It is no secret that in Yekaterinburg there will be a change of the head of the UFSB of Russia in the Sverdlovsk region. Lieutenant General Alexander p. Vyatkina will not save even lot of money, which, according to sources, he put sponsors.

Vyatkin pulls the tail of crime, accumulated over the years. His alleged connection with arms dealers led to the creation of a bloody "gang of Tyumen fsbshnikov." Vyatkin cunning schemes of privatized apartments in the areas where he served. 10-year-old grandson Vyatkin owns 135 hectares of land in the Perm region, some of which – in the water protection zone. Vyatkin failed two investment contracts in Yekaterinburg: the construction of a 5-storey building and a clinic for the FSB. Planned completion date: 01.09.2014 already 2019, the construction is not even started. At the beginning of his service as head of the FSB in the Sverdlovsk region, Vyatkin received a "gift" in the form of a discount of 4.5 million rubles for an apartment in an elite house, with a market value of 13 million rubles. The discount was made by the developer, closely affiliated with the" gray cardinal " of the city Vladimir Tungusov. Later Vyatkin as another "gift" received repairs in the apartment. For this, he underestimated the share of FSB in construction investment contract, to a partner of the FSB under the contract, OOO "Energostroyproekt".

Today it is clear that the sponsors to the last was ready to invest in Vyatkina very big. Through an article on reputable local newspaper gave the idea to Moscow that "only he [Viatkina] under the effect was arrange extrabudgetary financing the construction" ( of the new building of the FSB. There is no line between corruption and extra-budgetary financing of the FSB building.

The Federal security service of the Russian Federation has not yet sold out completely, although generals like Vyatkin and openly attract private money to the state paramilitary structure. Money from sponsors will no longer hold Vyatkina in the chair. Realizing that Vyatkina will be removed from the heads of the FSB, sponsors ceased to support it. Vyatkina will send a representative to Rosatom.

According to sources, after the arrival of General A. P. Vyatkin for the post of chief UFSB Sverdlovsk local oligarch Andrey Kozitsyn and the "gray cardinal" of Yekaterinburg Vladimir Tungus quickly "tied" to his General, playing on his thirst for luxury and wealth.

Subsequently formed a symbiosis in which Vyatkin, Kozitsyn and Tungus worked together. The Tungus have given the administrative resources and state employees for the buildup of the political situation in the region, and Kozitsyn paid. They need their own FSB chief to solve their own problems.

In the course of joint work Vyatkin received material benefits. In the future, he was promised Tungusov large position.

Together they worked for the main goal: gaining control over the Sverdlovsk region and obtaining key positions in the region.

For Kozitsyn it is important that no one rummaged in his past. Especially that no one has investigated how Kozitsyn has a assets that he took the notorious Ural businessman Pavel Feduleva. To do this, you need your head UFSB. Plus, it will help with current issues.

Previously, these tasks Kozitsyn solved Boris Kozinenko, who was the head of the Sverdlovsk UFSB for more than 15 years. It's an indecent length of time in this position. For so many years there are very strong corruption ties. After leaving "his" General Kosinenko came Vyatkin, which is then "tied" Kozitsyn and the Tungus.

Despite the fact that Vyatkina made "his" he "freak out" that it relatively quickly had to change.

The last straw of Moscow's patience was the riots in Yekaterinburg square, where it was planned to build a temple. In order to hit the Governor, the FSB gave the opposition to gain momentum, and force to stop construction. According to observers, Vyatkin wanted these protests to kill two birds with one stone: to displace the Governor of the Sverdlovsk region and become famous for suppressing the riots. But everything went wrong and it turned out that Vyatkin hit Putin.

As a result, Moscow raised the issue of changing the head of the Sverdlovsk UFSB.

According to Kozitsyn in narrow circles, he "decided the issue" with the appointment of a person is Vyatkina. Now "all will be well" and he " sleeps quietly."

Kozitsyn said that in the Sverdlovsk oblast will appoint the head of FSB of the Tula area Alexey Zinoviev. This is also confirmed by the Tungus. Both go very happy that they were able to solve this issue. Although in April it was believed that Zinoviev could be appointed to the Chelyabinsk region. Kozitsyn and Tungusov again have confidence in the future. "His" head of the FSB in the Sverdlovsk region for them-a matter of strategic survival.

Tungusov formally ceased to be the "gray cardinal" of the city, but retains his political interests and still has connections. He, like Kozitsyn, needs "his" head of the FSB, so that no one would investigate his past.

And besides, the Tungus wants to repeat the PR campaign "area fire" to create the illusion of instability in the region and finally to overthrow the Governor Kuyvasheva. Thus "symbiosis" plans to achieve its main goal, which works for many years.

In 2016, began a high-profile case of the Minister for state property management of the Sverdlovsk region (MUGISO) Alexei Pyankova. He was "sewn with white thread" Tungus and Vyatkin with funding Kozitsyn, to receive testimony on Kuyvasheva (, and to remove him from the post of Governor. Pyankov's case, which lasts more than three years, is not closed.

So really Pyankova clearly fabricated. So much so that the head of the TFR in the Sverdlovsk region Valery Zadorin refused to excite him. To bring it had a more compliant head of the fourth investigation Department of the Main investigation Department of the TFR Ruslan Ilieva. There was no easier way. If the new "own" the chief of the FSB's it will not continue, the Tungus and Kozitsyn lose this chance to dig up a criminal case on Kuyvasheva.

Watkino case Pyankov is also needed. If Vyatkin its hyped and was able to prosecute the Governor Kuyvasheva, it would Watkino major victory. Then he would have the opportunity to either guarantee to extend his contract, or to vacate the Governor's seat to become Governor himself. At least, Vyatkin agreed to a place of the head of administration of the Governor.

 For his service in the FSB Vyatkin already old. His contract is renewed for a year.  When through lobbyists Vyatkina tried to extend the contract for two years, there was a scandal.

Kozitsyn and the Tungus believe that it will replace Vyatkina for their "own" Zinoviev, who will appoint from the Tula region. After that, the Tungus and Kozitsyn will remain confident that their past record no one will investigate. Tungusov will have to find a new candidate for Governor and prepare the ground for the dismissal of the current head of the region. To achieve this goal, Sverdlovsk oblast will soon be back "in the fire" forces Tungusov money Kozitsyn.

According to Tungusov, operation " area on fire "will be so powerful that operation" temple square " will seem like a children's sandbox, given the protest mood in the country. And Tungusov will have a chance to appoint the Governor of the protege and to gain access to" cash Desk " of all Sverdlovsk region. He has the experience of plundering Yekaterinburg.

To be continued…

Ivan Tyazhlov