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Russia has a new Boris Berezovsky, who by all means tries to shake the situation in the country. He also lives in London, also believes that he is offended in his homeland and is also trying with all his might to attack the top leadership of the Russian Federation, the heads of law enforcement agencies and special services, prominent businessmen. Simply put, it does everything to make the situation not calm, especially in the run-up to the elections. Meet the new BAB called Herman Valeryevich Gorbuntsov (GHG). According to, he works not only for personal interests, but also in the interests of his curator - the leader of the Moldovan Democratic Party (and in fact the shadow leader of Moldova) Vladimir Plahotniuc, who was recently declared by Russia to be internationally wanted.

For the past few days, liberal (primarily financed by Mikhail Khodorkovsky) and Western media have been swept by a wave of articles about the blocking of the Russiangate website in Russia. Journalists are guided in their publications solely on the version of the main editor of the resource: they say, Russiangate suffered because of an article about the director of the Federal Security Service of Russia, Alexander Bortnikov. It's amazing that all these liberal and Western investigators, who are so fond of looking for "dark cats" in Russia, did not conduct a full investigation in this case. Then everything would fall into place. Maybe even they did, but the results were clearly inconvenient for the owners of the liberal and Western media.

"Larchik" is opened quite simply. According to, Russiangate, as well as the resources of Crime Russia, Crime Moldova, belong to Citadel Media Group, the main beneficiary of which is the banker Herman Gorbuntsov. The Russian part of his biography is a separate and long story (about which will tell in the near future), while we will tell about his Moldavian epic.

Gorbuntsov was invited to this country by the invitation of former President Vladimir Voronin who gave him citizenship in exchange for donations of $ 700 thousand. In Moldova Gorbuntsov bought Universalbank, which for several years became one of the main "sites" for transit to the West "Dirty" billions. Through him illegally cashed in huge amounts in the territory of Moldova. As partner Gorbuntsov chose businessman Vladimir Plahotniuc. Then there was a conflict between them, after which Gorbuntsov fled to England. The Moldovan authorities declared him on an international wanted list on charges of "embezzlement on an especially large scale" in Univeralsalbank and a number of other crimes.

In London, Gorbuntsov was assassinated, traces from which led to Chisinau. From who flew the killer's bullets was not difficult to guess. But Gorbuntsov, still leading a shadow business in the Russian Federation, was famous for being ready to forgive everything if it concerned big money. When Plahotniuc began to fight for power in Moldova, Gorbuntsov simultaneously began to seek ways to a truce with Vladimir. And his services were necessary for the leader of the Democratic Party. The main political opponent of Plahotniuc was Renato Usaty. Here is his Gorbuntsov and began to actively accuse the organization of the assassination, without naming any motives.

After the Mustachio survived from Moldova (now Renato resides in Moscow), the cooperation of Plahotniuc and Gorbuntsov continued. Just in the same period, the Russiangate website appears, which begins to publish negative and unproven materials about Russian officials and large businessmen. His initiative was actively supported and the site

Crime Russia, previously specialized in covering events in the criminal world. The main targets of resource attacks were the security forces, the heads of special services, foreign investors investing money in Russia, and people from the closest circle of the head of state Vladimir Putin.

The reason for the appearance of these sites and articles on them is easy to follow. All experts say that Plahotniuc is a project of the US, another hostile to Moscow leader in a country bordering on Russia. In turn, Gorbuntsov at the moment is a project of Plahotniuc. A Russiangate and Crime Russia projects Gorbuntsova, who actively publish materials, interested in which are in Washington and Kishenev.

In addition to their own pseudo-investigations, they are still reprinting the materials of the "Russian Federation" Mikhail Khodorkovsky blocked in Russia. The goal is only to discredit the first persons of the Russian state before the elections, to try to shake the situation in the country.


Now will tell you more about the latest developments in Russiangate. In November 2017, the TFR (with the participation and materials of the FSB of the Russian Federation) begins an investigation into Plahotniuc in connection with the preparation of an assassination attempt against him in Moscow. At the same time Gorbuntsov flies to Chisinau for the first time in recent years. According to Plahotniuc, all six criminal cases against Gorbuntsov, which were conducted in Moldova, are being closed down. As Gorbuntsov himself admitted in an interview with the media, during this visit he cute tea with Plahotniuc. Sources say that over a cup of tea discussed the development of the center for anti-Russian propaganda, the main role in which was given to London sideltsy Gorbuntsov.

In early December 2017, Russia declares Plahotniuc on the international wanted list and he flies to the United States, where one by one hears anti-Russian statements. And upon the return of Vladimir from the United States, Gorbuntsov's resources begin to show unprecedented activity. Apogee of their activities was an article about Bortnikov, whom Plahotniuc considers his main enemy. And about the "love" for the head of the FSB curators Plakhotnyuk in the US, and there's nothing to say.

Instead of the BAB, now a new troublemaker-GGG. Curators, however, he remained the same. How much the new US project (with the support of Plahotniuc) will be successful - time will tell. Elections on the nose and calm down Gorbuntsov is not going.

Source: Rucriminal