The former head of the company "accord" businessman Ilgar Hajiyev sent an appeal to the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. In it he accuses the authoritative businessman of God Nisanov of threats, blackmail and extortion. This is not the first such story for Nisanov, Earlier Moscow lawyer Elman Pashayev reported threats and beating by Nisanov. A former millionaire Telman Ismailov, according to sources, stated that the God Nisanov may be involved in the shooting of "thief in law" Rovshan janiev in Istanbul. However, after receiving a suitcase with banknotes, Ismailov refused the words.

From the statements of the victims it follows that, in committing their crimes, nisanov references ... Vladimir Putin and his "roof" in the FSB,    

In 2013, Galina Vasilyeva signed a contract with lawyers Elman Pashayev to represent her interests in the divorce case with her husband – Mikhail, Deputy General Director of the Radisson Slavyanskaya hotel. After the next court session to Pashayev called and suggested to approach on negotiations on conditions of the potential settlement agreement between spouses. The meeting was scheduled in the office of the shopping center "European", where he was waiting for Vasiliev in the company Of Nisanov, co-owner of the shopping center and a friend Vasiliev. Pashayev was offered "to get out of the deal for a decent fee", and after the refusal the guards were invited to the room, who, as the lawyer said, twisted him and put him on his knees. Nisanov and Vasiliev allegedly Pashayeva personally beat him, and then nisanov noticed the victim in the photo, where he awards the medal of Vladimir Putin. The businessman allegedly indicated that he has a "roof" over your head, and then promised if the stars will tell something about what happened, "will not survive." Further the lawyer, according to own words, two more hours kept connected and at some point wanted to throw drugs, but changed the mind. After the incident, Pashayev recorded beatings and appealed to the TFR, the presidential administration, the Moscow Prosecutor's office. But for Nisanov all ended in nothing.

 As previously mentioned, in 2018, Telman Ismailov wrote a letter to the President of Russia, in which he claimed nisanov's involvement in a number of criminal stories, including the shooting of the "thief in law" Rovshan janiev (Rovshan Lenkoran). As it turned out, then nisanov experienced the worst days in his entire business career: smuggling channels are almost closed; financial flows are about to "dry up". And here, as it is impossible inopportunely, there was a publication on our website which added to the billionaire "headaches". At first, he decided to refute it at low cost. But it didn't. Then a delegation of elders and common relatives went to Ismailov. The task is to convince Ismailov to refuse to testify. Ismailov, who now drags a miserable financial existence, from the crazy and large money did not give up.

No sooner had the passion from this scandal subsided, as well as searches on all the wounds of Nisanov, as a new scandal broke out. Ilgar Hajiyev accused Nisanov of addressing the head of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in seizing all his business. However, he claimed that he Nisanov called threats of "thieves in law". Now the businessman developed the topic in his address to Ilham Aliyev. He says that even faced with extortion by Nisanov.   

Speaking about the background of the conflict that led to the raider seizure of all his business, Hajiyev notes that in 2014 he purchased for $70 million (about 2 billion rubles at that time) in equal shares with businessman Herman Zakharyaev and his brother Isai a plot for residential development in the suburban village of Pirogov and received 50% of shares in the company "Comfort real estate"created for the project. Zaharieva made its share of the nominee. On the site, the construction of a residential complex comfort class "Pirogovskaya Riviera". The General contractor was "accord-Stroy", the Builder — SDI Group.

"At the initial stage I kept all the cases and supervised the construction from before, but at the end of 2014 Zaharieva appointed its Director General and dismissed me from operational management. However, after we did not meet the deadline for commissioning of the first stage, I tried to return the project to my hands. Unable to achieve this, he considered it necessary to enter into negotiations with Nisanov.

In the end I had to buy a share Zakhariyevych and to take in partners AB Imanilov, which represents the interests of Nisanov. The change of partners, as I was explained, was necessary to support my growing business, which could provide such a reputable businessman as nisanov. In construction, meanwhile, had invested a lot of money, there real estate investors, and I was not", - reads the statement of the businessman, which is in the possession .

And on January 25 there was a Frank capture of office of the company on Kutuzovsky Avenue.

"Broke into the office, took a room and demanded all implicitly obey the instructions of a certain Flery Teplinskaya, which is representative of the God Nisanov. And the next day there came a cousin of the God Nisanov – Vladislav Yusupov, who gathered the top managers of the company and announced that from now on he is the new owner of the company and all employees must follow the instructions of only him and Teplinskaya. Yusupov demanded that he was given flash drives and electronic Bank keys," Hajiyev writes in his address.

"Mr. President, you are now my only and last hope. The fate of the SDI Group, which employs hundreds of Azerbaijani citizens, is in Your hands. I do not understand how people who wear the order of merit to the Fatherland on their chest can be so merciless to their own people. I ask You to take control of the situation and help to resolve the issue in the legal sphere.

After forceful capture of SDI Group from representatives of God Nisanov different threats, up to physical violence arrive to my address. They threaten with inspections of my companies of the Federal security service, the Ministry of internal Affairs and other Supervisory bodies of the Russian Federation. Pressure is also exerted by extorting money."


To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov