“I’ll “tear you all on belts”, they’ll put you all in jail, you don’t know who you contacted,” Boris Sytin Pavlovich, who is also a “KGB general” and an adherent of the Satanic sect “School of Astral Karate” “Boripolk,” threatens investigators with such phrases , judges and employees of the Serpukhov SIZO, where the general has been "resting" since the end of last year. Details - at

A serious blow was dealt to the pedophile lobby represented by prosecutors and pedophile sympathizers: investigative actions in criminal case No. 132, (violent acts of a sexual nature committed against a person under the age of fourteen), paragraph "b" part 4 of Art. 131 (rape of a victim under the age of fourteen), paragraph "a" part 3 of Art. 131 (causing grievous harm to the victim during rape), paragraph "a" part 3 of Art. 132 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the case was sent to the Serpukhov city court, the meeting will be held in mid-June.

A seasoned pedophile born in 1943, who faces a sentence of up to 15 years, has been hiding from the investigation for more than a year, having settled in the center of Moscow as a janitor under a false name. Even during the arrest and the beginning of investigative actions, he did not admit for a long time that he - the very legendary Boris Sytin - was “General Boripolk”, a car mechanic who, back in the 70s, presented himself as a KGB general, for some reason cut the throat of the chief psychiatrist of Moscow in 1982 , who received 12 years of strict regime.

In the protocols of interrogations, as well as in all other documents, the murderer and pedophile Boripolk, who served 12 years in prison, always indicated: “I have not been prosecuted, we are not tried” (see the attached explanation of 09/23/18).

Questions for the investigation:

- why the case of the pedophile "Boripolk" is being considered without reference to the activities of the "School of Astral Karate" sect itself, where General "Boripolk" was one of the leaders and where sexual practices were practiced with minors;

- and where is the son of Boris Pavlovich in the case - Alexander Sytin, who is associated with the Department of M of the FSB of the Russian Federation and is sitting in a neighboring cell with his father in the same Serpukhov pre-trial detention center on charges of pedophilia and a mass of economic crimes worth billions of rubles?

Every day, Alexander writes denunciations against investigators, witnesses and victims, for example, that he was put in a cell with a cannibal and a murderer, the murderer said that he would kill him, and the cannibal said that he would eat him, that they wanted to boil him in the cell in boiling water that investigators work for foreign intelligence and so on.

In one of the Orthodox articles, denouncing the satanic essence of the "School of Astral Karate" sect, after describing the adventures of the best student of the "School" Boris Sytin, the conclusion is made: "Every time has its own Sytin." Now the time of the father and son Sytin has already come.

The investigation is simply shocked by what the Satanists did with their victims. Boris Sytin and his son Alexander entered into the confidence of their students in the sect, friends, offered help in raising children, committed sexual acts with their children at a young age starting from 4 years old, and at an older age, they simply raped them.

Alexander offered his friends to ride their daughter Nastya on a motorcycle, on a Ferrari, on a personal helicopter, took him to the forest or to an apartment on Kutuzovsky Prospekt and committed violent acts there.

Boripolk offered his sect student Ivan V. help in raising the girls Vera and Sophia at the age of 4-8, put the girls to bed, walked, read fairy tales to them. And when his parents were not at home, he stripped naked and forced little girls to perform various manipulations, and when the girls grew up, he simply raped them roughly.

How vile and disgusting! Until nausea! It is enough to read the attached testimony of the victim of the pedophile Alexander Sytin. Where is the investigation going? Where are the prosecutors looking? Oh, yes, the older and younger pedophiles are already in neighboring cells in the pre-trial detention center, Alexander since August of the year before last, and dad was caught at the end of last year. Much attention is paid to the fight against Satanism and pedophilia personally, the curator of the Investigative Committee and the courts from the Department "M" of the FSB Sergey Aguzarov and other officials.

This case shows well that even such defendants have high-ranking intercessors. On the strict instructions of the Deputy Prosecutor General Anatoly Razinkin, the main episodes were withdrawn from the case of Alexander Sytin, including the episode on pedophilia, the major from the Department "M" of the FSB of the Russian Federation Sergey Aguzarov began to run around with instructions to the investigation and the courts not to touch Alexander Sytin and ruin the criminal case, and the judge of the Serpukhov Court, Olga Dvoryagina, after six months of complete inaction, with the aim of completely disintegrating the criminal case, generally returned the case to the prosecutor's office of the Moscow region.

Sytin also boasted to his friends that he was the holder of billions in assets of certain security officials. gave the whole alignment for the withdrawal of billions of dollars from Russtroybank as part of organized groups s: Alexander Sytin, Sergei Sokolov, Sergei Susloparov, Evgeny Koryakin, Yuri Ravin.

Yuri Prokov

To be continued