New deeds of "old friends" are emerging - the family clan of Alexander Kozlov and Alena Sokolskaya, well-known in the Moscow region. Kozlov is a former deputy prosecutor of Moscow and the prosecutor of the Tula region, and his wife, Alena Sokolskaya, is the head of the Klin city district.

For the past ten years, the couple has been the subject of various corruption scandals. One of them is connected with the possession of unregistered real estate in Spain, Turkey, the Canary Islands. All this was supposed to end with the seizure of good in the state revenue - they hushed it up. Also, this couple should have been serving a sentence for a whole bunch of abuses a long time ago. And it was hushed up.

Now the Investigative Committee in the Moscow Region is again sluggishly reacting to new episodes of their atrocities.

An entrepreneur from Klin filed a statement with the investigating authorities, in which he claims that Alena Sokolskaya demanded a bribe from businessmen. For conspiracy, they had to be handed over to Archpriest of the Russian Orthodox Church Yevgeny Malkov. He, in turn, passed them on to Alena Sokolskaya. The businessman said that he thus transferred 2.5 million rubles to his father Yevgeny.

It was not difficult to establish a close connection between the official and the clergy - assuming the position of the head of the city of Klin, Alena Sokolskaya received the blessing of father Yevgeny under the lenses of reporters. They also recreated the Fund for Assistance to the Trinity Cathedral in the city of Klin, where Sokolskaya is the chairman. However, over the eight years of the foundation's existence, the residents of Klin did not notice any changes in the restoration of the temple.

It is noteworthy that Alena's husband, former prosecutor Alexander Kozlov, holds the post of executive director of SOFRIO ART AND PRODUCTION ENTERPRISE OF THE RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH, specializing in the manufacture of church utensils.

Apparently, the family clan is doing quite well.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued