We continue to talk about a powerful combination operating in the market of resolvers and hostile takeovers. We are talking about the resource retired general of the Investigative Committee of Russia Igor Komissarov and his brother, a St. Petersburg lawyer, Andrei Komissarov. At one time they undertook to solve almost any issue, they solved it expensively, but reliably. Igor Komissarov's connections in Moscow and closeness to the head of the Investigative Committee opened up almost limitless possibilities. The businessmen who got into the development of the Komissarov brothers could come out either "feet first" or not at all businessmen, criminal prosecution and arrests made people quickly accommodating. On the contrary, those who came under the reliable guardianship of the Komissarovs did not have to worry about problems with law enforcement and fiscal authorities.

As a source told, like any self-respecting general exposed by the authorities, General Komissarov Igor in each city had teams of close law enforcement and investigative officers working for the benefit of the Komissarov brothers' bunch: a lawyer and a major general of the TFR. Of course, not unselfishly, but receiving, in addition to material benefits, all kinds of "buns" in the form of an extraordinary title, promotion and other earthly joys. Partially the problems with intractable businessmen and even businesswomen were closed by two of the casket - the oligarch operative Dmitry Budnevich and the modest investigator of the district investigation committee Dreeris Vladislav. Each of them owed something to the Major General and carried out all his orders, coordinating all the delicate issues, as they say, on the ground. Dmitry Budnevich for two years of work in the police changed a whole vehicle fleet and moved in two cars in turns, but with the same state registration plates and very similar in appearance, except that the number of doors did not converge. In his fleet there was a top-end version of the black Audi A7 RS 7 with a 420 hp engine. and the same Audi, but a coupe. He always parked his car right at the entrance to the SEB and PC, where he served. Colleagues at work and employees of the OSB Ministry of Internal Affairs did not notice this, however, like everything else, and Dmitry Budnevich felt like a king in life. He did not hesitate to show his wealth and shone with a collection of "week" watches, everything was forgiven by the management, he "kept" the entire souvenir business selling amber in the region, all car services and with the permission of the district prosecutor's office in the form of deputy District Attorney Petrov Yevgenia did not hesitate to raid other people's territories around the city with his colleagues. As a rule, the SEB accepted an application from a pocket informant about a crime, then the entire staff went out to allegedly inspect the scene and, under this guise, took out all office equipment from businessmen, paralyzing the work of enterprises. Budenevich went to business with a pistol, as befits a major on duty, when they were not given a combat one, he went with a traumatic one. According to the income statement, Police Major Dmitry Budnevich lived in Khrushchev and owned a VAZ 21099, and in life he was a lucky promising and packed, even a very wealthy policeman. The second member of the duo was less successful or did not display his wealth. He worked as an assistant to a judge of the Moskovsky district and later became an investigator in the same district of the Investigative Committee. Naturally, such issues as arrest, preventive measure or seizure of property, he solved quickly and professionally guaranteed.

According to a source of, this duet worked for itself, since Budnevich Dmitry and Dreeris Vladislav were familiar for a long time, even before Budnevich came to the police. Rumor has it that it was Dreeris Vladislav who called Dmitry Budnevich into the scheme of police-investigative earnings. In general, we will focus on one resonant case, which they performed at the request of Igor Komissarov.

There is such a bank in St. Petersburg, a bank without ATMs, but with an abundance of exchangers - this is Sauber Bank. This bank was and is one of the key figures of Alexander Timokhin, a multimillionaire and everything as it should be. He is a co-owner of the Sauber bank and the owner of the Pechatnya complex in Kolpino. This respected businessman had a wife, Anna Timokhina. The couple quarreled with mutual claims and decided to divorce, along the way trying to divide the children and money. Anna Timokhina went to court for the payment of alimony-compensation, and the Vyborg court accepted a record claim for 1 million pounds. Anna at that time lived in London most of the time. It is not known in what ways, but Anna Timokhina contacted commercial police major Dmitry Budnevich, who offered her to put pressure on her husband, that is, promised to organize a criminal prosecution of Alexander Timokhin and force him to give Anna money without a trial. Anna Timokhina paid for the services of Dmitry Budnevich, provided all the documents confirming the existence of financial fraud in her husband's bank, and flew to London.

Будневич Дмитрий и Дреерис Владислав

And the respected banker Alexander Timokhin went to the lawyer of Komissarov Andrey with a request to help play the frisky Major Budnevich Dmitry and incidentally somehow punish his ex-wife. There were many publications about this story in the press, since Anna Timokhina was and is a famous person, shortly before these events she starred in the clip of actress Anna Semenovich "I want to be with you" as a woman who stole a man from his legal wife. Andrey Komissarov turned to his brother, Major General Igor Komissarov, and he promised to arrange everything. Dmitry Budnevich officially informed Dreeris Vladislav that Anna Timokhina decided to order her husband and allegedly wants to give him a bribe, the report was recorded and all that remained was to lure Timokhina and tell her to bring the money. Budnevich told Timokhina that he needed another 10 thousand dollars and urgently spoke from his fictitious page in the VKontakte messenger, where he is referred to as “Dmitry Mitrichev”. Anna Timokhina took a new pack of dollars, got on the plane and went straight from the plane to see Dmitry Budnevich in the Department for Economic Crimes, to the department and to the office, where she put a pack of crispy banknotes on his table. Everything turned out as well as possible, albeit roughly. Anna Timokhina was detained right in the office of the police major, everything was drawn up by Dreeris Vladislav, then the arrest and pre-trial detention center.

09/05/18 The court of first instance appointed Anna Timokhina only 4 years old, although the fork was from 7 to 12, and the woman was sent to the colony. On October 31, 2018, her case was submitted to the City Court of St. Petersburg for an appeal. November 7, 2018 The city court returned the case to the district court in order to eliminate formal technical inaccuracies, which is rare, but the procedure is provided for. On December 4, 2018, the case was re-submitted to the court of appeal, but the city court did not change anything significant in the verdict.

All this time, Anna Timokhina, who is in the women's pre-trial detention center No. 5 on Arsenalnaya Street, continues to create the lifestyle of a wealthy lady. For example, during October 2018, she repeatedly called London, where her account with Hambros Bank accumulates serious amounts that she inherited both in marriage and under a marriage contract after a divorce from her husband. In a phone call to the personal manager of the bank, Anna Timokhina gives instructions to transfer 250 thousand euros, allegedly for the purchase of a yacht. Probably, this "yacht" went into the right hands (maybe even the Komissarovs), since Anna Timokhina's affairs began to improve dramatically.

The Presidium of the St. Petersburg City Court ruled to release Anna from the colony, the ex-wife of the beneficiary of the Sauber Bank and the “inhabitant” of the billionaire rating Alexander Timokhin. This is one of the results of the consideration of the lawyers' cassation appeal against the judgment of the Moscow District Court in the case of giving a bribe of 10 thousand dollars and the appeal ruling, which upheld this decision.

Having partially satisfied the cassation appeal of the lawyer Tatyana Zhuravleva, the Presidium of the City Court also reclassified the charge against Anna Timokhina as an unfinished composition, that is, attempted bribe-giving, and as a result reduced the sentence by one year. Up to three years. Police Major Dmitry Budnevich appeared in court and stated that he did not take the money in his hands, therefore there was no bribe, but only an attempt. Moreover, the secular lioness should now serve the unseen woman after her son reaches the 14th birthday. The postponement will last until July 27, 2025. The deputy prosecutor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Chubykin, objected to the satisfaction of the cassation appeal. But in the end, the defense came out the winner, and of course the money.

This story has a Happy ending. Police Major Dmitry Budnevich, after this story, went on a promotion, became the deputy head of the SEB and PK of the Kirovsky region, the same one where the Commercial Sea Port is, but in the new department colleagues did not understand the Audi A7 Rs7 at the entrance to the police department and did not appreciate the habit of Dmitry Budnevich. At present, Dmitry Budnevich resigned. Dreeris Vladislav received a post in the St. Petersburg head office, but after the President of the Russian Federation fired Igor Komissarov, and Dreeris could not resist in the Main Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee on Moika, he was forced to leave. But his former leader put him back in the structure, now he is in the IC in the Leningrad region, in a cage but with another general.

The geography of influence of the Senior Assistant to the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Major General Igor Fedorovich Komissarov, was extremely generous, truly unlimited possibilities in solving any issues of those who could adequately thank the old man. Moreover, anticipating an early retirement, Igor Komissarov did not hesitate to take on everything, not disdaining such matters as resolving issues on the termination of criminal cases affecting the areas of interests of the Komissarov brothers.

Pursued by the Komissarov brothers, Dmitry Sbruev in 2010 was going to buy a room in the Krasnodar Territory, for this he entered into a preliminary agreement and contributed funds. And in 2013 Sbruev Dmitry learned that the main contract was not concluded with him for some reason, collected all the documents, originals of receipts and turned to the police. The police, working in their usual rhythm for the south of Russia, endured refusals, I do the minimum that is generally.

Дмитрий Будневич

Possible as part of a pre-investigation check. The ice broke only after the personal reception of Dmitry Sbruev at the Krasnodar Territory Prosecutor's Office from the Deputy Prosecutor of the Territory Malkin V.A., a criminal case was finally instituted under Art. 159 part 4 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. But then red tape began, the suspects were never identified by the investigating authorities, preventive measures were not chosen. In this regard, the persons who fraudulently seized money and real estate planned to be purchased by Dmitry Sbruev began to put pressure on witnesses and the investigation, and then the resource of Major General Igor Komissarov appeared.

Criminal case No. 11901030072000198 of 03/01/2019 from the production of the CO of the district department of Novorossiysk was transferred to the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Novorossiysk, as it turned out that Andrei Herzen took possession of the property. Investigator Masich L.S. a business trip was made to Moscow and St. Petersburg, informal meetings were held with, again, for some reason, a witness (not suspected) Herzen Andrey. And after the interrogation of witnesses who, it is not clear what they had to do with these events, provided by Andrey Gertsen, on September 20, 2019, a decision was made to terminate the criminal case under paragraph 1 of part 1 of article 24 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation - in the absence of even a crime event. The witnesses, indicated by the victim in this case, Dmitry Sbruev, as witnesses for the prosecution were not interrogated and were not summoned, the petitions for the interrogation of the prosecution witnesses were rejected. The property in the form of office space, out of harm's way, was sold with LLC LANSON directly during the investigation, since the investigator did not impose a ban on registration actions with the property. Since there was a real threat to Andrey Herzen in this matter, almost the entire amount from the sale of office space went to lawyer Andrey Komissarov, who, together with his brother, Major General of the Investigative Committee of Russia Igor Komissarov, closed issues at all levels.

In 2018, according to the results of a customs audit of the technical company of businessman Herzen Andrey, who has been under the tutelage of the Komissarov brothers since 2013, signs of a criminal act are revealed. All this is happening in the Krasnodar Territory, a criminal case is being brought against the director of the technical firm of the importer Levashov Evgeny under Art. 193 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the case is assigned No. 11804008106000017 and it goes into the production of the SO UT of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Southern Federal District. After the investigators indicate their interest, summon Evgeny Levashov, who lives in St. Petersburg, for interrogation, he immediately begins to jerk his employer, Andrei Herzen, because he knows that he has some kind of bump in the investigative committee. Levashov Evgeny puts the question bluntly - either he surrenders everyone or Herzen Andrey pulls him out of this situation. The sanctions under this article imply a fine, which, of course, would not be a problem for businessman Herzen with his volume of work in the cash-out market and withdrawing money from Russia, but Evgeny Levashov demands no criminal record. The task is undoubtedly difficult, but for the Komissarov brothers it is an ordinary and quite doable one. As a result, the criminal case was obscured, it was not sent to the court, and on June 19, 2020 the criminal case was terminated on the decriminalization of the accused E.A. Levashov. crimes. Deputy Head of SB A.M. Kladienko had to substitute himself, but all the costs were compensated to him. At the very end of the resolution of the issue, a request was received on a criminal case from the Office of the President of the Russian Federation and A.M. Kladienko. On June 25, 2020, in response to a request, he reported that the perpetrators were punished and the investigation was intensified on the result, that is, it was sent with an indictment to the court. But in fact, he also terminated the criminal case on June 19, 2020, no official check was carried out on these facts, Major General Igor Komissarov personally promised all participants in the termination of the criminal case no problems.

A criminal case was initiated on the fact of non-receipt of foreign exchange earnings, this fact remained, exactly like non-payment of taxes to the budget. Andrei Herzen was allowed to liquidate the firm, despite the existence of a criminal case against its director, no one checked the financial and tax reporting during the liquidation and will not check it. Levashov Evgeny received no criminal record, already a former major general of the Investigative Committee and his brother-lawyer were also very pleased.

At present, Andrei Herzen has again become a defendant in a criminal case, but already under Article 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which is more than serious, this criminal case is being investigated by the Main Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, about several billion rubles as part of a criminal group Andrei Herzen brought from Russia on forged documents, using bills of lading of shipping lines. But, thanks to the connections of Igor Komissarov, Andrei Herzen has now received the status of a witness, he again escapes responsibility. In general, very few people can do this in the current Russian realities.


To be continued

Timofey Grishin