Сергей Деревянко continues to talk about the former deputy head of the GUSB, the former head of the MIA General Administration for the Central Federal District, and now a member of the Board of Directors of the VIS Group, Sergei Derevyanko, in respect of whom the ICR is now conducting an audit at the request of businessman Valentin Vinogradov. In it, the entrepreneur says that since 2008, Derevianko received bribes from businessman Shifrin in money, land and cottages on Rublevka, etc. After going out to civilian life, Derevyanko became an intermediary between Shifrin and the security forces. Among the witnesses of the relationship between Shifrin and Derevianko was the head of the security service of Shifrin Vasily Yordan, who managed to make a video of one of the corruption meetings between Derevianko and Shifrin. We publish this record and we. Since the sound and image were written separately, they do not match.

The source said that the recording was made at the request of the director of the office of Zavrazhnov, Andrei Alexandrovich, who feared blackmail and criminality from Shifrin in the event of any conflict related to Shifrin's practice of withdrawing money from business without paying taxes. And he did all the crime through Derevianko. Shifrin practiced a situation in which the nominee directors appointed by Shifrin's instructions knew nothing about the business, and everything was managed by Shifrin and his Ukrainian CFO Natalya Kravchenko. Zavrazhnov was the director of Krasny Oktyabr in Volgograd, from which Shifrin siphoned money through his western linings. From time to time, the tax office started asking questions that Derevianko solved. The tax authorities jerked the nominee directors, who were obliged to remain silent and not go anywhere. This is exactly what the recording is about.

As an illustration of this, we can cite the situation with the nominal director Petrov Alexander Lvovich, who, after an audit by the arbitration manager of one of Shifrin's large offices - Millennium Property Management - appealed to law enforcement agencies (SK and FSB) on the facts of gigantic tax crimes that Shifrin performed behind the backs of nominee directors. Shifrin, through Derevianko, managed to establish relations with the head of the Main Investigation Department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow, Natalya Agafyeva, who made Petrov an accused at the request of Shifrin's people who participated in tax fraud. So, instead of investigating criminal cases on the withdrawal of gigantic sums from Russia, Agafieva attacked in the interests of Shifrin the one who was ready to talk about crimes.

AA Zavrazhnov knew this then and decided to hedge against possible threats from Shifrin and, together with Jordan, set up a camera in Shifrin's meeting room.

At the end of the conversation, Shifrin denotes 100 (thousand dollars) that Derevianko will bring. And Derevianko agrees. It is clear from the record that they have long established business and friendly relations.

The recording was made in 2007-2008.

In his testimony, Yordan Vasily also confirms that Shifrin regularly threatened employees and partners with criminal cases that he initiated through Derevianko.

Today Shifrin accuses AL Petrov of fraud in relation to the property. Petrov did not know anything at all and could not know about these transactions, since he signed everything without looking.

Shifrin sold real estate objects in the Russian Federation, and received money abroad. He himself gave instructions to arrange everything, and when Petrov wrote a statement to the Investigative Committee, he decided to take revenge on Petrov in this way. In particular, Shifrin indicated in his statements that he received little money in the Russian Federation, “forgetting” about the money he received for his companies abroad.

Shifrin forces his financial employees - Kravchenko N, Krylova (chief accountant) and Kuznetsova G (auditor) to give deliberately false testimonies, threatening to attract them for tax fraud, the beneficiary of which was exclusively Shifrin. In particular, we are talking about the theft of VAT in the amount of about 300 million rubles during the Construction of the Babkina Theater on the Olympic.

All this became possible solely because of Agafieva's position, which she took after constant meetings with Derevianko.

Переговоры Деревянко

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov