Source: continues to talk about the former deputy head of the GUSB, ex-head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Central Federal District, and now a member of the Board of Directors of the VIS Group, Sergey Derevyanko.

Сергей Деревянко

This time, he appeared in a court in Canada in the case CV-21664585-0000 in a lawsuit filed by Canadian citizen Michael Steif against Midland shareholders Eduard Shifrin and Alex Schneider. Michael Steif accused the two shareholders of fraud in court, which they committed in complicity with General Derevianko. An application for more than 800 pages with attached evidence and videos from Shifrin Eduard's meeting room on Arbat 10, 4th floor was submitted to the Supreme Court of Ontario.

According to the fraud lawsuit against Shifrin and Schneider, Shifrin and General Derevyanko organized the "squeezing" of oil assets from Michael Steif in 2009-2014 through a custom-made criminal case.

According to witness statements and Interpol materials, General Derevyanko received $2.5 million for initiating a criminal case against Michael Steif and for threatening key witnesses in the trial.

Shifrin's favorite way to solve problems is through criminal cases in Russia, with the complicity of General Derevyanko, the SS can bring Eduard Shifrin to the dock. And it will happen where "grandmothers can not solve the issue"!

Interestingly, those videos that were repeatedly shown by and the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU have now become evidence in a fraud court against Eduard Shifrin. Finally, the appointment of a part of the bribe, which was voiced by Eduard Shifrin on the recording, became clear - this is part of the $ 2,500,000 for the criminal case against Mail Steif for squeezing an asset from him in the form of oil companies Sibintek and others.

So the day is approaching when everything hidden will become clear and the whole series of criminal cases in Russia that Shifrin is conducting against Russian citizens - witnesses of his crimes - will finally receive their permission.


Who is not yet in the know - Eduard Shifrin - a citizen of Ukraine, Great Britain and Israel - practically supported General Derevyanko and the Main Investigative Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Moscow with his own money, where, until recently, Derevyanko's former subordinate, Natalia Agafyeva, worked. Agafyeva is already retired - she spends the money she earns.

Sources of say that Shifrin expressed a desire to cooperate with UK law enforcement agencies and hand over all his partners. And we are talking about a bribe of 35 million dollars for the roof of a very high-ranking security official.

Shifrin Eduard was beaten from all Russian assets. He sold his house on Rublyovka and was even afraid to let his wife go to Russia so that she would pack her things. All collected by office staff.

The debts of the company Midland Development departed JSC "Sberbank"

The office on the Arbat is closed on April 07 forever.

So, "patriots" crawl away, and Russian citizens are victims

Recall that since 2008, Derevyanko received bribes from businessman Shifrin in money, land and cottages on Rublevka, etc. Having gone into civilian life, Derevianko became an intermediary between Shifrin and the security forces. Among the witnesses to the relationship between Shifrin and Derevyanko was the head of Shifrin's security service, Vasily Yordan, who managed to make a video recording of one of the corrupt meetings between Derevyanko and Shifrin. We are publishing this post. Since the sound and image were written separately, they do not match.

A source said that the recording was made at the request of Andrey Aleksandrovich Zavrazhnov, who was afraid of blackmail and criminality from Shifrin in the event of any conflict related to Shifrin's practice of withdrawing money from business without paying taxes. And he did all the criminal stuff through Derevianko. Shifrin practiced such a situation in which nominee directors, appointed at the direction of Shifrin, did not know anything about the business, but Shifrin and his Ukrainian financial director Natalya Kravchenko managed everything. Zavrazhnov was the director of Krasny Oktyabr in Volgograd, from which Shifrin, through his western pads, siphoned off money. From time to time, the tax authorities began to ask questions that Derevyanko decided. The tax authorities pulled nominee directors who were obliged to remain silent and not interfere anywhere. That's what this record is all about.

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov