As it became known to, at the end of last year, the investigative department for the city of Serpukhov of the Main Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee for the Moscow Region detained Boris Pavlovich Sytin. Boris Sytin was on the federal wanted list for more than a year on charges under article 132 part 4 (acts of a sexual nature against minors - pedophilia). Boris Sytin was detained in the center of Moscow, where he hid under a different name and worked as a janitor.

The Sytin family are very colorful characters. Boris Sytin has been known since the 70s as an adherent of the School of astral karate (school of Aharata) Boripolk Pangorus, called by some Orthodox publications a satanic sect. Boris Sytin glorified his sect and its founder guru Var Aver (who is currently living in Israel Valery Averyanov) by cutting the throat of the chief psychiatrist of the city of Moscow in 1982, for which he received 12 years in a strict regime. Averyanov's books and articles mention that Boripolk, who was the best student of his school, presented himself as a GRU general, the best friend of Yuri Andropov's daughter Irina, although in fact he worked as a simple auto mechanic.

Boripolk was the best student in the School of Astral Karate for relations with aliens, although he lived a completely mundane life and practiced sexual relations with the underage children of his students.

After being released from the zone under an amnesty in 1992, Boripolk did not lose his image, presented himself as a lieutenant general of the KGB, USSR champion in car racing, a friend of Raul Castro, continued sexual relations with minors and raised his son Alexander in the same spirit, who in many ways surpassed his father. Of course, the spiritual mentor of Alexander Sytin was Sytin, the elder.

Having matured, Alexander realized that from his father he received a gift to gain confidence in people, to deceive, to commit fraudulent actions, raider seizures of real estate and evade responsibility by organizing corruption schemes and getting himself a “roof” in the face of the security forces.

Even at a young age, Alexander offered his services to the district police officer, that he wants to be a “snitch”, give information on his friends and acquaintances, and the district police officer must protect him from offenders.

Subsequently, Sytin Jr. put "squealing" on an industrial footing, made it a business, offered his services to serious security officials in exchange for protection from criminal prosecution. It is enough to analyze the fraudulent actions of Sytin Jr. over the past 15 years and see how some "dark forces" took Alexander out of the criminal case, and the investigators and the victims, on the contrary, fell under the rink of justice.

According to the atrocities, Alexander's well-being also grew. In 2013-2015, Alexander already traveled by S-class Mercedes, Ferrari and his own Robinson helicopter. The growth of wealth coincided with a number of fraudulent episodes, in particular, gaining confidence in Andrey Strukov, Chairman of the Board of Russtoybank. In Russtroybank, Sytin Jr. offered Strukov a number of criminal schemes for cashing in and seizing real estate. Having entered into the confidence of Strukov and his family members, before depriving the bank of its license, Alexander withdrew from the bank through nominees in the form of non-performing loans an amount of at least 1.2 billion rubles. And later he wrote denunciations to law enforcement agencies against Strukov and, after initiating a criminal case, withdrew a number of assets by forging documents, in particular the Vostok sports and recreation complex in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region, worth about 2 billion rubles.

According to one of the employees of Russtroybank, Alexander Sytin extorted a large amount of money and real estate from Strukov, and when he was refused, he organized the “Mask Show”, when masked security officials burst into the bank, and Strukov’s closest friend, Alexander Sytin, was in front of everyone, dressed in a bright orange vest, who instructed the capture team which safes to crack, which documents to seize, and so on. As Alexander himself later explained to the frightened bank employees, he put on a bright vest so that he would not be accidentally shot. Subsequently, a number of bank executives who had information about the criminal activities of Alexander Sytin were arrested. Strukov, according to available information, for a bribe of 600 million rubles, was given the opportunity to leave for the United States, and Alexander Sytin in the criminal case of Russtroybank remained just a witness.

As a source told Rucriminal,info, in order to intimidate partners, victims and investigators, Alexander boasted of his connections with the security forces, hinted that he was an “agent of the K Department of the FSB, and represented his criminal father as a lieutenant general of the KGB. In relation to the dissatisfied, Alexander wrote false denunciations to law enforcement officers, of various kinds, including accusing him of corruption, tax evasion, treason, and organized persecution. With regard to investigators, Alexander Sytin repeatedly organized provocations of bribes, when at meetings b he dropped a bag of money under the table and at that moment the security forces burst in.

After a number of criminal episodes, including the organization of a bribe to the head of Rosreestr and the BTI of the Serpukhov district, the story of the SOK Vostok (one of the assets of Russtroybank) and the episode on charges of pedophilia, Alexander Sytin decided to make fictitious documents for himself on disability, stating that he allegedly has an oncological disease: lymphoma of the mantle zone. This diagnosis and a certificate of disability allowed Sytin to hide from the investigation for a long time. A medical examination conducted by the UK showed that Sytin is healthy, or the disease is in remission. However, the disability has not yet been removed and Sytin's lawyers use this fact as a weighty argument for release.

In August 2021, Alexander was arrested.

During the investigation of the criminal case, Alexander threatened the investigators with the organization of persecution by the security forces and wrote complaints. For example, that Sytin was put in the same cell with a murderer and a cannibal and threatened to kill and eat, that since the medical examination, which confirmed the fictitious diagnosis of Sytin's oncological diagnosis, was carried out in a military medical institution, the expert works for foreign intelligence and has access to secret documents on the state of the armed forces that he and his wife are being threatened with death with a hammer, and so on.

At present, the investigation in the central office of the Investigative Committee has been completed and the case has been submitted to the court in the city of Serpukhov. However, for an unknown reason, the main materials on the most serious episodes, namely pedophilia, were withdrawn from the case. sources claim that Anatoly Razinkin, First Deputy Prosecutor General, personally gave the order not to send materials to the court on such a grave crime against a person. And shortly before that, in the circle of Alexander Sytin's friends, there was information about the collection of an amount of 3.5 million US dollars for the collapse of the criminal case and the removal of charges against Alexander in the main episodes for committing especially serious crimes.

Alexander Sytin, who is now in the pre-trial detention center in Serpukhov, somewhere next to the cell of his father and spiritual mentor Boripolk, may be released in the near future, having served only 1.5 years for organizing a bribe and fraud in relation to the Vostok sports complex , and especially serious crimes will be simply forgotten.

Yuri Prokov

To be continued