A quick businessman, Telman Ismailov, wrote a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin. In it, he claims that he was the victim of former business partners of the Year Nisanov and Zakhar Iliev and claims that they may be involved in a number of criminal stories. In particular, according to, in fact Ismailov accused Nisanov of being involved in the execution of the “kingpin” Rovshan Dzhaniev (Rovshan Lankaran) in Turkey.

It is worth noting that Telman Ismailov is a man who knows a lot about Nisanov and Iliev. All together they owned the famed Cherkizovsky market. Moreover, the main thing in this "bundle" was Ismailov. When Cherkizon was closed, everything changed places. The "Kings" of Chinese consumer goods and steel markets were Nisanov and Iliev, who opened many new sites ("Gardener", "Moscow", etc.). And Ismailov remained at the “broken trough”. Then he was accused of murder and he went on the run. Now Telman is on the international wanted list.

Ismailov considered that it was not fair to be the accused alone and decided to start "flushing" the former partners. The form for this he chose as a message to the head of state. It contains a lot of interesting things. In this article we will focus on one moment. According to, Ismailov sets out such a version of the murder of Rovshan Janiyev.

When the Year of Nisanov and Zakhar Iliev opened the Food City agricultural cluster, their main task was to lure traders and wholesalers to this site. They preferred to work in the markets controlled by the Azerbaijani mafia, including the “thief in law” Rovshan Dzhaniyev (Rovshan Lyankoransky). First of all, the merchants were afraid to change their former points, because they knew that reprisals from Rovshan would inevitably follow.

As a result, Nisanov turned for help to “the thief in law” Vagif Suleymanov, and he shared the problem with “thief in law No. 1” Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Young). He gave the go-ahead to the "weaning" of merchants from Rovshan and to relocate them to Food City. As a result, some of the merchants managed to lure on Food City. But most continued to be afraid. Everyone knew how soon Rovshan Dzhaniev would be punished. The main concentration of wholesalers was the Four Seasons market, controlled by the Ananev and Timofey Kurgin brothers. And all the Azerbaijani traders who worked on it, submitted to Rovshan. While this situation remained, Food City was not worth counting on large profits.

According to Ismailov’s version, which has familiarized with, after long negotiations, Nisanov and Iliev managed to find a common language (first of all, the financial component of the issue) with Dzhaniev. In addition, he had differences with the Ananyevs and the Kurgin. As a result, Rovshan gave the go-ahead for the massive relocation of traders and wholesalers from the Four Seasons to Food City.

Huge profits flowed into the pockets of Nisanov and Iliev. As Ismailov believes, at some point, the couple found Janieva’s financial appetite too high and decided to cut his share. A conflict arose between Nisanov, Iliev and the “thief in law”.

By this time, Rovshan was reconciled with Kurgin. Therefore, he threatened Nisanov and Iliev that he would outrun all wholesalers and traders back to the Four Seasons. Immediately after this, the “thief in law” was shot dead in Istanbul. Telman Ismailov assures that he has information about Nisanov’s involvement in the incident.

To be continued

Maxim Voevodin