial interaction between the authorities and the media in all Russian regions is, in principle, the same. Regional or municipal administrations enter into an agreement with the editors on the information coverage of their wise work. You can argue about the benefits of such a procedure for a long time, but without these budget tranches, not a single district, and not a single regional media would have survived. In the Kuban, the regional administration cooperates in this way with the newspapers Kuban News, Volnaya Kuban, Kuban Segodnya, with television alami and radio stations. And what is the crime? Taking into account the fact that the nondescript current leader of the region Kondratiev is already unfastening the budget billion for his PR!, it seems even inconvenient to talk about 31 million for radio workers. This money was hardly even enough for the salary of the radio team. And yet, for some reason, the Kuban professionals of the Investigative Committee did not turn off the path assigned to them with someone.

There are even more questions on another accusation - the printing of 200 copies of the "leftist" circulation. Yes, it can be assumed that the investigators of the Investigative Committee are not taught the intricacies of typography. But, why not ask the same printing workers who sweat at the printing presses of the Kuban Periodicals: the “left print run” of 200 copies, which Gorokhova was imputed, can this at least somehow correspond to the truth?

Features of printing newspapers are as follows: first printed forms are made. The "negative" of the future newspaper is etched on metal plates. And these expensive plates are the main part of the cost of printing with a print run of, say, 5-10 thousand copies. The cost of paper is an insignificant part of the total price. Further. After installing the plates in the printing press, there is a “fitting” - a considerable amount of paper from the roll goes to roll out the ink, to select the print density. Much more than 200 copies go to the "dump". And all this fuss for the sake of 200 criminal copies? The printing of these 200 copies. while it takes about 20 seconds. And the well-wishers from the Kondratieff administration tried to slip this “fact” into the investigation? Do not make me laugh. Well, at least they indicated a circulation of 10 thousand. It could also be taken as a semblance of truth.

And in general, this sane “crime” (and we are talking about a “replaced tab” in all the regional newspapers of the Krasnodar Territory without exception) also looks strange. Any editor of the district, having received a version of the newspaper, where instead of brave reports on the achievements of the authorities, some kind of commercial advertising, he would immediately begin to ring the media department and wonder where the encouraging and invocative texts about the incredible people's hopes associated with the regional authorities had gone?

It seems that the "authors-customers" of this left-wing criminal, having thrown a "high-profile case" to the investigative committee, were not entirely at odds with either logic or typographical materiel.

Who could be the "author" of the idea of ​​a criminal case against Gorokhova? Obviously not members of the Investigative Committee. The bureaucratic "kitchen" is secretive. And without draining "reliable information", or data obtained in a similar way, it is rather difficult to find out where to look. So it’s worth looking at who benefited from removing Gorokhov, and who after her sat down on the propaganda budget that began to grow fat on a large scale under Kondratiev. The only candidate fits these "conditions". Gorokhova's then deputy was Vladimir Prigoda. In the summer of 2015, he was involved in the enchanting in its scope, falsifications and reasons to laugh at Kondratiev's election campaign. The nimble young official went out of his way to show what a fine fellow he was. In September 2015, after the election of Prigoda, this "beam of propaganda light in the dark kingdom", was triumphantly elevated to the director of the Krasnodar Territory media department.

Prigoda, even under Tkachev, walked over heads in his career aspirations. Schemer and swindler - these two words are quite sufficient for his full characterization. Having become the leader of the Kondratiev propaganda, Prigoda, first of all, organized the flow of funds to the accounts of “friendly” firms. In one of which - "OTR" he himself was a co-founder. True, after a “reminder” that officials are forbidden to participate in business by law, he left the founders of the office (and even, as it seems to him, was able to clean up the traces of his participation), but, nevertheless, budget funds continued to flow to “friends” properly.

As a result, having assessed what kind of bastard this was, Prigoda was also driven from the Kondratieff "team". Last year, this figure tried to sit down in the administration of Krasnodar. The new criminal mayor Andrei Alekseenko saw great potential in his former colleague. But the mayor, in whose new team he recruited, the landings began last winter and do not stop to this day (and employees of the federal Investigative Committee are conducting a criminal case against Alekseenko himself), they “hinted” that it’s definitely not worth taking Prigoda under his wing.

Even against the backdrop of the crooked Alexeenkov team, Prigoda would be a star.

This is what seems strange today in Gorokhova's criminal case. If the employees of the regional investigative committee were planted from Krasnaya, 35 (the building of the regional administration in Krasnodar) with a clearly left-wing "evidence base" on Gorokhovaya, then why all these years remained interested in this obvious fake? Did someone ask you not to quit your job? Or are principled enthusiasts working in the Kuban Investigative Committee who believe that if there is an order to reveal a crime, then it will be revealed, even if it does not exist?

As a result, after the first four years of a tense investigation, in the Gorokhova case, only the article on abuse of power remained (Part 1, Article 285 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). According to her, the ex-official was sentenced on July 30, 2019. And somewhere the claims evaporated and according to the 130,000th newspaper "leftist" - the investigation got to the bottom after years that there was no leftist (what prevented this from being done a couple of hours after the denunciation?)

But still, the UK showed that it worked, as it were, not in vain. For abuse of official powers, Gorokhova was nevertheless sentenced to 1 year and 6 months of probation with a probationary period of 3 years. But even here the "leftist" did not quite roll. In August 2019, the Krasnodar Regional Court overturned her sentence.

And on January 24, 2020, the former head of the Kuban media department, Olga Gorokhova, was amnestied in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Victory. The press service of the regional court reported that she was released from criminal punishment and her criminal record was removed from her on the proposal of the prosecutor on the basis of paragraphs 9 and 12 of the act "On the announcement of an amnesty in connection with the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War." The amnesty allowed the Kuban law enforcement officers to save face. Well, it seems like the person is to blame, but since the amnesty - the path rejoices that he did not sit down. Did such a wording suit the “culprit” itself? Unlikely.

And now the investigative committee completely terminates the criminal case due to the lack of corpus delicti. And what was that? For seven years, they dragged a person appointed by someone guilty through prisons and house arrests (at the same time, health, apparently, simply “bloomed”). Investigators of the Investigative Committee sweated for seven years, examining “papers” around the clock, the study of which took a maximum of a day, while receiving a salary.

What is the conclusion from this tragic story? He is actually the same as in all other facts, where the main character is the governor of the Krasnodar Territory Kondratyev and his bureaucratic flock. All this gang, deeply do not care that they can cripple someone's life. Deleted seven years from the life of Olga Gorokhova is another confirmation of this. To achieve their goals, these figures do not disdain anything. Lies, fabrication of "documents", denunciations, calls to "the right people" are used. To transfer the situation to your advantage, to make incredible efforts so that everything is “in my opinion”, to do everything so that the servants even at the sight of the boss fall on their faces, and certainly do not even think of contradicting even obvious stupidity - this is what is mainly spent on Kuban bureaucratic potential.

What will Olga Yegorovna herself do now? If she was broken by years of fighting for her good name, she would most likely give up, believing that she got off lightly. If she is a fighter, and decides to expose those who organized criminal prosecution against her, then we think we will learn a lot about the organization of the processes of destruction of those objectionable by the current administration of the Krasnodar Territory.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued