Tverskoy court of Moscow arrested for two months a former member of the Board of Directors of the Bank "European Express" Oleg Kuzmin. According to Kommersant, he is charged with participation in a criminal community engaged in the withdrawal of funds from Russia under the so-called Moldovan scheme. The total amount of fraud is estimated at hundreds of billions of rubles, it involved about two dozen credit institutions. Mr. Kuzmin assured that he was not going to hide and was ready to cooperate with the investigation, but the court granted the application for his arrest.

                  As found, "Moldavskaya scheme" is only the "tip of the iceberg" of diverse activities Kuzmina, better known in certain circles as Oleg the Station. Through its channels passed a significant part of the funds from the markets of the God Nisanov.

                  Oleg Kuzmin the identity of the shadow bankers is well known. His office was in the building of Paveletsky station, for which he received the nickname Oleg Station. Kuzmin is one of the largest operators in Moscow to work with cash. In this regard, he is personally acquainted with many participants of the shadow market, big businessmen, representatives of intelligence services, etc. Among his friends there is also a billionaire God Nisanov. Moreover, their relationship was not just friendly. The Central Bank has repeatedly stated that the main channel for the illegal circulation of cash outside the banking sector are the objects of the God Nisanov - shopping center "Moscow", TC "Gardener", "Food city". Just with huge amounts of cash from "Moscow" and "Gardener" and worked Oleg Kuzmin. At the trial, he said that he was "ready to testify in full." And given the fact that deal with the shadow financial channels Nisanov-Kuzmin personally instructed Vladimir Putin, this story can be an interesting continuation. Unless, of course, the security forces decide once again to ignore the instruction of the head of state.

                  Recall that in April 2019, Vladimir Putin instructed the government and the FSB to work out measures to combat the shadow turnover of cash and goods in the Russian markets. The corresponding order addressed to the head of government and the Director of the FSB, was given by the head of state after receiving a letter from the Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina, in which she pointed to the huge shadow financial flows of the markets "Gardener", "Moscow" and "Food city" (all controlled by the God Nisanov).

                  In September 2018, the Director of the Department of financial monitoring and currency control of the Bank of Russia Yuri Polupanov said the following: banks in the last two years have ceased to actively engage in illegal cashing of money. According to him, retail shadow trade has become the main channel for illegal cash circulation outside the banking sector. In Moscow, the largest operators of cash circulation — shopping center "Moscow" (Lublin), TC "Gardener" (in the South-East of the capital, near MKAD) and "Food city" (Kaluga highway, New Moscow), said Yuri Polupanov. "We have accumulated quite a large amount of information on the activities of this sphere, it is time to send it all to law enforcement agencies, which we will do safely," - said the representative of the Central Bank of Russia.

         That is, the Central Bank directly accused the God Nisanov in cashing and legalization of huge sums. According after that the relevant authorities will have hard discussions with Niconovum. It was announced to him that by the end of November 2018, all these shady "laundries" should be closed. However, the warning did not work. Then in March the markets Nisanov was raided. But it was nothing more than a show. Extremely rich God Nisanov "solved" their problems. In April, Putin's instructions followed. But it did not affect the activities of Nisanov's structures. Kuzmin's arrest may be the beginning of the end of Nisanov. Or will money win again?


To be continued


Yuri Turns