Source: continues to publish an investigation about the former head of the Investigative Department of the interior Ministry Yuri Alekseev, who was considered a protege in the law enforcement unit of Arkady Rotenberg.  In the last publication, we talked about how Alekseev covered the persons who carried out the raider seizure of "daughter" of RAO "UES" JSC "Sevzapenergosetproekt" and "Frunzenskaya fruit and vegetable base". And for this he attracted the attention of members of the investigative team, investigating the case against the shadow owner of St. Petersburg Vladimir Kumarin. I even went on the interview. This publication will focus on how Alekseev provided services to "raider №1" Vladimir Palihata. leads a monologue of a former employee of the interior Ministry, who witnessed all these events and has an opinion about them: "the Notorious investigator of the GSU GU MVD in Moscow Nelly Dmitrieva indirectly has to do with the history associated with Yuri Fedorovich Alekseev. In 2003 in production of SD at the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation there was a case of the large organized criminal group which was engaged in a fake of dollars. It consisted mainly of people from Chechnya and Dagestan. Among these characters wormed and the head of the company "Infico" Vladimir Kasatkin. With the help of Alexeev Kasatkin decided to kill "two birds with one stone". In the case of fakes Kasatkin turned into a solid witness, not a suspect, and even more so the accused. At the same time the head of "Infico" tried to solve another problem. The team of the famous raider Vladimir palihata seized two buildings on Bauman street (now there are units of the RF IC). Kasatkin (okay not just) asked Alexeyeva to bring a case on this fact. The agreed. As a result, the materials for the buildings were initially attached to the case of the fakes, and then four volumes of "dumped" in the internal Affairs Directorate of Moscow. They got to the investigator Nelly Dmitrieva. She quickly found a common language with the people of palihata (they actively stimulated such actions of investigators), but she did not dare to make any decisions. Dmitrieva went to bow to Yuri Fedorovich and found full understanding. As a result the investigator wrote the resolution on refusal about initiation of legal proceedings, - the interlocutor told the obvious deception, Kasatkin decided to return to the services of Yuri Fedorovich. This time the head of "Infiko" asked Alexeyeva to cancel the decision Dmitrieva and still prosecute. Yuri Fedorovich agreed. However, asked all further negotiations be conducted through two trusted people-employees of the organizational Department of the UK Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Budko and Kaldina. When receiving a large sum of money from Kasatkin Budko was detained. Also interrogated Kaldin. Both of them refused to testify on Alekseev, as a result Yury Fedorovich left responsibility. For his taciturnity Calden was awarded Alekseev position as chief of one of departments of the UK Ministry of internal Affairs".

Roman Trushkin

To be continued