In early April 2021, journalist Ksenia Sokolova returned to Russia, naively believing that General of the Investigative Committee of Russia Igor Komissarov, who was dismissed by presidential decree, had forgotten about her. She returned after three years of forced absence due to a criminal case organized against her by General Komissarov, together with her brother-lawyer Andrey Komissarov, on the alleged fact that Ksenia Sokolova exceeded her official powers during the period of Ksenia's work at the Doctor Liza Foundation. Igor Komissarov and his brother had their own ideas for this project, but Ksenia refused. After the initiation of a criminal case, officers of the Investigative Committee of Russia were to arrest and place Sokolova in a pre-trial detention center. But Ksenia prudently left Russia, after which, according to sources, lawyer Andrei Komissarov offered her his lawyer's decisive services for removing all charges against her, they were set a fee of six million rubles, Ksenia refused.

Андрей Комиссаров

On the eve of her return to Russia, in a criminal case initiated under Article 201, Part 1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (abuse of power), the statute of limitations for criminal liability had expired and the case should have been terminated or had already been terminated, Ksenia was not put on the wanted list, so everything should it felt good. After her arrival, Ksenia Sokolova even appeared at some high-profile events in Moscow, in particular, she was seen at the dinner of Zinaida Pronchenko in GUM. According to sources, the general is now also in the status of a "secular lion" and Moscow is probably still too small to forgive the insult and not intersect.

I would like to note that Sokolova had guarantees from fairly high-ranking close friends that the storm had passed in relation to her and that the acting security forces were no longer interested in her. We now know the price of these guarantees.

The former general of the IC Komissarov Igor, being retired, initiated the same check and now the investigators of the IC of Russia suspect Sokolova of arbitrariness. According to the investigators, she arbitrarily and illegally changed the staffing table of employees, changed their salary and carried out certain measures, which caused "significant material damage to the organization." True, and under this article - Arbitrariness, the terms of bringing to criminal responsibility have expired. If nothing new is invented, then nothing will end.

Игорь Комиссаров

Probably, Igor Komissarov, the former senior assistant to the chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia, is simply playing with the rest of his muscles and wants to show that he is in trend, in the subject and somewhere even in the stake.

The story began simply, Ksenia Sokolova, out of good intentions, prepared a project for the transfer of a part of the state clinic, which is in a deplorable state, into commercial management and the transition to self-sufficiency. Sokolova was immediately offered a reliable cover in this project in exchange for a share in this project. Sources say that the petitioners referred to Igor Komissarov, who was then an assistant to the head of the TFR. The journalist rudely refused. Almost immediately, a criminal case was initiated and Ksenia Sokolova was to be arrested and placed in a pre-trial detention center, but the IC law enforcement vehicle malfunctioned and the socialite left the country. A year later, Ksenia received an e-mail in which a lawyer from Komissarov & Partners offered her to settle all issues in a criminal case for an official remuneration under an agreement, it was cynical and courageous. The amount of the fee for the withdrawal of the charges was set at six million rubles, and the contract had to be concluded with the Society for the Protection of the Rights of Owners and Tenants of Real Estate, INN 7838290879, and Andrey Fedorovich Komissarov was indicated as the president of this organization. Of course, Ksenia refused such "services".

According to the source, the Komissarov brothers had a scheme of work that worked flawlessly for entrepreneurs and not only for them. Andrey Komissarov is also promoting himself, thanks to the resource of his brother, to the general with all his might. In 2020, he led a completely unpromising case of the famous producer Bari Alibasov against the manufacturer of the chemical "Mole" - the company "AMS Media", the lawsuit was also filed against the company "Auchan". According to Andrei Komissarov's lawyer, Alibasov estimated the moral damage at 85 million and the amount spent on treatment and subsequent recovery at 15 million, of course the Komissarov brothers promised Bari Alibasov to win the lawsuit, but in such cases the resource of General Igor Komissarov does not work.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin