Source: continues to talk about the fruitful cooperation of State Duma Deputy Nikolai Brykin and "authoritative" businessman Andrei Vertiy. Sources talked about their involvement in the fight for smuggling channels.

According to our interlocutor, A.F. Vertiy. for a long time he has been engaged in the smuggling of various goods, the oil industry constantly needs consumables, overalls and equipment, which have no analogues in the Russian Federation. Money can be made on everything, and big money can only be made by combining smuggling, understating customs value and leasing. Especially for these purposes, two companies were created - Investment company "Denmar-Finance" and LLC "Denmar-Leasing". The scheme of working with leasing is simple - we take any equipment, we will describe the scheme using the example of UNIT HOT WATER. This is such a tank on a chassis, which provides a constant temperature of the liquid, is used for drilling and is manufactured by KATT GMBH. Its price on the border with the Russian Federation is approximately 220,000-00 euros. Vertiy A.F., using the corrupt connections of his acquaintance "fixer" Herzen Andrey (he was and is being patronized by the Komissarov brothers: lawyer Komissarov Andrey Fedorovich and now a retired general of the Investigative Committee of Russia Igor Fedorovich Komissarov), brings it to Russia under forged documents, indicating in the documents, the price is about 10,000-00 Euro, having underestimated payments by more than 10 times, then, through various metamorphoses, this equipment appears at the company LLC "Denmar-Leasing" at a price of 1,000,000-00 Euro. And it is offered on lease for the final recipient, VAT in this amount, which is unconditionally set off and already sits in a price of about 200,000-00 euros. As you can see, by “inflating” the price simply through fictitious documents at the end of the chain, it is quite possible to receive benefits or funds from the RF budget for an amount comparable to the initial purchase price of the product. That is, a well-constructed circuit feeds itself, but here it is important that the system does not fail. Money loves silence. According to a source of, therefore, the financial scheme of earning money on leasing was supervised and protected by Deputy Brykin N.G., he also "extinguished" fires urgently on all fronts, if emergency situations arose, and the Komissarov brothers and Andrey Herzen were covered at customs.

In 2014, a long-term debugged system of work unexpectedly failed, the reason was the publicity of the import event by A.V. Gertsen. methanol (banned for import into the Russian Federation) under the guise of vitamins for animals, the goods were detained by the LOVDT in St. Petersburg, the fact of the import of prohibited methanol was recorded, but everything detained was released simply by a call from Moscow, no one recognized who called , nor how much it cost Herzen A.V., since methanol is practically equated to precursors and its import is very strictly controlled by the state. Nevertheless, almost immediately after these events, a consignment of goods - cat litter bentonite - was detained in St. Petersburg. Moreover, at the time of the arrest by the police, a batch of 50 containers, 25 were in St. Petersburg, and 25 were already following the railway to the address of the firm Vertiya A.F. LLC "RSK Alliance". In the MCh SU UT of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a criminal case was initiated under Art. 194 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation under the number 7701400022, another product was found in the containers, namely Guar Gum. The crime was committed on 03/05/2014, when on behalf of the nominal technical firm Herzen A.A. Declarations for goods (DT) were submitted to Kingisepp customs, which, in the opinion of the investigating authority, contained inaccurate information about the goods imported through the seaport of Ust-Luga (the "guar gum" cargo was falsely declared as "bentonite" cargo).

The cargo "guar gum" located in St. Petersburg was detained and seized. Then there was a "magic" court in the Frunzensky District Court, where the owner of the cargo himself, the company INTES LLC (TIN 8603170350 - also the company Vertia A.F.), was suing for this cargo, the court issued an order dated 09/04/2014 to return the cargo to the owner ( the company "INTES" is indicated), the decree entered into force, but the cargo was not returned to the owner. Most of the cargo from the consignment under which the trial was going was managed to be shipped by rail and since 2014 has been with INTES LLC (the goods were delivered to the destination station in Siberia and transferred to RSK-ALLIANCE LLC, and that the part that was admitted as material evidence and placed in safe custody at the contractor of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was replaced or stolen, it was allegedly disposed of in 2019. The "guar gum" cargo does not deteriorate from time to time, has a high value and this consignment was evaluated at the EKTs NWTL in St. Petersburg in tens of millions of rubles, there is an assessment act in the materials of the criminal case. A consignment of cargo in the amount without changing 23 * 20 containers, with a total weight of 9500000-00 kg. Was placed in the warehouse of LLC "RSK-ALLIANCE", customs declarations for goods under which kind it is was imported into the territory of the Russian Federation were canceled by the Kingisepp customs and the goods "guar gum" had and has a foreign status. According to the EKTs SZRTL estimate, a batch of 9500 tons has a cost of about 50 million rubles. This assessment was carried out within the framework of a criminal case, it was not appealed. The limitation period for continuing crimes starts from the moment the crime was discovered, the fine under 16.21 of the Administrative Code is set in the amount of ½ to two times the value of the goods (assessed by the goods) with or without confiscation, but as a result, the entire batch disappeared without a trace and without consequences somewhere in Siberia.

Николай Брыкин

The criminal case was drowned out, the resource of the deputy Brykin N.G. helped. After that, Herzen A.F. decided to try to work in the Moscow region at the Moscow regional customs - good, Major General of the SK Komissarov Igor Fedorovich was then still in the cage and the Moscow region was closer to Moscow, but even there the smugglers were in for a fiasco, that is, of course, not complete, but a fiasco. The cargo was cleared through customs, released for free circulation and sent to Andrey Vertiy, but after the clearance, a criminal case appeared again. Criminal case No. 29082 under Art. 194 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation was instituted against unidentified persons and it is currently in the Main Investigation Department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Moscow Region, it was transferred there on December 26, 2018. to organize further investigation and procedural control. It was initiated upon the fact that the import and customs clearance of imported goods was carried out in the Moscow region under a fictitious contract and at a much lower cost. Import of goods under DT (IM 40 mode) registration at Newway Trading LLC (TIN 7813553389), customs declaration numbers:

10130192/230414/0005458 (210.00 thousand USD) 10130192/290414/0005787 (210.00 thousand USD), 10130192/160414/0005108 (105.00 thousand USD), 10130192/050514/0005905 (189.07 thousand USD) , 10130192/230614/0008649 (227.28 thousand USD), 10130192/100614/0008039 (303.77 thousand USD)

Customs clearance of the cargo took place in the OTO and TC 2 t / p "Chernogolovskiy", the recipient of the goods was indicated LLC "New Way Trading" with the nominal director - the driver of Herzen Andrey - a certain Ivanov Andrey Evgenievich, whom no one can find and interrogate for several years old. Mr. Ivanov A.E. has an individual entrepreneur (individual entrepreneur Ivanov AE LO, Volosovsky district, village Kurovitsy). Probably, the investigating authorities are simply not very interested in finding him. This criminal case is also "damped" and is not being investigated at all. It is clear that Ivanov A.E. not the key figure here, the key figure is Andrey Valerievich Herzen, but he is a master of dodging, as we wrote earlier - A.V. Herzen. even jumped out from the 210th Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, being one of the organizers, passes by as a witness.

Based on the data on the property of Denmar-Leasing LLC, Denmar-Finance Investment Company, RSK-Alliance LLC, INTES LLC, as well as Delta Oil Leasing LLC (TIN 7704441413), created for the "storage of assets" it is clear that smuggling + leasing is an extremely profitable business that feeds well many, including the deputy of the State Duma N.G. Brykin. with the retired general of the SK of Russia I.F. There are traced signs of a crime in the activities of individuals in a group, the responsibility for which is provided for by Art. 194, art. 159 part 4, art. 199, art. 174 and even Art. 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, but law enforcement agencies suddenly fall ill with “night blindness” when they see such heavyweights in the clearing ...

Денис Осокин

Meanwhile, the director of LLC "Denmar-leasing" D.A. Osokina. they decided to merge it, despite the help of not the most expensive lawyer, D.A. Osokin. already caught two criminal cases against himself, under Art. 177 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and according to Art. 315 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - bailiffs lately in Russia no longer joke with malicious debtors, the trouble is the beginning, ahead of Osokin Denis Alexandrovich 159th of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation is waiting and instead of a recognizance not to leave, something more serious ... Perhaps he will just come in 159yu as a witness, together with the accused Vertiy AF, if you are not a fool of course.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin