Fragments of the transport group RODIONOV-VELESEVICH-SIZOV, which is part of the Tambov organized criminal group, are clinging to the funds allocated for the development and modernization of the transport sector in St. Petersburg. Another "hero of our time" is Novgorodsky Maxim Sergeevich. He started in the same way as most of his "companions" in the transport gang - in the organs. For a long time he was the head of the profile department and during the service of Novgorodsky M.S. maintained deeply "friendly" relations with NW MUGADN. There he literally “got rich”. The source of his enrichment were:

• weight and size control of freight transport;

• control and supervisory activities of motor transport enterprises;

• control and supervisory activities of passenger transport during the execution of routes;

• issuance/non-issuance of licenses and permits.

   In all this machination, Novgorodsky, together with his “partners in the transport business”, pursued only two goals, but which ones: receiving personal remuneration for the underpayment of 1.5 billion rubles to the federal budget, as well as limiting competition by promoting a company friendly to them (Tisa LLC ). As a matter of fact, the standard scheme of work of RODIONOV-VELESEVICH-SIZOV-NOVGORODSKY. By the way, Rodionov, after all, was also an employee of the organs (with Novgorodsky, it was as if they studied the same manual “on cutting”).

   In principle, Novgorodsky has a biography similar to him. First, service in the authorities, dismissal due to a corruption scandal, then employment in the NW MUGADN, again dismissal due to corruption. With the support of Rodionov, Novgorodsky is appointed the head of the “Avtodorozhny” department of the SZ MUGADN, however, they are presented as the acting deputy head of the Department (remember the sign with the name of Rodionov and the position of adviser?)

   The head and deputy head of the transport department of the specialized service also supported and covered up Novgorodsky's crimes in every possible way. Using their official position, these two constantly exploited the vehicles of the Central MUGADN for personal and family purposes. During the “hard and fruitful work” of Novgorodsky, the amount of embezzlement amounted to more than 1.5 million rubles, and this already qualifies under Part 3 of Art. 160 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Assignment or embezzlement).

Novgorodsky M.S. in the Office he was the representative of the pseudo-silovik Rodionov. He made personnel decisions, all strategic and important decisions were made by him personally or only after his approval. In the absence of the Acting Head of the Directorate, he appointed the acting head of the Directorate - Novgorodsky, despite the fact that in fact and legally he was the head of the department, while in the service there was a full-fledged deputy head of the Directorate and the acting deputy head of the Directorate. From this it is clear who, from 2018 to 2021, was, in fact, at the helm of this department.

   If you look at the way of life of Maxim Sergeevich, you can with a clear conscience (which, alas, he himself cannot boast of) attach him to the middle class of the European type. Each family member (adult) has a car: the head of the family drives a Land Cruiser 200 *707** (before, by the way, he used to drive O***MR policemen, but now he tries not to draw attention to his person), further - GL 500 with the O *** MM series known to a narrow circle of people, then the new Renault jeep (distributes benefits between its own as competently as it "cuts" the financial resources of the region). The family of Novgorodsky and his immediate family owns about 10 multi-room apartments in the north of the city, all close to parks and the metro. Comrade Novgorodsky himself is very "careful" about his health - he lives in a three-ruble house with a view of the "State Yuntolovsky Nature Reserve", regularly visits health resorts on the sea coast.

   RODIONOV-VELESEVICH-SIZOV should be pleased, because Mr. Novgorodsky is now the deputy director of the State Unitary Enterprise Passazhiravtotrans. Well, yes ... deputy director ... "for cutting." 10-15 billion a year is the budget of this organization. As usual, up to half of the amount is stolen by the transport group of St. Petersburg, which, by its criminal actions, harms the region, thereby committing crimes against the safety of citizens, violating most of the constitutional rights of every inhabitant of the region. And these are former employees of the authorities ... It is obvious that the concepts of honor and conscience have atrophied, because there is only one motive for "activity" - the personal enrichment of each representative of this transport organized criminal group ... However, the recent inspection of Passazhiravtotrans by the Financial Control Committee and the subsequent seizure of documents operational services will send fragments of the St. Petersburg transport group to their destination.

   But the most active member of the St. Petersburg transport group (part of the Tambov organized crime group) RODIONOV-VELESEVICH-SIZOV-NOVGORODSKY is famous for his "talent" to distribute "honestly received" money ... In the photo, he could not restrain his emotions at the time of the interview about grouping SPb Metrostroy. What actually - he has strategic thinking or he is engaged in charity to his "comrade" Rodionov - is not clear. Is the most insidious and cynical accomplice and probably the most cautious - Velesevich A.A., holds the position of Deputy Chairman of the Transport Committee of St. Petersburg. Unlike his "companion" Rodionov, Velesevich does not demonstrate an idle lifestyle - as if he does not have such a fleet as his "partner", and allegedly does not own apartments in similar locations.

   Let's turn to the sources, judging by the Anti-Corruption Declaration (2019) - the annual income of Mr. Velesevich amounted to 1,893,550 rubles, i.e. the average monthly income was about 158 ​​thousand rubles. From 2016 to 2019, his income grew by 29%. It should be noted that the growth of incomes of the population in the same period was 14%. In the same period, the declared income of Velesevich himself was only 1,759,311 rubles. Judging by the declarations - Velesevich A.A. lives in an unremarkable area of ​​​​the city - the territory of Slavyanka, there are no registered cars on it, even the NISSAN QASHQAI on which he previously moved - no longer belongs to him. Relatives are also not the owners of factories and ships. But the numerous connections of Velesevich A.A. do not give rest. with companies in the region specializing in the field of transport, as well as companies from other regions of Russia that are engaged in the field, for example, construction. So, for example, Gefest LLC (TIN 7715980576) - managed to find out the connection of Comrade Velesevich with this organization.

Or, for example, Veles LLC (TIN 4703169110), where it is interesting that this company went into liquidation very quickly in July 2021 (just at the moment of close attention to the figure of Velesevich), in the stage of which it is to this day .

It would seem that quite a "transparent" picture of the life of Velesevich A.A., as well as his supposed devotion to "comrade" Rodionov. But if you dig a little further, then here is something to think about - the previously sold NISSAN QASHQAI belongs to a person (relative) who, in addition to an old Korean car, owns a Mercedes car (the approximate cost of which is 5 million rubles). So how does a person whose annual income is three times lower get the opportunity to purchase such a car ... A mystery! What, probably, was presented ... numerous fabricated results of auctions and competitions. Nevertheless, in comparison with his accomplice Rodionov, Velesevich, according to the documents, is a goal like a falcon. However, the operational services, perfectly understanding the scope of theft and one of the main roles in the transport grouping of the SPB RODIONOV-VELESEVICH-SIZOV-NOVGORODSKY, naturally determined both the presence and location of the money in the mattress and the nominal owners who store the funds and property unjustly acquired by Velesevich.

In the near future, Velesevich himself and his accomplices will go straight to the investigator’s office, and from there immediately to Moscow and on the train following his organizer of the transport gang Rodionov.

   Citizens are crooks: sell your property for now and transfer money to orphanages. After all, it's just as right. Why torment children, forcing them to wait for arrests, confiscations and implementation. Do it yourself. Lighten your soul. You won't need it anymore. Can you find the address yourself?

To be continued

Timofey Zabiyakin