Source: Rucriminal

Readers of, who are nostalgic for the "stormy" and still relatively free 2010, were extremely impressed with the material about the fate of the girl Ekaterina Gerasimova (better known as Katya Mu-Mu). In 2010, she for a short time became a real star. Katya under the pretext of a journalist got acquainted with various well-known politicians and journalists. She pretended to fall in love with them and dragged her into a rented apartment, equipped with a lot of hidden video cameras. In addition to sex, oppositionists were offered other accompanying entertainment: cocaine, things for BDSM, etc. Curators Mu-Mu from several cameras filmed all this obscenity, and in April 2010 posted videos in the network. The audience could see how Alexander Potkin (Belov) and Viktor Shenderovich had Mumu from behind. Along the way, the last one blew a mattress in Gerasimova's rented apartment. Eduard Limonov took possession of the girl from the front, without removing his trousers completely and hitting her legs high. Mikhail Fishman snorted a portion of cocaine before sex. After this story, Katya disappeared. Many even thought that she was not even alive. Especially this topic was exaggerated by the oppositionists: they say that the agent fulfilled the task and was eliminated.

In November 2016, told that Katya is all right and she lives better than many. The girl settled in Italy, gave birth to a child, leads a normal lifestyle. Moreover, then Katya just arrived in Moscow. After the publication of the article, the readers filled us with questions. Did Katya stay in Russia? Has anything changed during this time?

As a result, decided to return to this topic and tell a little more about the life of the "renewed" Katya.

From Moscow, the girl flew back to Italy with her child and is not going to return, at least for permanent residence. Katia prefers her relatives to visit her in Italy. There she basks in the sun, travels a lot and does nothing much.

On what money Katya lives is not clear, but clearly there are not very many of them. Enough end to end. Therefore, he uses a modest machine. However, the driver from it is clearly not very good.

Despite the fact that seven years have passed since the scandalous history, and Katya has matured considerably, she still has some old habits. She still likes to pose in front of cameras with an inflated bubble of gum. And on her body there are all new tattoos. As a result, "fresh" images were added to those images that "porn" viewers could see with the oppositionists.

Source: Rucriminal