During the period when Vladimir Putin declared 2022-2031 the decade of science and technology in Russia, a big war is approaching right outside Moscow between Umar Kremlev and one of the most influential scientists, Mikhail Kovalchuk. Details - at

Following the Drakino park received for free, the Kremlin's appetite grew to the point that this time the whole of Serpukhov near Moscow with the area attached to it fell into the zone of his interests. There is an opinion that the recently appointed head of Serpukhov, Sergei Nikitenko, was appointed to the post precisely at the request of Umar Kremlev.

 For half a year now, Serpukhov has been under the external control of the Boxing Federation, where the Kremlin put its head in the leadership of the city. The goal from the side is plausible - to pick up and redistribute the yet unsold real estate of Shestun. But appetite comes with eating. And the Kremlin, perhaps after consulting with his high-ranking friends from law enforcement agencies, decided to get his hands on the two science cities of the Russian Federation adjacent to Serpukhov, Pushchino and Protvino. No sooner said than done, and already the council of deputies of Serpukhov, subordinates of the Kremlin, inform that in connection with Serpukhov's takeover of science cities, it is necessary to prepare for new elections of deputies in September 2022. On the possible merger, immediately on that day, the deputy of the Council of Deputies Yana Kiblicki announced in his telegram channel ( Science cities, in turn, have long been in the area of ​​attention of the President of the National Research Center Kurchatov Institute M. Kovalchuk, who is busy with the Government of the Russian Federation about their additional funding and the construction of a high-tech scientific center in Protvino on the basis of IHEP. It is planned to allocate more than 150 billion rubles within ten years.

The fight will be interesting. Who will win the boxer with the support of the security forces or scientists with the support of President Putin

The government of the Moscow region is still silent and is also waiting for the development of the situation. But they won’t be able to remain silent for a long time, as a federal scandal is coming. With the merger of Serpukhov, Pushchino and Protvino, Russia will lose two promising science cities for the development of the Russian Federation.

Quite unnoticed was the news that the International Boxing Association (AIBA) banned Russian and Belarusian boxers from participating in international tournaments. The organization suspended athletes and officials, including referees, belonging to the national federations of Russia or Belarus. At the same time, the association "condemned the violation of the Olympic Truce and military actions against Ukraine."

The decision was made by the Board of Directors at an emergency meeting on March 4. And this despite the fact that the head of the association is Umar Kremlev, the former Secretary General of the Russian Boxing Federation, who has a criminal record for extortion and beatings.

The Kremlin has a lot of assets in the Russian Federation. In the betting industry alone, he earned 10-20 million rubles daily. He is also the founder of a company that has a gambling license. A number of bookmakers are registered in his name or people associated with him. In addition, the lottery business also went under the control of the Kremlin. The Kremlin owns several luxury properties in Russia. Earning hundreds of millions in the Russian Federation, today the Kremlin blocks its athletes and opposes the actions of its leadership. This is no longer "on two chairs" ...

To be continued

Arseny Dronov